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How to Download Music from Shazam for Free as MP3

Shazam is an app to recognize music, videos or other audios around them and discover music by searching. Can't download songs from Shazam? No worries! Here are top best ways to download music from Shazam for free. Check them out now!

Spotify Premium Offline Not Working? Here Are the Fixes!

Is Spotify offline not working with Spotify Premium account? Then you can check this ultimate troubleshooting to solve the Spotify Premium not working offline problem.

Requiem 4.1 Review and Alternatives to Remove DRM from iTunes

What is Requiem 4.1 and how it works? If you are using old iTunes 10.7 or lower versions, you can follow this guide to download Requiem 4.1 and remove DRM from iTunes movies for free. Also, you will get another two tools to remove DRM from iTunes videos and music.

How to Fix Spotify Local Files Not Showing

Why are Spotify local files not showing? Step into this post and get the problem of Spotify local files not showing/playing/syncing fixed. You will also get a way to play Spotify without any issues.

How to Convert MP3 to Audiobook in 6 Ways

Can you convert MP3 to audiobook? This post has concluded 6 ways to convert MP3 files to audiobooks. You can get some free MP3 to audiobook converter for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows

How to Download and Convert Spotify to WAV Files

How to download Spotify WAV for normal playback offline? Just check the top 4 best Spotify to WAV converters out in this post and you will know how to convert Spotify to WAV online and free with ease.

How to Transfer Apple Music Library to Another Account

Can you transfer Apple Music from one account to another? If you don't know how to do that, no worries. In this post, you will learn more about how to transfer Apple Music to another Apple ID with a detailed tutorial.

Best Alternatives for TiDown Tidal Downloader

In this post, you will learn more about the TiDown Tidal Downloader alternatives and see how to use them to download Tidal music in detail.

How to Enable Spotify Equalizer on PC/Mac/Android/iPhone

Want to enhance Spotify music with the Spotify equalizer? Just check this page to find out the full tips on how to use equalizer for Spotify PC, Mac, Android and iPhone.

How to Use Spotify on Apple CarPlay

Can I use Spotify on Apple CarPlay? Yes, you can follow the tutorial in this post to add Spotify to Apple CarPlay. You can also know how to fix the problem of Apple CarPlay Spotify not working.

Spotify Connect Not Working? 12 Solutions!

Why is my Spotify Connect not working? Step into this post and you will get to know some possible reasons and solutions. The last solution will 100% solve your problem.

How to Play Audiobooks from Audible on iPod

Can't play Audible books on iPod? No worries. You can read this article to find the reasons and solutions on how to get Audible to iPod step by step.

How to Shuffle Playlist on Spotify Desktop and Mobile

Can you shuffle playlists on Spotify? With a Spotify premium plan, you can easily shuffle Spotify playlist. But what if you are a Spotify free user? No worries. In this post, you will get tips on how to shuffle a Spotify playlist with and without Spotify premium.

How to Transfer Music from Spotify to Windows Media Player

How to download Spotify songs to Windows Media Player? This article covers the best way to download and transfer music from Spotify to Windows Media Player. And then you can put Spotify music on Windows Media Player for playing without any limit.

How to Add Music to CapCut from Apple Music

Want to add Apple Music to CapCut video editor? No problem. Here you can get the best tool to help convert Apple Music for use on CapCut. Then you can easily import music to CapCut from Apple Music.

Top 10 Ways to Listen to Audible in Car

Can you listen to Audible in the Car? Yes! If you don't know how to do that, we have shown top 10 methods here for you to play Audible in car. Just follow the detailed tutorial here and learn more.

Spotify Stuttering iPhone/Android/PC/Mac? Solved Here!

Why is Spotify stuttering? Step into this post and get to know the reasons and solutions. You will get your problem of Spotify stuttering PC, Mac, Android, iOS fixed without problem.

Spotify Greyed Out Songs? 8 Solutions!

Why Spotify songs greyed out? In this post, we have explained some reasons and solutions for you. You can play greyed out songs on Spotify again.

How to Play Tidal on Foobar2000 Music Player

Does Tidal work with Foobar2000? In this article, you could learn the tip on how to convert Tidal music to local audio files and add Tidal to Foobar2000 for listening offline.

Best Way to Add Music to Clips from Apple Music

How to add music from Apple Music to Clips? To make it, just follow the guide on this post and see how to add music to Clips from Apple Music via the DRmare Audio Converter.