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Convert iTunes M4V movies and TV shows, and other videos to MP4, MKV, and other common video formats quickly.

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How to Convert DRM-ed iTunes M4V to MP4

Play iTunes M4V movies on more devices? Let's easily convert the iTunes M4V videos to universal MP4 format here.


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How to Keep Subtitles/CC when Converting iTunes DRM M4V Movies

Some DRM removal tools for iTunes can't reserve the original subtitles or CC when cracking DRM from iTunes movies. But with DRmare M4V Converter, all the subtitles and closed captions will be kept as original. Check it out now.


How to Convert iTunes DRM M4V with AC3 5.1 Audio Retained

AC3 5.1 Dolby audio track is required if you want to enjoy the amazing audio quality on certain devices. So here you can find the best way to retain AC3 surround sound when converting iTunes movies to DRM-free formats.


How to Extract Audio Track from iTunes M4V Videos

Looking for the solution to extract audio tracks from a certain iTunes movie or TV episode? Don't worry. DRmare M4V Converter will handle it for you. Check it out here.


How to Convert iTunes M4V Movies to MP3 Audio

Attracted by a song in iTunes movie and want to extract it from the video? No problem! DRmare M4V Converter will assist you easily convert the iTunes M4V videos to MP3 audio track with a few steps only.


How to Burn iTunes M4V Movies/TV Shows to DVD Copies

Burning iTunes movies to DVD discs is a good way to backup the iTunes library. Here you can find the whole steps to burn iTunes M4V videos to DVD copies with ease.


How to Convert and Play iTunes M4V Movies on Windows Phones/Tablets

Due to DRM protection, iTunes movies can't play directly on Windows OS based phones or tablets. But don't worry. You can easily convert iTunes DRM M4V movies to Windows phones and tablets using DRmare M4V Converter. Read on this article to find out the details.


How to Convert iTunes DRM-ed M4V to MOV

Read this article to find out the simple tutorial of converting iTunes DRM-encrypted M4V videos to DRM-free MOV with the help of DRmare M4V Converter for Mac.


How to Convert iTunes M4V Videso to MPEG

This article discusses the best iTunes M4V to MPEG converter as well as the guide on converting iTunes M4V movies and TV shows to MPEG format.