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An Easy Way to Make A Meme from iTunes M4V Video

In this Internet era, everyone could be a content creator. Among all types of content, meme is the easiest one for people to create their own memes from videos. As we all know, meme video clips are the combinations of a short video and funny text above it. Due to its amusing animation and the sense of humor, meme is becoming the trend in our social life.

Although there are many meme creator software and apps in the market and even many of them are free of charge, unfortunately, most of them fail to work for iTunes M4V videos. Thus, in this post, we will tell you the reason why those software can't work for iTunes videos and show you the way on how to make a meme from iTunes M4V video.

any gif animator interface

Part 1. Everything You Should Know about iTunes M4V Video

Why you cannot use iTunes M4V videos to create memes? That is because iTunes M4V videos are in DRM restriction. Under the rule of Apple's DRM scheme, you are not allowed to stream iTunes videos to any other media player or device except Apple devices.

Therefore, is there any way to solve this issue? And there are hundreds of tutorials on how to make a meme from a video on the Internet, but none of them teaches you how to create a meme from iTunes M4V video. In the next part, we will guide you how to achieve it. Please follow us.

Part 2. The Best Tool to Remove DRM from iTunes Video

In order to remove DRM protection from iTunes M4V videos, here we would like to suggest you to use DRmare iTunes M4V Video Converter for Mac. With it, you can easily get rid of DRM from M4V videos and convert them to common video formats. You can even trim iTunes movies into segments or adjust video parameters and others.

Here you could install the trial version of DRmare software on your computer. Then follow the detailed instruction of how to make a meme from iTunes M4V video to get started.

DRmare iTunes M4V Video Editor

drmare m4v video converter
  • Remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows in one click
  • Convert iTunes M4V into Mp4 and other video formats in a fast speed
  • Edit and trim iTunes videos into small pieces as you want
  • Stream the converted iTunes video file to any other device

Part 3. How to Get DRM-free iTunes Movies via DRmare Video Converter

Please ensure that you had downloaded the iTunes videos before you get start to convert them. If you hadn't downloaded the iTunes movies in your library, you need to finish to download them first.

Step 1Import M4V videos from iTunes
add drm m4v video files
Please double click the DRmare Video Converter icon on your desktop and launch it. Then your iTunes will be opened at the same time. Next, add your purchased or rented iTunes videos to it by dragging. Or you could click the "Add Files" button from the bottom left to browse the iTunes media files that you want to import.
Step 2Select an output format for iTunes video
choose output format for itunes video
Once the videos are loaded successfully to the converter, you could choose the output format for them as you want. Here we would like to recommend you set the output format as MP4 if you are going to make a meme out of the converted video. Besides, if you want to preserve 100% video quality, please choose lossless MP4.
Step 3Trim the M4V video into clip
adjust m4v video
Before converting the iTunes videos, please click the "Edit" icon on the right of each movie to edit for the videos. You can trim, adjust the video, add watermarks, and other effects to the videos if you want. But, to make a meme, you need to keep the video length as short as possible.
Step 4Start to convert iTunes movies
start converting itunes movie
If the edition is done, just click the "Convert" button at the bottom right and it will remove DRM as well as apply the changes you had done at the same time. When the converting process is completed, you will get the DRM-free video clip for your meme.
Step 5Convert video clip to GIF and make it a meme
Before you create a meme, you should learn more about GIF. GIFs are a format, which is widely used for web graphics, especially the small images and images that contain text. In addition, GIF can also be saved as "animated GIFs", which are the most common format of memes.
any gif animator
As you had got the converted iTunes video clip, then you can use Any GIF Animator to customize it into meme. This is a free software and you can add new effects for your videos. You just need to open the converted video clip and choose the GIF settings and touch on "Convert to GIF" on the top right of the software. After that, you will get your meme.

Part 4. Sum Up

From the post above, you had known the solution on how to make a meme from iTunes M4V video with the DRmare iTunes Video Converter. The DRmare program not only can convert DRM iTunes video files, but also can convert non-DRM videos to the formats you want. Then you can trim the video and edit it according to your needs.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to let us know on the comments below.

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