iTunes Launched 2017 Halloween Movie Sale at $5 for 4K Titles

To celebrate this year's Halloween, Apple this week has launched its Halloween movie sale on iTunes Store with big discounts for more than 50 horror movies, including both classics and modern films. Price for classic titles is set as $4.99 each while the morden ones at $9.99 or under, saving you between $5 and $10 depending on which collection you purchase from.

itunes halloween movie sales

As for the $4.99 classics sale, you'll find it in the section of iTunes store called "Horror Through the Years". It mainly contains essential horror movies from decades ago such as Child's Play, The Fly, and 28 Days Later. At the same time, it provides several more recent movies as well, including Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and the reboot of Poltergeist. There are totally 18 titles included in the sale list. The big surprise brought by this horror movie sale is that two films, Poltergeist and Victor Frankenstein are offered in 4K HDR. Considering that most HDR movies in iTunes are now sold around $14.99 for each, getting a horror film in Ultra HD at less than $5 bucks is really a rarity.

Another remarkable thing about the "Horror Through the Years" is the collection features new artwork by artist Orlando Arocena. So you'll see each movie thumbnail has been enhanced with a day-of-the-dead-looking image, as a way to re-release the classic horror films in celebration of Halloween.

When heading to the "Modern Horror" sale section, you'll find a large collection of 34 modern horror films on sale for $9.99 and under. From there, most of the movies were released within the past few years, including Predators, It Comes At Night, Insidious, etc. For this section, Apple didn't provide any 4K HDR versions. The highest quality those titles will play in is HD only.

"Horror Through the Years" Movie List

Child's Play
Black Swan
Jeepers Creepers
The Fly
28 Days Later

"Modern Horror" Movie List

It Follows - $7.99
30 Days of Night - $9.99
The Visit - $9.99
Green Room - $9.99
You're Next - $7.99
The Eyes of My Mother - $9.99

In addition to these two specific Halloween collections, Apple has also discounted Little Shop of Horrors to $7.99 in HD. You can easily find any horror discounts on the home page of iTunes movies store via either desktop or iOS.

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