Top 20 Best Thanksgiving Songs for Children from Spotify

The Thanksgiving season is here with us once and just like many other festivities, it is a time of joy and merrymaking. This is a time to enjoy yourselves and nothing makes such periods more joyous than specially created songs. This songs caters to all age groups and can be found readily in many music applications such as Spotify. Kids usually have the most fun during festivities and Spotify has the ultimate awesome songs just for them during Thanksgiving. Here are the best Thanksgiving songs for kids from Spotify.

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thanksgiving songs for children

Top 1. Praise And Thanksgiving By The Countdown Kids

One of the most popular songs for the Thanksgiving festivities by the countdown kids. One of the most heartwarming thanksgiving songs for children in a very beautiful choral that will instill the mood of appreciation to your kids. This is a perfect theme song to usher in the festivities.

Top 2. Five Fat Turkeys

Turkeys have for long been associated with the Thanksgiving holiday and this song just has the right associating factor with it. This awesome song for kids from Spotify talks about five turkeys that disappeared on Thanksgiving. It is an easy to memorize song that your kids can sing along too while playing during this special day.

Top 3. The First Thanksgiving

This is among the best Thanksgiving songs for preschool going kids to hum along to as you prepare the Thanksgiving meal. It is a very warming song that your kids can sing to your guests and other family members to show them of what a wondrous gift they are.

Top 4. Its Beginning to Smell Like Christmas

This is another joyful thanksgiving song from Spotify that will have your toddlers screaming with joy and wanting to sing along to this beautiful tune. It is a perfect song to play on the outdoors as your kids and their friends have gathered to play.

Top 5. Let’s Be Thankful

Let’s be thankful is another great inspiring tune from The Kiboomers. This track pushes the main theme of the Thanksgiving holiday and celebration which is being grateful, a major lesson to your kids as they grow.

Top 6. The Hat Dance

This is one joint to spice up the holidays for your kids owing to its catchiness and also it is a danceable tune. This is a nice track to have for your kids' Thanksgiving party for them to dance to.

Top 7. Turkey Tom And A Turkey Mom

This is a very catchy and easy to memorize tune for your kids during Thanksgiving that they can sing along to as they help in various chores around the house. This is a good tune to play in the morning to bring in the festivity mood.

Top 8. A Feast By Gemini

One of the best children's Christmas songs that can also be played comfortably during Thanksgiving. This adaptability factor of this song is brought about courtesy of its versatile message of love and gratitude. A nice tune for your kid that can impart some lessons to him or her.

Top 9. Bunny Hop

Bunny hop just as the tune’s name, is a very engaging Thanksgiving music for kids that will compel you to join in its dancing and humming session. This is a perfect song for your toddlers in the playing ground where they can hop together as this song plays on the background.

Top 10. Had A Little Rooster

Had a little roster is a very calming song for toddlers in the Thanksgiving festivities. This is a nice song that can keep your young ones calm and relaxed owing to the relaxed mood of the song.

Top 11. You’ve Got A Friend

This is a song for your kids that will foster the mood and theme for friendship which is key to the festive season. It promotes sharing as well as caring for each other something that makes the festivities to count.

Top 12. If You Are Thankful And You Know It

This is among the awesome Thanksgiving songs for toddlers that brings out the Thanksgiving theme clearly evidenced by the title. This joint tries to impart some lessons to kids on being grateful for whatever they have, a virtue that is so important in their lives more so later on as adults.

Top 13. Ten Little Pilgrim Boys And Girls

This is a track that tries to educate the young ones of the origins of the Thanksgiving Day celebration back to the early ages when pilgrims celebrated this day. This is a good educational tool which your kids will use to appreciate this day more and also can be a good theme song for Thanksgiving activities for kindergarten school.

Top 14. Greensleeves

Such an amazing and very calming song for kindergarteners that comes in a very beautifully played piano tune reminiscent of a carnival festivity. This is a good joint to bump in your car as you take your kids out to have some fun.

Top 15. Thanksgiving Dinner

The Thanksgiving dinner is the major attraction to this wonderful festivity. This dinner can be spiced up by this wonderful song for your kids which they can sing to entertain you as a dessert to a wonderful celebratory day.

Top 16. Now Thank We All Our God

This is a very inspirational song for families with a strong religious background. You will want to play this tune for your kids to remind them to appreciate God, our giver.

Top 17. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands

A very popular song for kids that show the power and love of God that prompts them to recite this nostalgic tune as an ode to the almighty. It is a true thanks giving song that will get you thanking your creator.

Top 18. Blessed Assurance

This is another nostalgic joint that will bring great holiday memories to you as you see your kids humming to this memorable joint. This will make perfect for a kids’ presentation more so in a choir setting.

Top 19. Rise And Shine (Arky Arky)

A very catchy song kids who can sing and dance to it while playing. The catchiness of this song will make it irresistible and you may find yourself joining in on the fun.

Top 20. Carol Of The Bells

This is a very heartwarming song for your kid that is amazing due to its lulling and comforting tonal structure. It is a good tune to end the festivity day owing to its calm mood. Thanksgiving Day is a day that most kids look forward to. With such songs to accompany this celebratory, this will be such a day to reckon for the young ones.

Wrap Up

No matter if you just want to dig deeper into the spirit of Thanksgiving or have more fun with your family & kids in this 2018 thanksgiving holidays, these top 20 songs will be indispensable thanksgiving ingredients for you.

Just turn on your computers/mobile phones to search these songs from Spotify, you will be able to stream them online freely. One thing you need to keep in mind is that Spotify doesn't support offline downloading without premium subscription.

In case you don't have the premium but still want the offline listening feature, you can also try DRmare Spotify Song Converter for Windows/Mac. It is a well-crafted tool which can batch download songs to your local computer quickly. To learn more about it, you can download the free trial version to try it out.

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