How to Transfer iTunes Movies to iPhone Camera Roll for Editing

"I have purchased and downloaded some iTunes M4V movies on my iPhone. I am in need of cutting and editing the videos before I share them with my family. However, the free iPhone video editor doesn't detect any of my downloaded movies except the ones from the camera roll. I wanna know if there is another way to put iTunes movie back to the iPhone camera roll for editing. Thanks for any help. " - Question from the macrumors forum.

This is a very common problem. Generally speaking, when you download or sync iTunes movies from iTunes store, they are stored on the video folder instead of the iPhone camera roll automatically by the system. The video folder is only accessible by the Video app, not by the built-in iPhone video editor or other third-party video editing apps. So we have to seek another way to transfer and edit M4V videos, please just continue with me here.

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Part 1. Things to Note about Transferring Movies to iPhone Camera Roll

Apple iOS is a closed system which doesn't allow apps to exchange data easily with each other, that is why the iPhone video editor can't read the files from the Video app. Fortunately, iPhone Camera Roll is the only internal storage of iPhone which users can use freely. Usually all the photos or videos shot by ourselves will be stored on the camera roll directly. Except the files downloaded or sync by iTunes, we can save files to iPhone camera roll from other apps like iMessage, Email, Dropbox etc. Also, we can transfer files from computer to iPhone camera by using the AirDrop feature or other third-party transferring tools. So just try one of these new ways to transfer your iTunes videos.

That sounds pretty easy, right? But there is one important thing you may have ignored is that iTunes movies are protected with FairPlay DRM protection. The DRM is created to stop any piracy but it also cripple the legal purchased users from getting full use of the videos. Even if the iTunes files can be detected by the video editor, you still encounter error like the files are damaged or corrupted. In order to avoid this issue, we have to get rid of the DRM encryption too.

Part 2. Remove DRM before Importing iTunes Videos to iPhone Camera Roll

No worries, with the development of technology, more and more companies realized the annoyance of DRM encryption and they developed many DRM converters to help users to enjoy videos freely. DRmare M4V Converter for Mac/Windows is the best one among the list for its easy accessibility, 20X faster speed and lossless quality. You can take a look at its top features and follow the 3 easy steps to convert iTunes videos on your computer, just click download button to install the right version you want.

DRmare iTunes M4V Video Converter

drmare m4v to fcp converter
  • Strip DRM from iTunes 1080p/720p HD M4V movies with 20X faster speed
  • Convert DRM iTunes M4V to MOV, MP4, MPEG, AVI, 3GP for iPhone Camera Roll
  • Keep lossless quality, including AC3 5.1 audio track, closed caption, subtitle, etc.
  • Work perfectly on both Windows and Mac operating systems with the latest iTunes
Step 1Import iTunes M4V films, episodes
load drm m4v files
To get started, please download iTunes videos to your computer first. Then you can launch the TunesKit software and drag & drop iTunes M4V movies from iTunes to the software. Or you can navigate to the lower left of the software main screen and then click '+' to add the DRM M4V videos. Both ways supports to import bulk videos at a time.
Step 2Customize the output videos (optional)
select video for camera roll
TunesKit will convert iTunes videos to the most popular format MP4 directly with the optimized settings for any devices. Of course, it is supported by the iPhone camera roll. So you can just keep the default settings. But it is 100% OK if you want to customize the videos to other more personalized videos by changing the codec, format, bit rate, frame rate, resolution, subtitle, audio track and much more.
Step 3Convert iTunes M4V movies
convert itunes movies
Check to make sure everything is right, then you can click the 'Convert' button from the lower right side, your videos will be converted in a prompt speed and the DRM will be eliminated during the process. The time it takes may vary depending how many files you imported, please just wait patiently to get the files.

Part 3. Save the Converted Movies to iPhone Camera Roll for Editing

As we have mentioned before, there are many ways to transfer files to iPhone camera roll to edit and share to others. Actually all the ways are easy, here I will illustrate how to do that by using the AirDrop feature and the free iPhone video editor. Please note that your iPhone should be running iOS 8 or above.

1. Turn on AirDrop on Mac and iPhone. On your iPhone, you can go to the settings to turn on AirDrop directly. On your Mac, turn on Bluetooth and Wifi first, then you can turn on AirDrop from the Finder siderbar. In addition, make sure to set AirDrop discovery to 'Everyone' on both iPhone and Mac.

2. Transferring videos to camera roll. Now you should find that the iPhone is showing in your Mac's AirDrop section. You can find your converted DRM free videos and drag them to your iPhone on the AirDrop section of Mac. If the AirDrop app prompt you to authorize the file transfer on your iPhone, please press 'Yes' to accept it.

3. Edit videos on the iPhone Camera Roll. You can select the videos you want to edit, then click 'Edit', you will get the option to cut and trim your videos with the iPhone video editor. If you have third party video editing apps, just find the import option and add the files from the iPhone camera roll.

In case you have the older version iPhone which doesn't have the Airdrop option, you can try the other options such as saving the files by uploading your videos to Email, Dropbox and download them to your iPhone camera roll directly.


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