How to Stream iTunes Movies to Amazon Fire TV

Among the TV set-top box market, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are two of the most popular devices. If you are mainly looking for a device for watching either Amazon Prime videos or iTunes movies, you can simply select the relative set-top box. But for some users who want to enjoy videos on TV from both iTunes and Amazon stores, it's really a hard choice.

Personally I'd like to get the Amazon TV for its advantages than Apple TV. Such as high hardware configuration, quick and immediate response speed, terrific voice search, higher-end Dolby Plus audio and game compatibility. It includes two models, the Amazon Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick.

The only downside is that it is not built in with the capability of playing iTunes movies though it supports a lot of other streaming apps like NetFlix, TED, Amazon Prime Video. But don't worry, here in this article, I will show you the alternative solutions to stream iTunes videos to play on Amazon Fire TV easily.

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Part 1. Solutions to Play iTunes Videos on Fire TV Directly

Solution 1: Turn Amazon TV into an AirPlay Receiver

The first solution to play iTunes movies and TV shows on Fire TV is using AirPlay apps. Nowadays many third-party developers have created many AirPlay apps. They can turn devices into an AirPlay receiver.

Reflector is such an app which can be installed into Amazon Fire TV. With it, you can easily stream iTunes videos from your iOS devices. Like iPhone, iPad, iPod by using the AirPlay feature. But this is not perfect, there is a minor inconvenience to keep the Reflector running on the Amazon Fire TV all the time. And you can't backup the videos to watch any time.

Solution 2: iTunes DRM Removal

Another ideal solution to do that is to remove FairPlay DRM protection from iTunes videos. Just use an iTunes DRM unlocking tool like DRmare iTunes to Amazon Fire TV Converter.

It supports all kinds of iTunes purchased/rental DRM videos. You can convert all iTunes videos, including movies, TV shows, music videos with zero quality loss and 30X faster speed. It is a one-time off solution. After converting, you don't need to worry about the DRM restrictions. All the converted iTunes video episodes will be playable on any HD TVs with Amazon Fire TV boxes and any other devices. Besides, you can backup iTunes movies everywhere like other common videos.

Part 2. Steps to Convert iTunes Films to Amazon Fire TV Box

To find out how it actually works, I'd highly recommend you to download the 100% free trial version firstly. According to the operating system on your computer, you an choose either DRmare iTunes M4V Converter for Mac or Windows version. Then you can simply follow these 3 steps to convert your iTunes videos to Fire TV.

DRmare iTunes to Amazon Fire TV Converter

drmare drm m4v converter
  • Support all kinds of iTunes movies including rentals and purchases
  • Remove iTunes FairPlay DRM limitations while preserving the original quality
  • Convert iTunes M4V to multiple videos supported by Amazon Fire TV
  • Fully support 1080P/720P HD iTunes movies, TV shows, Extras
Step 1Import iTunes DRM M4V Movies
import drm m4v videos
You can launch the software from your computer after installing. Then you can simply drag and drop the videos which you desired to the DRmare iTunes to Amazon Fire TV Converter. Please make sure the videos are authorized to play well on your computer. So that to prevent any trouble during the converting process.
Step 2Customize Output Video Settings
select mp4 for amazon fire tv
Amazon Fire TV supports several formats with the codec like H.263, H.264(mp4), MPEG4-SP, VC1. I'd suggest you to choose MP4(LossLess) which is supported perfectly by Amazon Fire TV. Besides choosing the output format, you can do other settings to customize the subtitle, audio track.
Step 3Start to Convert iTunes M4V to Amazon Fire TV
convert video to amazon fire tv
After doing the settings, you can click the "Convert" button at the lower right. It will start to apply the changes and remove the DRM protection. Please wait a few minutes for it to complete quickly. You can go to the converted folder to locate the videos you have converted when it is done.

Part 3. Tips to Stream DRM Free iTunes Movies to Amazon Fire TV

Unlike Roku and Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV doesn't support to play local videos from USB though it supports USB external storage. But don't worry, you can stream iTunes videos to Amazon Fire TV via uploading iTunes videos to Amazon Cloud Drive or Kindle Fire Tablet, Plex/Kodi Media Server etc.

1. Upload Movies to Amazon Cloud Drive.

You can simply go to the Amazon Cloud Drive official website > Choose 'Photos & Videos' > Click 'Add Photos & Video' and select your videos to upload. Then you will find the videos on the Amazon Fire TV instantly and you can click the video to play immediately.

2. Cast Videos from Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet.

You can first transfer the common movies to your Kindle Fire first via USB. After that, you can change the settings on your Amazon Fire TV. Select 'Settings' > Click 'Display and Sounds' > Choose 'Enable Display Mirroring'. Finally, you can turn on the Miracast on your Kindle Fire to search and connect to cast videos to your Fire TV.

3. Stream iTunes Movies to Amazon TV via Plex.

Just install the Plex Media Server application to your computer and the Plex client app on your Amazon Fire TV or TV Stick. Then you can upload the DRM free iTunes videos and play them from any devices with the Plex client app installed.

Video Guide: Sync iTunes DRM M4V Videos to Fire TV

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