How to Transfer Tidal Music to USB Flash Drive

"I am a heavy user of Tidal HiFi. I listen to Tidal songs with mobile phones whenever I am running, driving, having a picnic or party outside. But I'd like to play Tidal songs on more devices. I wanna know if it is possible to transfer Tidal songs to USB so that I can enjoy music on my portable MP3 players, HiFi speakers, car stereo which don't have access to the internet connection." - Question from Reddit social media website." - Question from Reddit social media website.

This is a common requirement for most Tidal music lovers. But just like other streaming music platforms, you mainly have the right to stream Tidal songs online. Even with the premium and HiFi subscription, you can only cache the Tidal songs offline instead of using the original AAC or FLAC files.

Is there a way to transfer Tidal music to USB? Thanks to the new audio converting technology, the answer is positive. Now please follow me to find out the best solution to download Tidal music to USB drive.

tidal music to usb

Part 1. Why No Official Way to Download Tidal Music to USB

Tidal is well-known as the artists' streaming music platform. It was acquired by J Zay. Because it offers relatively higher commission, it has some artists who offer exclusive music content there. Tidal HiFi contains over 60 million lossless songs with up to 1411Kbps bit rate, which is the CD quality. You just need to pay for $19.99/month to listen to any songs you want. This price is as low as only 1 CD. Why?

The main reason is that paying a subscription doesn't mean you own the music. When you cancel the subscription or your membership is expired, the songs will be invalid. To prevent users from stealing music without active subscription, Tidal has added the limitation to the songs. Even you can cache the Tidal songs offline on your mobile phones, it requires you to login at least 1 time every 30 days to verify you are a valid user.

Of course, you can't copy Tidal songs to USB thumb drive in the case as they won't be recognized. And this will surely affect your listening experience.

Part 2. Convert Tidal Songs for Transferring to USB Drive

In my option, it is not right that the Tidal platform assumes every user will not play fair with the songs.

Honestly, I don't recommend users to steal songs, but the Tidal platform should really find another better way to protect their songs but still ensure them to transfer Tidal songs to USB to get full use.

Since Tidal doesn't have such an option yet, I'd suggest you get DRmare Tidal Music Converter to help out.

With it, you can download any songs you like in batch from Tidal with up to 5X speed and with lossless quality kept. And it can convert Tidal to MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc. so that you can transfer Tidal music to your other devices easily, also including USB flash drive.

Also, it is designed for personal use, so it is completely legal and you won't be worried about any trouble. You can check the following main features to learn more about it.

DRmare Tidal Music Converter

drmare tidal music converter
  • Easy to use, it takes only a few clicks to download songs
  • Advanced audio recording and converting technology, keep the lossless quality
  • Support multiple output format, like MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4B
  • Enable you to get the most out of Tidal music and with best listening experience

DRmare Tidal Music Converter is one of the exclusive tools for Tidal in the world. It contains the terrific features that not including in the free streaming audio recorders. Feels excited? Why not just download the free trial version to try it out by yourself?

Step 1Import Tidal songs to DRmare
import tidal music
To get started, please locate the link of the albums or playlists you want to download to USB drive. Then you can copy and paste the link to the DRmare Tidal Music Converter and press "+" to load Tidal music.
Step 2Adjust Tidal output format for USB
define tidal settings for usb
Depend on your purposes, you can choose a supported format you want such as MP3, M4A, AAC, M4B, FLAC and WAV and so on. As for me, MP3 is good enough for me, so I just pick up it. Besides, in this opening window, you can also customize other audio parameters if necessary.
Step 3Start downloading Tidal music for USB
convert tidal music for usb
Now head to the bottom and click "Convert" icon, DRmare Tidal Music Converter will start to download Tidal music offline and your Tidal songs will be saved to your local computer. You can locate them by clicking the 'history' > 'search' icon on your computer.

Part 3. How to Copy Tidal Songs to USB Flash Drive

Now after converting and saving the Tidal songs, you can transfer them to USB and play them on any device via USB drive. Here are the detailed steps below:

If you have met some trouble when transferring Tidal music to USB, please let me know and we will fix your issue as soon as possible.

Dec 12, 2019 7:50 PM

Posted by Anna Groove to Tidal Music Tips