How to Make a Collaborative Playlist on Apple Music

Want to make an Apple Music collaborative playlist to share and surprise your buddies? No problem. Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming services, which allows you to access to millions of tracks. On Apple Music, you can easily create an Apple Music shared playlist you like. After then, you can share them with your friends and family.

Now, here we will explore the tips on how to create collaborative playlist on Apple Music and share Apple Music playlist with your family and friends. Besides, we will give an extra tip for you to download Apple Music for using forever directly. Let's get started.

apple music collaborative playlist

Part 1. How to Make a Collaborative Playlist on Apple Music

In order to make the collaborative playlist on Apple Music, we need to make a new Apple Music playlist and then add the tracks to this playlist. Besides, as Apple Music is available on Windows/Mac computers with iTunes, iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad Pro, iPod Touch and other Android mobile devices. Thus, here let's refer to the steps below to see how to make an Apple Music shared playlist on different devices.

On Mac/Windows Computer

create collaborative playlist apple music

1. Launch iTunes or Apple Music app from your computer.

2. Click top menu "File" > "New" > "Playlist" or press "Cmd + N" to generate a playlist.

3. It will show up on the sidebar, you can start typing to give it a name and then hit "Enter".

4. Drag and drop music you like to your playlist in the sidebar.

On iPhone, iPod Touch and Android Device

how to make a collaborative playlist on apple music on iphone

1. Launch the Apple Music app.

2. Touch on 'Library' at the bottom of the main screen.

3. Click on 'Playlist' and then 'New Playlist'.

4. Define a name for your playlist and hit on 'Add Music'.

5. Find and choose the music you want to import, then press 'Done'.

On iPad

create new apple music playlist on ipad

1. Open the Music app.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar and hit 'New Playlist'.

3. Add a name for your playlist and then touch 'Add Music'.

4. Select the tracks you want to add and hit 'Done'.

Part 2. How to Add Songs to Apple Music Shared Playlist

There are multiple methods to import songs to your collaborative Apple Music playlist. You can either do it within the iTunes, Music app or third party apps like Shazam. Following are the best methods.

On a Windows/Mac computer

add songs to collaborative playlist on apple music on computer

Method 1: Drag and drop the song/album you want to the new playlist under the left-hand sidebar.

Method 2: Right click 'Now Playing' interface, and then choose "Add to Playlist" > [Playlist Name].

On a Mobile Phone

add songs to apple music playlist on mobile phone

Method 1: Click "Library" > "Playlists", tap "Edit" button > "Add Music", then you can choose any music from your local music library.

Method 2: On the "Now Playing" window, click the three-dot icon and then you can choose "Add to Playlist" > [Playlist Name].

Part 3. How to Share Apple Music Collaborative Playlist

By creating your favorite playlists, you can play them when you are commuting, doing exercise, waiting a bus, walking. But the happiest thing is to share Apple Music playlist with friends and family. Now let's learn how to share a playlist on Apple Music step-by-step.

Note: In order to make others can get access to your playlist, please make sure to toggle the shared Playlist to "On".

On iPhone and iPad

share apple music playlist

1. Set up the Apple Music app on your device.

2. Tap 'Library' and then 'Playlists'.

3. Choose the playlist you want to share on the 'Playlists' menu.

4. Click on the 'three-dot' icon and then you will see the 'More' menu.

5. Choose 'Share' option and then you will see some options to share your playlist.

6. Besides, you could tap 'Edit' from the top-right corner of the screen to show off your playlist on your Apple Music profile.

7. Touch once on the toggle right next to the 'Show on My Profile and in Search' to make your playlist visible on your profile. Then click 'Done' to confirm it.

On Mac

1. Go to the Apple Music app on your Mac computer.

2. Find your Apple Music playlist on the "Library" tab.

3. Then tap the three-dot icon and choose "Share Playlist". You can either copy link, share it via Messages, Facebook, Twitter, Email.

Part 4. How to See a Friend's Shared Playlist on Apple Music

In addition, you can also view the shared playlists by your friends on Apple Music. Below are the steps for you to check out how to do.

Step 1. Open Apple Music on your mobile device.

Step 2. Touch on the 'For You' button.

Step 3. Click on your avatar at the top right corner.

view shared playlist on apple music

Step 4. Hit on the 'View Profile'.

Step 5. Choose and tap on one of your friends under 'Following'.

see a friend's shared apple music playlist

After then, you could check the shared playlist on Apple Music by your friends.

Part 5. Download Apple Music Songs Offline to Keep Forever

To share and keep Apple Music Playlists forever, you have to subscribe to Apple Music all the time. If you unfortunately cancel the service, all your songs and playlists will be ditched immediately.

What is more, the shared Apple Music playlists are not editable by your friends. If you'd like to make Apple Music collaborative playlist, you are required to strip the DRM protection too.

Now you can solve this problem easily with a DRM removal tool. DRmare Apple Music Playlist Converter for Mac/Windows is designed to unprotect Apple Music and convert the M4P format to M4A, AAC, MP3, M4B, WAV, FLAC. By doing that, you will really own the songs and share Apple Music playlist any way you want.

DRmare DRM Audio Converter

drmare itunes m4p converter
  • Easy-to-use interface, no learning curve required to use the software
  • Use direct cracking technology instead of recording, 30X faster and lossless
  • Convert Apple Music M4P to common audio files for playback on any devices/players
  • Enable you to copy Apple Music to USB, SD Card, burn CDs, sharing via emails
Step 1Import M4P tracks from iTunes to DRmare
import apple music tracks to drmare
First, download the streaming songs from the playlist you want to share. And then drag and drop the playlist from the iTunes library to the DRmare main screen. Or click the "Add Files" to browse the music files to import.
Step 2Select a new format
customize output music files
Just click the "format" icon from the bottom right and select the one you want from the drop list. Generally, MP3 is a highly recommended format due to its high quality and small size.
Step 3Rip Apple Music to MP3
convert apple music to mp3
At last, you can one-click on the "Convert" button to start the converting Apple Music process. With the 30X faster speed and batch converting technology, you can get the songs converted quickly. When it is done, just copy and paste the songs from the playlists and play them anywhere and anytime.
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