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Top 8 Best Marvel Movies for Kids and Family

Talk of Superheros and what throngs the minds of many are kids beating the crap out of others. This is probably why Marvel Movies is a no going zone for most kids whose parents are paranoid. Don’t freak out! There are best marvel movies for the family that can kill boredom and rejuvenate your strength as a whole family. Energized movies like ‘Super Man’ or ‘Big Hero’ are among the best for an entire family watch.

No. 1. Big Hero

big heroHiro is the Hero here! Hiro Hamada is only 14 years old, a genius and good in martial arts. He prefers to fight robots rather than attend school. Tadashi, the immediate brother, becomes the savior here, thanks to the marvels of his university’s robotics lab.

Hiro the genius eventually invents microbots so that he can join his brother’s program. A microbot that is can be telepathically controlled gets him a direct entry into the university to join his brother Tadashi and friends. But when a fire suddenly breaks out and Tadashi loses his life in the process, Hiro is quick to point Tadashi’s friends to investigate after that masked man who may have caused the fire.

No. 2. Phineas and Ferb

phineas and ferbPhineas and Ferb are in for a tough time ahead. It’s during a space exploration when their space station soon redirects a blast from Dr. Povenmire. Mind you this best marvel movie for kids comes with a powerful blast that will take even the heroes’ powers down. An investigation is carried out and the heroes land at Phineas and Ferb’s house to try to find some concrete solution.

No. 3. The Powerpuff Girls

the powerpuff girlsEver heard of the quote ‘Girls Rule’? Yes, it’s all-girl power in ‘The Powerpuff Girls’. Blossom, bubbles, and Buttercup are not normal little girls. Their superiority complex results from Jojo’s wishful thinking. This monkey is Professor Utonium lab assistant.

So, it’s at the time when the Professor decides to make a perfect little girl when Jojo does all the magic. His accidental addition of a certain chemical eventually results in 3 perfect and powerful girls. However, these girls are just learning how to explore their powers. Well, even though they have the real powers, they are still treated as outcasts in the entire town. This is among the good marvel movies that are a must-watch for your little girl who wants to be a superhero in a twinkle of an eye.

No. 4. Lego Batman Movie

lego batman movieThe number 4 in our list is one of the best Marvel films that are clever, funny, and creative altogether. Perhaps younger and more sensitive kids can buck out when the going starts getting tougher. You’ll notice a little flirting from one headed character with additional ugly words like ‘loser’ and ‘butt’. When the going gets beyond control, Batman realizes that even with awesome tuxedo wardrobe, gadgets, and bat-vehicles, they still mean nothing if he can’t find someone to share his belongings with.

Things, however, take a turn around when Batman adopts Dick Grayson, an earnest young orphan. Is it accidental that he adopts the young lad or that he meets Barbara the police commissioner? And will he work alongside the corps? That’s yours for the taking!

No. 5. Sky High

sky highWill Stronghold is not only an extra-ordinary kid but his parents are superheroes. Captain Stronghold his dad is a superhuman crime fighter while his mum Josie, is a fellow champion. Turn of events evolves when Will’s coach cannot pinpoint any superior abilities from this new student who just joined this special learning facility, the ‘Sky High’. This throws him to the ranks of the lowly sidekicks instead of the schools’ budding Hero Class. He’s got to take the bull by the horn and survive his freshman year.

No. 6. Superman II

supermanThis is dully among the best marvel movies for kids of all ages. It is entertaining with full live-action adventures. Is it the hydrogen bomb blast that expels power to these three treasonous villains who are meant to be behind bars? Clark’s superpowers are first discovered by Lois, the lover. What follows suit is a journey to celebrate their love. But Kryptonian law demands that Superman gives up whatever superpowers he bestows now that he has fallen in love with Lois. He gives in to the demand and lo! The Kryptonian super villians take over a town. Superman has to prove himself if he wants to retain his powers. A lot is in the store!

No. 7. Stanlee’s Mighty 7

mighty 7Stanlee’s Mighty 7 comes at number 7 in our list of best Marvel movies for kids. Your kids will learn a lot about the 7 heroes who first appear as enemies but later on team up for a positive thought. Kids can learn that respect and kindness are useful assets in life. Actually, when Stan Lee takes a ride in the desert to clear his head, he bumps into seven aliens who have no business on earth. They’ve just crash-landed while on their way to the planet. Steve not only gives them refuge in his house but also puffs energy into teaching them the potential success as a team.

No. 8. Antboy

antboyThe last good marvel movies on our list is a quirky and engaging movie full of fun and conventions of superhero story. Pelle, the quiet misfit 12-year-old kid suddenly gets superpowers and attains celebrity in his school. Everything takes an about-turn when an ant bites his neck and suddenly transfers to him the agility of an ant. With this power, Pelle now can walk head high, stopping bullies and rescuing those in distress. He slowly becomes popular, with ability to wore girls to his way. This is a must-watch if you want to know what transpires between Antboy and Flea; one mad scientist who wants to bully the only girl whom the superhero has a crush on.


If you ever thought that super movies are not for kids, you have it all wrong. This list contains the most popular marvel movies that are not only interesting but will teach your kids how to self defend themselves. More so, there is an array of teamwork that’s perfect for some learning.

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