Top 10 Highly Recommended Free iTunes TV Shows of 2024

iTunes is a great place for buying and downloading movies and TV series. You can find various iTunes videos like exclusive movies and episodes sold at different prices.

However, if you are on a small digital media entertainment budget, you may hesitate to pay for them. Good news is that iTunes also offers a selection of compelling videos including free podcasts, music videos, TV shows previews, and even the full length episodes.

Here I have collected the top 10 latest free iTunes TV Shows of 2017 in a wide range of genres from comedy to reality TV, which are definitely worth for watching.

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Top 1. Last Chance High

the chance highRelease Date: Aug 08, 2017    Genre: Nonfiction

The staff try hard to let the student stay in the school and off the streets of Chicago at the final therapeutic academy. But when the city closes Montefiore, the students are soon engulfed by streetlife and former employees do everything they can to rescue them.

Top 2. Project Runway

project runwayRelease Date: Aug 17, 2017    Genre: Reality TV

Season 16 of "Project runway" for the first time in history, breaks the traditional modeling mould, through the fusion of the size - inclusive model on the catwalk. As a mirror of the women in the United States, models usually range from 0 to 22. This season's designers have to prove their ability to make amazing works of any size.

Top 3. Rescue Dog to Super Dog

rescue dog to super dogRelease Date: Aug 12, 2017    Genre: Reality TV

Thousands of dogs living in a shelter for their permanent home in the United States. Millions of Americans live in physical, mental and neurological disorders. In the new series of animal planet, rescue dog to super dog, shelter dogs get a second chance to become a partner.

Top 4. DuckTales

ducktalesRelease Date: Aug 12, 2017    Genre: Kids

The ambitious venture with Duckburg's most famous billionaire, "miser", and his tales of triplet grandnephew Huey, Dewey and louie. After a long overdue family reunion and his nephew Donald miser, grandnephew, epic in the past, a duck jumped into the family life is more exciting than they think. Curious to know McDuck manor, Mrs Triplets Beakley granddaughter, mesh, the study of family secrets miser epic of the past for a long time, the family of bold deviant behavior from all around the world!

Top 5. The Last Shot

the last shotRelease Date: Aug 07, 2017    Genre: Nonfiction

A group of novice playing pro scouts found, a team of mercenaries to chase cash, a team of five brothers to support their children with their bonuses.In Mexico cartels area, the basketball athletes wanna win.

Top 6. 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

90 day fianceRelease Date:Aug 06, 2017     Genre: Reality TV

90 days before the fiance: describes the Americans who believe that they have found their soul mate online and travel to another country to see each other for the first time. During the visit, the Americans will know a real stranger, discover the truth and secret, they have never expected.

Top 7. Swedish Dicks

Swedish DicksRelease Date: Aug 09, 2017    Genre: Comedy

The less successful private detective ingmar meet former DJ axel, asks him to join his company.In the case of learning how to deal with the customer, axel began to find out in-depth about ingmar as a stuntman mysterious past, to help him solve the old stunt buddy Tex.

Top 8. The Lowe Files

The Lowe FilesRelease Date: Aug 02, 2017    Genre: Reality TV

"Lowe files" follows actor Matthew and rob lowe and John Owen as they travel across the nation to survey gruesome legends and mysterious mystery.Interesting family travel, part of the hard sciences, brings the lowes to an underwater alien base off the California coast alien base and a haunted boy's detention, they will be involved in a transcendent spirit of the apprentice shaman.

Top 9. Love Blows

Love BlowsRelease: Aug 25, 2017    Genre: Reality TV

Lisa operates Chicago's leading matchmaking service with her ex-husband AND his ex-mistress. Patti Stanger offer the chance for this crazy family find love for singles, along with quite a lot of drama during the process.

Top 10. OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

Let's Be HeroesRelease Date: Jul 14, 2017    Genre: Kids

K.O.‘s is going to be a great hero in the Gar's Bodega - he help customers achieve their dreams and help his colleagues face their fears, and helps protect the square from the evil Lord Box-man!And find out if he can unlock a great new power in half an hour special video!

Extra Tips: How to Backup iTunes TV Shows to Play Everywhere

These free iTunes videos are great for entertainment as they will either make you launch, cry or inspire you, etc. If you still haven't watched them yet, you might hurry up to download the free TV shows from iTunes as the price may go back to original later. By downloading these free episodes, you can play them freely on any Apple devices like iPhone, iPod, etc. But please note that as iTunes TV episodes are all protected by FairPlay DRM mechanism, there is not a straightforward way to play iTunes episodes on non-Apple devices such as Android TV, Windows portable devices. In addition, the number of Apple devices that can play those iTunes videos is limited to 5 at most. In consequence, if you want to play on more than 5 Apple devices or other devices out of Apple ecosystem, you have to get rid of the FairPlay DRM protection by a DRM decrypting software such as DRmare M4V Converter, which can crack iTunes DRM losslessly from the TV shows and movies. Normally you just need to import your iTunes TV shows to the software main screen and then click 'Convert' button to let the software strip off the DRM from your iTunes videos in seconds.

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