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  • Download Tidal songs, playlists, etc. with lossless audio quality
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  • Enable users to listen to Tidal music offline anywhere

Best Way to Use Tidal Tracks as iPhone Ringtone

Q: I found a lovely song on Tidal and I think it would be great if I can set it as my iPhone ringtone! But can Tidal music be used as a ringtone? If possible, how to use Tidal tracks as iPhone ringtone?

Of course, you can do that. Customizing your iPhone ringtone might save you from the embarrassment of picking up the wrong phone with the same default ringtone, or showing your music taste with a customized ringtone. Though it isn't easy work to download Tidal songs for other uses because Tidal songs are restricted, we still find the best way for you to make Tidal song ringtone. With the right tool, it won't be a headache for you anymore. Keep on reading to find out the detailed tutorial on how to create an iPhone ringtone with Tidal music.

use tidal tracks as iphone ringtone

Part 1. Turn Tidal Songs into iPhone Ringtone – Tool Required

As mentioned above, like many other music streaming services, the Tidal tracks you download are restricted even though you have pay for the Tidal subscription. You won't be able to find the local Tidal audio files on your computer because you don't own this music, which means you can only use the downloaded Tidal music for offline playback within the time of your subscription.

If we simply want to use some of our favorite Tidal tracks as iPhone ringtone instead pf commercial purpose, it is also possible to do that with the help of the DRmare Tidal Music Converter. It is the best Tidal Ringtone Maker you can find on the market due to its initiative and exquisite technology.

DRmare Tidal Music Converter is capable of removing all the restrictions from Tidal tracks, playlist, album, and meanwhile able to convert Tidal music into MP3, AAC, or M4A, which are compatible formats for iPhone ringtone. You'd also surprised to find that the DRmare Tidal music converter enables users to save Tidal songs with 100% lossless quality at 5X speed as local files for iPhone ringtone making.

DRmare Tidal Music Converter

drmare tidal music converter
  • Remove limitation from Tidal music for iPhone ringtone
  • Easy to use, several clicks needed to download Tidal songs
  • Support output format as MP3, M4A, AAC, for iPhone ringtone
  • Convert Tidal tracks, playlist, or album and keep lossless quality

Now that DRmare Tidal Music Converting is offering a free trial for users to convert the first minute of each Tidal track. This length should be enough for you to create an iPhone ringtone. Please note that all the downloaded Tidal songs are for personal use only.

Part 2. Tutorial on How to Download Tidal Music to iPhone Ringtone

After downloading DRmare Tidal Music Converter, make sure it's well installed on your computer. Also, you'll need to have the Tidal app on your desktop. Then let's have a closer look at how to download Tidal music to local files step by step.

Step 1Import Tidal music to DRmare program
add tidal tracks to drmare
Please launch DRmare Tidal Music Converter on the desktop and you will see Tidal app open at the same time. Go to Tidal app and find the songs you want to use for iPhone ringtone. Please copy and paste the URL of the Tidal music to the search box in DRmare program main interface and press on "+" button to load Tidal tracks.
Step 2Set Tidal output format for iPhone ringtone
set tidal output format for iphone ringtone
Here you could set the Tidal output formats for your iPhone ringtone. Please hit on the Menu on the top-right of DRmare Tidal Music Converter and choose "Preferences". In the pop-up window, you could click "Convert" to begin to adjust the output format as MP3, AAC, or M4A, etc. There are also other settings available for you to customize your iPhone ringtone.
Step 3Start to download and convert Tidal tracks
convert tidal tracks for iphone ringtone
Now click the "Convert" button at the bottom right of DRmare program to start the conversion. After a while, all the Tidal music tracks will be downloaded and saved to your computer. To locate the converted Tidal music files on your computer, you could hit on the "history" > "search" icon on DRmare program to check the files.

Part 3. Use Tidal Tracks as iPhone Ringtone via iTunes

With the downloaded Tidal tracks without restriction at hand, you so close to finally set Tidal songs as your iPhone ringtone by following a few simple steps below.

Step 1. Start iTunes on your desktop and go to File on the top-left corner of the interface.

Step 2. Select Add File or Folder to Library to import the freshly downloaded Tidal tracks.

Step 3. Right-click on the track which you'd like to create a ringtone with, and click Song Info.

Step 4. In the new pop-up window, go to Options. Here, you can edit the length of the Tidal track into ringtone which should be less than 40 seconds, and then click on OK to dismiss the window.

edit iphone ringtone length

Step 5. Select the song, and go to File > Convert > Create AAC Version, and then you will see a second version within 40 seconds long.

(You can add Tidal songs to Garageband and edit the length for iPhone ringtone via Garageband.)

Step 6. Right-click on the AAC ringtone version and choose Show in Windows Explorer/Finder.

Step 7. Change the file extension of the ringtone from ".m4a" to ".m4r", and apply the change.

Step 8. Double-click the ringtone file and it will open in iTunes automatically.

Step 9. Now connect your iPhone to the computer and sync the ringtone on your iPhone.

set tidal song as iphone ringtone

Now, the ringtone should be available in your Tones library. Go ahead and select any ringtone you like in your phone settings.

Summary: Did you learn how to use Tidal tracks as iPhone ringtone reading the tutorial above? You can give it a try yourself to set your customized iPhone ringtone. If you have met any difficulty during this process, feel free to comment below and we are happy to help.

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