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Top Solutions on Spotify Waiting to Download

Even if you subscribe to the Spotify premium, you may still be stuck on Spotify waiting to download. Here we offer the top 5 most common solutions and the reliable way to download Spotify songs to MP3.

How to Turn Off Spotify Shuffle on iPhone/Android

With the Spotify shuffle mode, I can't play my favorite songs repeatedly on my mobile phones. To solve this, we can subscribe to Spotify premium or the free ways to turn off Spotify shuffle play on iPhone/Android.

How to Download Spotify Premium Cracked for PC

Want to enjoy the Spotify Premium service but have not money? No worries, you can try these top 2 solutions to download Spotify Premium cracked version or save the Spotify premium songs to MP3 offline.

How to Stop Spotify from Logging Me Out

Have you encountered the Spotify keeps kicking me out issue? If so, you don't need to wander online anymore, just try these top 2 work guaranteed solution to solve it immediately.

How to Put Spotify Music in Premiere Pro

Do you want to add Spotify music as your video background music? If so, you could check this post to see how to put Spotify music in Premiere Pro for your video.

Way to Transfer Spotify Music to MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is a media library application, which can support almost all kinds of formats, but it can't support Spotify music because of its protection of DRM. So, in this post, we'll guide you how to transfer Spotify library to MediaMonkey.

The Top 5 Portable Music Players for Spotify

Do you want to play Spotify on the go when you are doing exercise outside such as walking, running? If so, the common Spotify devices such as TV, Hifi speakers won't work. Here you will find the top 5 best Spotify portable players.

Top 6 Best Spotify Music Alternatives

Spotify is one of the great streaming music platforms. But if you are tired of it and want to try something new, you should definitely take a look at this top 6 Spotify alternative list.

Tips to Play Spotify Music on Harman Kardon Speaker

Harman Kardon Speaker is a portable wireless speaker, which allows you to stream music to it through Bluetooth. In this post, you can learn how to stream Spotify music to Harman Kardon Speaker.

Way to Sync Spotify Music to Traktor DJ

Traktor DJ is a professional DJ app for iOS. It can let you enjoy DJing on your iPhone or iPad's screen. However, it doesn't integrate with Spotify and Spotify doesn't allow people playing its music files outsides its own program, so it's a bad thing for Spotify users. In this post, you can find the way of how to sync Spotify music to Traktor DJ.

The Pros and Cons of Spotify Music

If you can't make up your mind to choose Spotify streaming music, you can take a look at this Spotify Review page first. It will show you all the pros and cons of Spotify music.

Way to Download Spotify Songs to Musicbee

Musicbee is one of the streaming music service. This article is going to show you how to transfer Spotify music files to Musicbee and enjoy Spotify music freely.

Best Skill to Connect Spotify to Bose SoundTouch For Free

Bose SoundTouch is a tiny wireless speaker for people to play music, in this post, we will show you the way to download Spotify music freely and connect Spotify music to Bose SoundTouch.

How to Import Spotify Music to Google Play

Google Play Music is one of the best streaming music services which understands you and predicts the right music to listen to at the right time for you. If you'd like to switch from Spotify to Google Play Music, check this tips on how to import your own Spotify playlists to Google Play.

How to Play Spotify on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a small computer mainly for programmers. It doesn't support to install Spotify app. But don't worry, you can follow these tips to transfer Spotify songs to Raspberry Pi for playback.

How to Add Spotify Music to Instagram Story

Do you want to make your videos more fantastic with great melody from Spotify before sharing? If so, you can follow these tips to import Spotify music to your Instragram Story by the Instragram app or third party video editior.

How to Play Spotify Music on Apple TV

Apple Music is competing with Spotify. Because of that, Apple doesn't integrate the Spotify app to its streaming media player Apple TV. But don't worry, you can still listen to Spotify on Apple TV via AirPlay or iTunes Home Sharing.

How to Convert OGG Vorbis to MP3

OGG and MP3 are two most commonly used audio formats. But there are still some players don't support OGG. You can follow this tutorial to convert OGG to MP3 for playing anywhere.

How to Download Spotify Podcasts Offline

Do you want to enjoy other types of audios from Spotify like podcasts, audiobooks besides music without any limitations? If so, you can download them offline by using the DRmare Spotify Music Converter.

How to Play Spotify Songs on Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi Mi 9 is one of the top notch phones with low price. If you have a Mi 9 and enjoy Spotify songs, you can follow these tips to sync all your Spotify tracks to Xiaomi Mi 9.