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How to Shuffle Apple Music on iPhone with iOS 12

Apple Music is released in WWDC 2015 and it is among the most popular streaming services in the world. Users can listen to Apple Music on iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei Mate etc. with the beautiful apps for iOS or Android.

Over the years, the interface of the Apps have changed a lot from iOS 8.4 to 10, 11, 12. There are many iPhone users complain that they can't find the shuffle button anymore. Please just take it easy. The shuffle feature still exists. It is just buried a little deeper in iOS 12. To listen to new and fresh Apple Music songs everytime, now let me show you how to shuffle music on iPhone and the workarounds.

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shuffle apple music on iphone

Part 1. How to Turn On/Off Apple Music Shuffle Directly

In iOS 12, shuffling all the songs from a playlist or album is still very intuitive. You just need to open the playlist or album, then you will see the shuffle button. But currently it is not possible shuttle all songs by a particular artist. In this case, you can turn on the shuffle button for the entire music library.

Shuffle All Songs in iPhone

1. Open the "Music" app from your iPhone.

2. Head to your music library and then click "Songs" menu.

3. You will see the "Shuffle" button on the top of the page, please simply tap it to enable the shuffle feature for all songs.

3. If you are playing a song but didn't see the "Shuffle" button, you can also swipe up from the bottom to show the "Now Playing" interface.

shuffle all songs on iphone

Turn Off Shuffle on iOS 12

What if you want to turn off Apple Music shuffle later? It is equally easy.

1. Launch the "Music" app.

2. Tap to play one song you want, you will see the music player with a some buttons backward, forward, pause, volume and so on.

3. Please swipe up from the bottom, you will see the "Shuffle" and "Repeat" menu.

4. You just need to tap "Shuttle" again to disable it on your iPhone.

turn off apple music shuffle

Part 2. Best Walk-around Ways to Shuffle Music on iPhone

"I have turned on the Apple Music shuffle, but it still plays the same songs. May I ask why and how to solve it? Please help. I really want to listen to different songs." - Question from Apple community

If you encounter the same issue that iPhone Music Shuffle not working, that is mostly because you are stuck on repeat mode. Please follow the similar instruction.

Turn Off Repeat on iOS

1. On the "Now Playing" window of your Apple Music.

2. Swipe up from the bottom, you will see the "Repeat" icon, please click it to disable it immediately.

Still can't make it on your iPhone or iPad? Why not try other workaround ways to shuffle music?

#1. Ask Siri to Shuffle Your Songs

Siri is a smart voice assistant for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is capable of doing a lot of tasks like weather report, playing music, make a call and much more.

You just need to say "Hey Siri, shuffle", it will be OK.

ask siri to shuffle songs

#2. Structure a Smart Playlist on iTunes

If you'd listen to music on iTunes too, you can create a smart playlist to help you play all songs randomly.

1. Launch iTunes from your computer.

2. Click "File" menu > "New" > "Smart Playlist", you will see a popup window which allows you to set up the rules for your playlist.

3. Please change the parameters such as the match options and select the menu "Live Updating".

4. Click "OK" to confirm, this smart playlist will always update whenever you listen to it.

5. To play the playlist on your iPhone, please sync music to your iPhone.

create smart playlist itunes

#3. Use Third-Party Music Players

There are many free media players which come with powerful shuffle features. Such as Cesium, Marvis Music Player, Boom, JetAudio, Ecoute, VLC, KMPlayer and so on. For more info, you can also visit the list of top 10 iPhone media players for iOS.

But before you can play Apple Music on third party players, one thing you need to note is that Apple Music are combined with DRM protection. To make your songs accessiable by other players, you need to break the encryption.

Fortunately, DRmare Apple Audio Converter can get the job done in an easiest ever way. As a commercial software, it may not be the cheapest one, but its high performance will help you save a lot of time and guarantee you to have best music experience.

Top Features of DRmare Audio Converter

drmare m4p to mp3 converter
  • It is designed with the principle less is more, focus on the core audio encoding
  • Remove DRM protection and convert Apple Music, iTunes songs to MP3, M4A, AAC
  • Lossless convert M4P songs with up to 30X faster speed, retain all ID3 tags, metadata
  • Lifetime free update, it will be a great companion for your music enjoyment
Step 1Load Apple Music M4P
import apple music drm songs
Please download and authorize the Apple Music M4P on your computer first. Then you can drag & drop to import them to the DRmare Apple Music Converter.
Step 2Choose an universal format
set output format and parameters
To make the output songs compatible with other third-party players, you can convert apple music to MP3, M4A, AAC and so on. And you can change the other parameters such as codec, channel, sample rate, bit rate and so on.
Step 3Convert M4P to MP3
remove drm protection from apple music
Finally, please click the big "Convert" button to start encoding the M4P to new audio files. It has the batch converting feature. If you have hundreds or thousands of files, you just need to leave the computer on. DRmare software will get the job done automatically.
Step 4Sync Apple Music to iPhone
sync apple music to ios
Now you can try again to add the converted new audio files to the iTunes library, connect your iPhone and click "Sync" to upload the MP3 files to your iPhone. To shuffle the converted Apple Music on your other players, just open the player and browse the audio files directly from your iPhone.
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