Share Review to Get DRmare License for Free

We appreciate the support of our users and want to promote our software to as many users as we can. Besides buying, we also offer many options for our users to get a license for free by reviewing our software. If you haven't bought DRmare software but just want to get a premium license for free, you just need to compose a post, article or record a video to review our software simply. Then you can inform us to get the free license. Please keep on reading to find out the details.

get free license

Method 1. Share Your Review on Social Networks

First of all, if you have a Facebook or Google+ or other social networks account with more than 500 followers, you can post a review of DRmare software with text or pictures to collect 50 likes or shares and inform us via Facebook or email. We will send the free license to you after we get the verification immediately. This way should be easy enough for everyone who is active on social networks.

Method 2. Post An Article Review on Websites

The second way is special for website owners/administrators, bloggers or forum moderators. If you have/manage a website/blog/forum which is ranked within 100K among all the websites in the world, you just need to write an article review with 500 words of DRmare software. Then you can contact us with the link of the article to get a free lifetime license directly. Please make sure to keep the article online without deleting the review page after getting the license.

Method 3. Upload A Video Review of DRmare

Finally, if you don't use a social network nor do you own a website/blog/forum, but just interested in making videos, you can try to do a video review for DRmare. For example, if you own an YouTube channel which has over 100 followers, then you can simply record a video of any converter and upload it to your YouTube account. Then send back the video link and we'll forward the license to you ASAP.

Above are the 3 popular ways to get free licenses of DRmare products. If you have any other special suggestions or requirements, you are welcomed to contact us any time too. We can be reached by email: [email protected].