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How to Edit iTunes DRM M4V Videos in Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro is a series of advanced non-liner video editing software developed for Mac OSX. It has attracted a large proportion of advanced users like filmmakers and video hobbyists for its powerful video cuttings and editing features such as multiple audio&video tracks, varies kinds of video importing sources and great user experience.

In addition, it provides a large range of video transitions, filters and motion effects to enhance videos. In 2011, the revolutionary new version Final Cut Pro X was introduced with new low-profile interface and seamless support for iMovie, which makes it even better to cut and edit videos. Users can import any local file, iMovie project file, camera file, etc. for editing easily with FCP.

Then the problem comes as 'is it possible to edit the DRM protected iTunes videos in Final Cut Pro X' that many iTunes users may face today. If you are also looking solution for this, you are suggested to continue reading the following article here.

edit itunes m4v with fcp

Part 1. Can I Edit iTunes Videos with Final Cut Pro X?

As the encrypted digital content, iTunes doesn't allow unauthorized distribution and copying for the movies and TV shows. Even for watching on Apple devices, you have to authorize the videos from iTunes first before playing. This DRM mechanism encrypts and limits the iTunes movies for playing on specific devices only.

So theoretically it is impossible to edit iTunes movies within any video editor, even including Apple's own Final Cut Pro X or iMovie. Therefore it causes restrictions for iTunes users who legally purchased iTunes movies and would like to cut them into new clips for enjoying on other devices. To many iTunes users, DRM could be a nightmare.

Luckily, instead of being crippled by the iTunes FairPlay DRM protection permanently, we can try some third party iTunes DRM removal software to break the DRM encryption for good before importing the videos to FCP.

Part 2. Convert DRM iTunes M4V Videos to Final Cut Pro X for Editing

It is not so difficult to break the DRM protection if you have a proper iTunes DRM remover. Here I will suggest the all-in-one DRM M4V converter called DRmare M4V to FCP Converter for Mac/Windows. It is redesigned with a clean user interface and the latest DRM decryption and encoding technology so that it can completely bypass DRM lock from iTunes movie rentals and purchases and convert the DRM-ed M4V iTunes videos to Final Cut Pro compatible formats. You can simply download the free trial version of this smart app and follow the step by step instruction as below to start removing DRM from your iTunes M4V videos and converting the movies to edit with Final Cut Pro.

DRmare DRM M4V to FCP Converter

drmare m4v to fcp converter
  • Convert iTunes 1080p/720p HD movies, TV shows, music videos, iTunes Extras
  • Convert DRM iTunes M4V to FCP supported MP4, MOV, MPEG and other formats
  • Keep lossless quality, including AC3 5.1 audio track, closed caption, subtitle, etc.
  • Support a large number of popular mobile devices and media players
Step 1Add iTunes M4V Movies, TV Shows
add drm m4v files
After launching DRmare M4V to FCP Converter, you can navigate to the lower left of the software main screen and then click '+' to add the iTunes DRM M4V videos from your iTunes library. Or alternatively, you may just drag the M4V video files from iTunes folder and drop them to the DRmare main interface.
Step 2Set Output Format as Final Cut Pro
fcp output
Next, you can select the output profile for Final Cut Pro by simply clicking the Format droplist at the bottom side and selecting Editing panel. If you want to do more settings on the output iTunes videos for your FCP, you can go to the 'HD Video' or 'General Video' tab to select a compatible format such as MOV or MP4 and change the video parameters like bit rate, frame rate, etc.
Step 3Convert iTunes M4V to Final Cut Pro X
convert itunes movies to fcp
Once everything is ready, you can click the 'Convert' button at the lower right side, the software will begin to batch convert your iTunes M4V movies or TV shows to Final Cut Pro at up to 30X faster speed. Please wait a while before it completes the conversion. Once it finishes, you can click the converted list button at the bottom menu bar to locate all the converted iTunes videos that get ready for importing to Final Cut Pro for editing.

Part 3. Import DRM-Free iTunes Movies to Final Cut Pro X

Now after removing DRM protection, you can start to import and edit the DRM free iTunes videos on FCP. You may skip this part if you are already an experienced FCP user. If you are a starter, you can get started with these steps:

import itunes videos to fcp

1. Launch Final Cut Pro X on your Mac, then find the 'File' menu at the top of your desktop > Click 'Import' > Choose 'Media' , you will see a media selection window.

2. You can browser the converted iTunes movies that you want to import to FCP from your computer hard drive to locate and select the target files.

3. In the end, you can click the 'Import Selected' menu, they will be added to the project panel. At last, you can drag the videos to the timeline to edit them.

In this way, you can manage all the media files in the same pane in Final Cut Pro X. Alternatively, if you don't want to put all the media files to the same media panel, you may also drag & drop the DRM-free iTunes movies from your computer folder to the FCP timeline directly too. Hope you enjoy editing iTunes videos with FCP.

Complete Video Guide of Importing iTunes M4V to Edit with FCP

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