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How to Record Music from Facebook Video

Q: I like to watch Facebook video in my part time. But recently I met with an issue. I found some wonderful background music while watching Facebook video and I was attracted, so I wanted to download the audio from Facebook video for offline playback. However, I had no idea of how to do that. Could anyone help me? Thanks a lot.

As one of the largest online social media and social networking service, Facebook allows users to post text, photos, share, enjoy video and music files with any other users that had agreed to be their "friend". Due to the service of Facebook, it is a good place to discover music. If you want to download Facebook music for offline listening and keep them forever, here you need a powerful Facebook background music recording program to help you. Thus, in this post, we would like to share with you on how to record music from Facebook video.

facebook video

Part 1. A Powerful Software to Capture Music from Facebook Video

If you search for the tool to record music from Facebook video, you may see there are lots of free or not free software and their quality is various from each other. To choose which one for you depends on your own requirement. But, if you pursue to listening experience and want to grab audio from Facebook video with 100% original audio quality, you had better to use a professional and intelligent music recorder.

Here, we would like to recommend Facebook Video Music Recorder for Mac to you. This music recorder developed by DRmare team is designed to record music from Facebook video and convert all the recorded audios to common output formats, including MP3, AAC, FLAC, etc. Except music from Facebook, it also can capture music from music apps or other resources. In addition, you will get lossless audio quality with the DRmare music recorder as it is with advanced recording technology. After recording, you could personalize your audio and finally you can enjoy the Facebook music for offline listening.

DRmare Music Recorder for Facebook Video

drmare music capture for facebook video
  • Can capture background music from Facebook video and more resources
  • Record lots of audio at the same time without interfering with each other
  • Convert Facebook audio in MP3 and other formats with lossless quality
  • Can be streamed to other devices and players for offline listening

Now, you could download and install DRmare program on your computer. And then follow the detailed guidance we show you as below to start to record music from Facebook video.

Step 1Launch DRmare Music Recorder for Facebook
open drmare music recorder
As you had installed DRmare program on your computer, please double click the program icon on your desktop to launch it. When you open it successfully, you will see that there are a few apps icon in the program interface, like the icon of media players or web browsers. If the web browser you'd like to use to enter to Facebook is not in the list, then you could just click the big "+" button to add it in.
Step 2Customize Facebook audio output format
set audio format for facebook audio
Before you start to grab audio from Facebook video, you need to set the output format for it. Please touch the "Format" button at the bottom right of the program interface and then there is a pop-up window. In this window, you could see the parameters, such as format, codec, channel and more. Then you could touch on the format and choose the output format for your audio. You could set the output format as MP3 or other formats as you like. Besides, you could also change the bit rate, sample rate, etc. for the recording Facebook audio.
Step 3Start to record music from Facebook
play facebook music
In this part, you could head to the web browser to enter to Facebook official website. Then log in with your account to start to discover the music or video and play it. When you play, you will see a pop-up recording window and the DRmare Music Recorder is detecting and recording the music for you automatically.
Step 4Edit recorded Facebook audio
adjust recorded music
When all the Facebook audios are recorded and downloaded, you could quip up the browser or stop playing Facebook audios to end the recording process. Then you can edit for the recorded Facebook audio by clicking the "Edit" button, in another window, you could trim and edit them according to your needs. Once all the things are done, please touch on the "OK" button to save the change.
Step 5Store Facebook audio
save recorded facebook music
Once all the things are done, please touch on the "Save" button to store Facebook audios on your computer. Then you could locate to the recorded files and stream them to other devices for offline listening.

Part 2. In Conclusion

It is good news for those who like to hang out on Facebook and want to download background music of Facebook video. With DRmare Music Recorder for Facebook Video, now you can easily capture music from Facebook video. If you want to record music from other resources, it also can help you to record. Then you could enjoy the music on various devices for playback.

If you have any other issue to ask, please feel free to write down your comments at the comment section and we will help you.

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