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Top 8 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Apple Addicts

Wanna gift some special holiday presents for your loved one, but don't know which one to choose? In this article, you will find out the top 8 best gift ideas for Apple fans.

How to Transfer iTunes Videos to Lossless M4V

This article covers the best iTunes DRM M4V Converter and the detailed tutorial on how to remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows and keep M4V extension losslessly.

iTunes Launched 2017 Halloween Movie Sale at $5 for Each

To celebrate Halloween, Apple just launched iTunes movie sale called Horror Through the Years and Modern Horror which offers big discounts on both classic and modern horror films.

Top 10 Best Halloween TV Shows on iTunes, Netflix, Hulu...

In addition to horror movies, the scary TV shows could also make the Halloween night more perfect. In this post, we are listing the top 10 spooky TV episodes for Halloween from iTunes, Netflix, etc.

DRmare Announces Special Halloween Deals Up to 50% Off

Halloween is a great time for getting special offers, DRmare has just announced the new software big promotion during the 2017 Halloween holiday season with discount at up to 50% off.

Top 10 Best Halloween Music Videos

Nothing is better than watching horror movies to learn the spirit of Halloween. Here we have created the list of top 10 halloween themed music videos for you.

Top 10 Useful Tips to Make You an iTunes Master

No matter you are new to iTunes or use iTunes a lot, you are suggested to take a look at those top 10 iTunes tips to get more out of iTunes and iTunes Store.

What are the Differences between iTunes Videos: SD vs HD vs 4K HDR

iTunes offers SD, HD and 4K videos, if you are still not sure about the difference between them, you can check this article so that you can select the type of iTunes video which fits your needs best.

Top 4 Best Ways to Back Up iTunes Movies

Having recent backups is crucial for computer user. In this article, you will find out top 4 best solutions to back up iTunes movies, incluidng backing up iTunes movies to Could storage, USB drive, external hard drive, and DVD.

The New Roku Channel Provides Free Streaming Movies

Roku has launched its own channel to stream free ad-supportive movies and TV shows on all the current generation Roku devices, check this page to find out the latest info about it.

How to Convert iTunes M4V Movies to Moto Xoom

We are here to talk about the best solution to play iTunes DRM M4V videos on Moto Xoom by converting DRM-ed iTunes videos to unprotected DRM videos with the help of DRmare M4V Converter.

How to Play iTunes DRM-ed Videos on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

iTunes videos are not supported by Galaxy Note 8 by fault, read this detailed tutorial to find out a easiest way to transfer iTunes movies to Galaxy Note 8 quickly.

How to Play iTunes M4V Movies on Toshiba 4K Smart TV

In this post, we have a brief introduce about Toshiba TV and offer an ultimate solution to play iTunes DRM M4V movies on Toshiba 4K TV in a comfortable way.

Everything You Need Know about Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K is available in the market. Wanna know the key features of this smart streaming device? You can read on this article to find out the detailed introduction of Apple TV 4K.

Top 5 Best Android SmartPhones of 2017

Wanna change your smartphones to a stunning Android phone? Please read on this article and you will find out the most fitting Android smartphone for you.

How to Play iTunes M4V Videos on BlackBerry PlayBook

This post includes the best solution to sync iTunes library to BlackBerry PlayBook by converting iTunes M4V to PlayBook compatible files with the help of DRmare.

Top 2 Ways to Convert iTunes Music Videos to MP3 Songs

This page offers 2 methods to help you convert iTunes M4V music videos to MP3 audio files, you can follow the instructions to help you enjoy iTunes music videos on portable players.

Everything You Need to Know to Buy a Best Smart TV

In this post, we discussed the top 7 things about smart TVs, you can refer to it make a decision of the best smart TV which works perfectly for you.

Movies Anywhere Revamped to Watch All Digital Movies in One Place

Hollywood studios joined Disney to launch Movies Anywhere, with which you can now acces and manage all your movie purchases from iTunes, Google Play, Vudu or Amazon within one app..

Top 8 Best Halloween Horror Movies for Kids

In this hot review, you will find out the top 8 best horror movies for kids to watch on Halloween. Now you can check out the best one for your children.