How to Record Any Audio from Windows PC

DRmare Audio Capture is an incomparable audio recorder with lossless quality and multiple track recording technology. Besides, it is also a great audio editor, making it the best tool for your day to day music enjoyment. Whenever you come across a favorite song you like, you can simply one click to download the song offline and edit them for different purposes. It supports almost all streaming music platforms, radio stations, broadcastings, etc.

Step 1. Install and Launch DRmare Audio Capture

After installing DRmare Audio Capture, you can double click the software shortcut on the desktop to launch it. By default, you are ready to record music from Chrome, IE Explorer, WMPlayer, iTunes with the presets. If you want to grab songs from another application, please just click the "+" to add it directly from your Windows computer.

audio capture main screen

Step 2. Set Output Parameters

DRmare supports a variety of different formats like MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, FLAC. To set a best format you want, you can simply click the format icon. And if you want to make your output music more personalized, you can tweak the settings of codec, bit rate, sample rate, channel.

audio capture format settings

Step 3. Start Play and Record Music

Now you can start to run an app, which is imported to the DRmare Audio Capture for Windows, to play the song you want, it will be detected immediately and recorded automatically. DRmare software supports multiple tracks recording, so you can repeat the process to turn on more apps or more taps of browser. All of the songs playing will be downloaded in batch simultaneously.

audio capture recording screen

Step 4. Trim and Edit Songs

When the playback of the song ends, the recording process will stop automatically. If you want to continue to edit the track, you can hover the cursor to the song and click the editing icon. DRmare audio editor supports to trim/cut/rearrange your audio file in the way you like.

edit the songs before saving

Step 5. Save and Locate the Track

Finally, you can click "Save" to save the all the songs on your computer. On the main screen of DRmare Audio Capture, the converted history icon will indicate how many songs are recorded. Please click it to find out what the tracks you have downloaded. To find a song on your computer folder, you can hover the cursor to it and click the "Search" icon.

locate output songs