DRmare Affiliate Program - Enhance Your Business with DRmare

As a cutting edge DRM removal software manufacturer, we are committed to providing our customers with the abilities to enjoy iTunes digital media files in a much easier way. Our products are loved by a large amount of customers globally over 150 countries and we offer great profit margin in reselling our products for our partners. We welcome all the business opportunities and we keep constantly improving our affiliate program by having any online campaigns and activities. Join our affiliate today to start to improve your business.

affiliate program

Part 1. How to Become an Affiliate

It is easy to join our affiliate program, you are only a few steps away. Apply Now!

1. To get started, please click the link 'Apply Now', you will see the DRmare affiliation page and you can take a look at it to learn more about the campaign.

2. Next you can click 'Apply to Campaign' button to open the sign up page, please fill in your account, additional, personal, tax, review info and then click 'I read and agree to terms and submit application'.

3. Finally, you will get a confirmation email with the instruction to sell the software, track the orders and earn high commission.

If you encounter any problem during the sign up process, please feel free to contact us at support@drmare.com.

Part 2. Commission Rate & Benefits

Stable & High Commission Rate of 40% On Each Single Sale

We offer 40% commission rate for all our affiliates to sell our software generally. In addition, we encourage our partners to grow the business highly and are glad to see our partner's success. If your sales reaches $5000 or above, we would even increase the commission rate to 50%. Our affiliate program is 100% free, payout guaranteed. Last but not least, we invest a lot in promote our products in many countries so that to enhance our brand reputation and help our partners to boost the sales.

Part 3. DRmare Affiliate Policy

Price Rules

Affiliates are not allowed to offer additional coupons, bonuses or incentives to the customers. Any discount promotion of DRmare products by affiliates should be authorized by us.

Advertising Rules

Affiliates are not allowed to sell any of DRmare products by any adware, spyware, forced-clicks, pop ups, toolbars advertisements that may do harm to DRmare's business and we don't allow to sell on online stores related to auction, such as: eBay, Amazon.

Content Rules

Affilate publishers are not allowed to imitate or copy any kinds of contents like photos, videos, forms or style from official DRmare webpage or exaggerate the functionalities of our products in their websites.