Want to Convert iTunes Music M4A to MP3? Read This

iTunes had ditched the DRM protection for its songs since 2009, users can easily download and backup the M4A music on their own devices. But this doesn't mean that users can play them everywhere because they are still encoded with the AAC codec which is universal. Besides, the songs still contain your personal info like the Email address which you use to buy the songs, making some users hesitate to distribute them elsewhere.

If you care about the privacy very much and want to play iTunes songs everywhere, it is highly recommended to convert M4A to mp3. Following I will show you how.

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convert itunes m4a to mp3

Part 1. Convert M4A Music to MP3 with iTunes Directly

To begin with, if you are an old user of iTunes, you may have already found out that iTunes is also a convenient music converter. You can simply convert and reproduce your own contents from the copyright free files or materials to new formats of files. The operating steps are easy.

Step 1. Go to iTunes Preferences Window. You can click 'Edit' > 'Preferences' on Windows PC or 'iTunes' > 'Preferences' on Mac computer.

Step 2. Click 'General' button to go to the 'General' tab, you will see the option of 'Import Settings'.

Step 3. Click 'Import Settings' and then change the option 'Import Using' as 'MP3' or other formats such as AAC, AIFF, WAV and Apple Lossless format. Then 'OK' to save and exit.

Step 4. Go back to iTunes library, click 'File' menu and then choose 'Create MP3 Version'. It will retain your original songs as well as create a copy of the new format files.


1. It is most convenient.

2. Supports to convert to/from multiple formats.

3. It is completely free.


1. Doesn't support DRM songs.

2. The output quality maybe reduced.

3. Run pretty slow.

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Part 2. Convert iTunes Audio Files with Best Audio Converter

On the other hand, if you have thousands of of iTunes songs, iTunes may not work perfectly for you because the time it takes to convert thousands of music files could be up to days or weeks. Someone may ask can they do that through a third party free music converter online or freeware like VLC player? Unfortunately iTunes to MP3 converter online is even worse because it requires you to upload the songs to convert one by one and there is no batch conversion feature is available. As for the VLC, the converting feature is very basic as well.

No worries, DRmare iTunes Music Converter for Mac/Windows is designed for this scenario. It is probably the most comprehensive software for audio files. You can import DRM and non-DRM files, audiobooks and music and so on. If you are willing to spend a few dollars, the software will help you save a lot of precious time but also ensure you to keep 100% high quality.

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DRmare iTunes Music Converter

drmare apple music converter
  • Support Apple Music M4P, iTunes music M4A, Audible AA, AAX and so on
  • Batch convert thousands of iTunes M4A songs without quality limitation
  • Run at a 30X faster speed, encode new music formats like a flash
  • Lossless output quality, you can keep all the info including cover, title, album etc.

Though it is a shareware, it offers a totally free trial version. You can download it to find out if it suits your requirements or not.

Step 1Import iTunes music
import itunes m4a tracks
DRmare Audio Converter supports all kinds of iTunes songs including the ones bought from iTunes or created by yourself. Even if you have the old DRM M4P songs, there won't be a problem to import them either. Please just click the 'Add Files' button from the bottom left to load them from the computer folder or iTunes library.
Step 2Define output format as MP3
choose mp3 format
Depending on your requirements, you can choose 'MP3' if you want to reduce the output file size or 'FLAC' if you have to enhance iTunes songs. Here I will focus on converting M4A to MP3, so the first option is better for me. Besides the format, you have the options to edit the playback parameters like speed, volume, pitch and tab info like cover, author, title etc. Just do whatever you like.
Step 3Convert iTunes music to MP3
convert m4a files to mp3
When all settings are ready, you can click the 'Convert' button to initialize the converting process easily. An indicator progress bar will show beside the music files which are converting. And a red number will show how many files have been converted on the bottom right. I have used many fast converting software before, but I can't deny that this one is the fastest I ever before.


1. Support both DRM and non-DRM music files.

2. Run at a 30X super faster speed.

3. Retain original high fidelity quality.


1. The premium version is not free.

Video Guide: Convert iTunes Music to MP3 with DRmare
You can follow this video guide to learn how to use DRmare iTunes Audio Converter to convert your DRM-ed iTunes music files to MP3 with a few clicks only.

Part 3. What is the Best Way to Encode iTunes Songs

To sum up, both ways can help you successfully convert iTunes music. If you are an average user who simply want to transfer and play a few iTunes songs on MP3 players, it makes more sense to keep using the free iTunes. But if you have thousands of iTunes music files and you want to play them on the Pioneer or Bose advanced speakers, DRmare iTunes Music converter will be better in many aspects.

Do you know other better methods? If so, please leave your comments below.

April 8, 2018 4:56 pm

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