Convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3? Solved!

Q: "I love to listen to Amazon Prime Music to relax. But sometimes I want to enjoy the music on my MP3 player. Yet I fail to import the songs from Amazon Prime Music to my MP3 player. Do you know how to import Amazon Music to MP3 players?"

Amazon Prime is one of subscription service provided by Amazon. There is no doubt that you are keen on music. Playing Amazon Prime Music on your MP3 player is hard even if you are a subscriber of Amazon Music. Why? No way to figure out your issue? Actually, you have to convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3. You will figure it out in the following parts!

convert amazon prime music to mp3

Part 1. Can't You Download Amazon Prime Music to MP3 Player

As a prime member of Amazon Music, you can access to over two million songs with $7.9 per month. With the Prime membership, you are allowed to download the songs for offline playback. But what you download is a cache file. So you don't really own it. What's more, the Amazon Prime Music songs are in WMA format. Therefore, it's not available to play tracks from Amazon Prime Music on your MP3 player. You are supposed to convert Amazon Music to MP3.

DRmare Audio Capture is a professional tool for you to download songs from Amazon Prime Music and convert the music to the format of MP3. Then you can upload the songs to your MP3 player for listening anytime. Furthermore, you can get lossless Amazon files with ID3 tags saved automatically or edited manually. At last, you can freely play the downloaded music on your MP3 players.

DRmare Audio Capture

drmare audio capture
  • Capture and record songs from Amazon Prime Music.
  • Download tracks from Amazon Music as MP3 files.
  • Trim the recorded playlists and edit output parameters.
  • Play Amazon songs offline on any MP3 players.

Part 2. How to Convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3

Here is a concrete tutorial for you to rip Amazon Prime Music to MP3. You can get the Amazon MP3 files after you do the steps below.

Tips: The free trial of the DRmare Audio Capture for your MP3 player only provides the first one minute of recorded songs. If you intend to get the completely recorded Amazon songs, you are required to pay for the DRmare program.

Step 1Launch the DRmare Audio Capture
launch drmare audio capture
Install the DRmare Audio Capture on your computer. Open it. You will see an interface like the picture above. There will be some icons of software on it. Make sure the icon of web browser that accesses to the Amazon Prime Music is in it. If not, you should add it to the window through the '+' button.
Step 2Customize Output Settings for MP3 Player
customize output settings as mp3
Tap on the 'Preference' icon on the top right. You can choose your favorite output folder and spilt the recordings as you like. Hit the left button on the interface. Then you can set the output format as MP3. In addition, you can also personalize the codec, bit rate, sample rate and channel.
Step 3Convert Songs from Amazon Prime Music to MP3
rip amazon prime music to mp3

Log in to your Amazon account. Play the songs you want to download as MP3. Then the DRmare Audio Capture will record the audio for you and save as MP3 files in the output folder. When you want to stop the recording, just click the 'Stop' button. You are permitted to record several songs in a time. After the conversion, drop your mouse on the recorded track, you can rename the songs.

Step 4Edit the Recorded Amazon Files
edit the recorded amazon files
Having recorded all the songs, you are able to trim the tracks and manually edit their ID3 tags such as title, group, composer, year, genre and so on. Then hit 'OK' > 'Save' to finish this step. You can locate the recorded Amazon Prime Music files in the output folder you set. In the end, you can successfully convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3 with the help of Amazon Music to MP3 Converter. Then you are able to play the Amazon songs in your MP3 players offline anytime. Enjoy yourself!

Part 3. Convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3 with Free Amazon Music Converter

You can also use the way below to get MP3 files of Amazon Prime Music.

The Free Amazon Music Converter - is a helpful website to convert Amazon Music to MP3. You are provided a guide for it.

1. Reach the official website.

2. Upload the tracks from Amazon Music to the website by clicking the 'Select a File' button.

3. Tap on the 'Convert to MP4' icon to set the output format as MP3.

4. Hit the 'Convert' button to transfer songs of Amazon Music to MP3.

More Tips: Download Amazon Prime Music on iOS/Android Devices

With the Amazon Prime Music membership, you can download Prime Music on Amazon Music for Android or iOS. If you just would like to download Amazon Prime Music for offline listening on your mobile devices, you can finish it by the steps we offer.

1. Install and launch the Amazon Music app on your device.

2. Select the songs you plan to download in the Amazon Music app.

3. Hit the 'More Options' > 'Download'. Then you can download the files of Prime Music to your mobile devices.

Part 5. To Sum Up

As you can learn from the above, there are two ways to convert Amazon Music to MP3. It’s worth mentioning that the DRmare Audio Capture enables you to get lossless recorded songs from Amazon Prime Music with ease. In all, you are able to win the recorded MP3 files and download them to your MP3 players for your entertainment and relaxing.

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