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Top 10 Best Thanksgiving Movies for Family & Kids

The Thanksgiving is an important season which serves as a welcome note to the most anticipated Christmas and New Year festivities. As with all festivities, this season comes with an accompanying mood that makes this period much enjoyable. To boost the mood, songs, associated artwork and movies are incorporated to this festivities to bring out the carnival mood.

Movies are the most preferred accompaniment as a dessert to Thanksgiving as they come with a calm and relax mood to chill off the hangovers of the celebrations. iTunes got you covered in this season as it provides you with all suitable movies for all ages more so the kids who love the festivities. Here are among the best Thanksgiving movies for your kids from iTunes.

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Top 1. Zootopia

zootopiaZootopia is among the best Thanksgiving movies for kids that stars Judy a very optimistic rabbit that aspires to be a cop one day against the norms of rabbits at the particular setting. Years later she bags her dream job and she faces a lot of challenges while at it. However, she manages to hop over her huddles and solves an intriguing town mystery and proves herself worthy of the job. This is an inspiring and rib cracking film with an awesome storyline.

Top 2. A Family Thanksgiving

a family thanksgivingThis is one of the best Thanksgiving-themed movies that puts emphasis on being grateful to our families. It is the story of a heavy-hitting lawyer who bumps her head hard and wakes up in an alternate reality where she has a family that she really loves and she is dedicated to taking care of just like her law career. She wakes up from this trance to the reality of her old self, and full of regrets she decides to start a family of her own. This is among the movies that will teach your kid about the importance of family.

Top 3. Mrs. Doubtfire

mrs doubtfireThis is an old-school movie featuring the late Robin Williams as the main star. A washed-up actor loses custody of his kids and is restricted to a visit a week to his kids. Deeming this not enough he comes disguised as fire spitting nanny to help with chores. This is a very funny comedy that will leave you nostalgic while your kids will definitely beg for a repeat owing to its awesome dramatization. This needs to feature in your list of the best children’s thanksgiving movies on your catalog.

Top 4. The Angry Birds Movie

the angry birds movieDefinitely, your kids know of this game or are avid players of it. This movie adaptation of the video game gives rise to the animated characters in a battle against the pigs that want to colonize their island and take them hostage. This comic film is so spectacular with the different mannerisms of the characters which are combined together to win this war for their freedom. This is one of the best Thanksgiving movies for preschoolers that your kids need to watch.

Top 5. Coco

cocoThis is one of the top Thanksgiving films that stars a kid who has a musical talent which his family shuns due to bad history with a musician who happens to be his great-great-grandfather. He mostly sneaks off to the attic to play his guitar which he is so passionate about. During a festivity to remember the dead in the society he is immersed in a spell that sends him to the world of the dead. Here he meets hi presumed great-great granddad who was a top-notch musician before his death. What follows is an up and down of revelations and running till he finds his real great-great-granddad. This is a very inspirational story that will have your kids hooked and amazed at the various plot twists.

Top 6. Beauty And The Beast

beauty and the beastNothing makes a holiday and festivity more worthwhile more so to a kid than a good old-fashioned fairy tale movie adaptation. This is one of the best Thanksgiving movies for families that speaks of a beautiful and charming lady who is imprisoned in an imposing castle by its owner, a beast. At first, she is uncomfortable but later on learns to socialize with the workers at the castle by befriending them. This helps her see more than the outer appearance of the beast who is very kind and friendly to her. She later learns that the beast was a prince who was put to a spell. This is one of the god thanksgiving movies that will impart important lessons to your kids in judgment apart from engaging them in the awesome movie plot.

Top 7. Big Hero 6

big hero 6Big Hero 6 is an animated film set in a robotic developing city. A boy who resides in the city finds himself on the face of a criminal plot that threatens the peace and tranquility of this high tech city. He crafts an intricate plan together with his friends to thwart plot including his robot Baymax.

A nice and engaging film that shows the benefits of friendship and unity and is among the best Thanksgiving movies for kindergarten going kids.

Top 8. Annie

annieAmong the best thanksgiving family movies is this beautiful remake of the classic film that will remind you of the old days. Annie is an orphan who is confined to a very monotonous and dreary orphanage. This is until she gets an opportunity to spend a week with a very famous billionaire in town. The billionaire gets fond of Annie but her caretaker at the orphanage is against this and makes efforts to kidnap her and bring her back to the orphanage.

This is a very inspiring story that will instill an essence of resilience to your kids.

Top 9. Marley And Me

marley meA newspaper columnist adopts a Labrador that happens to be so playful and maybe too much to the columnist and his wife. They go through a lot of misadventures together tightening their bond further. The family, later on, comes to perceive Marley the Labrador as an essential part of their family. The plot is one of the hilarious thanksgiving videos for kids.

Top 10. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

honey i shrunk the kidsA timeless classic movie that focuses on a scientist who invents a shrink ray which he deems obsolete as it seems unusable. However, his kids together with the neighbors’ accidentally activate it during playtime and are shrunk to very miniature versions of themselves. It is a race against time as their dad tries to find them and return them to normalcy.

These are the movies that will the Thanksgiving season worthwhile for your kids as they enjoy this wide range of movies.

Bonus Tips: Download Thanksgiving Movies for Family

iTunes is undoubtedly the best source for buying and downloading movies. You can go ahead to search the title of the movie you want from iTunes. And then buy and download it to your local computer or iOS devices for enjoyment.

But there is not an official way to transfer these thanksgiving movies for watching on your TV unless you have Apple TV. That is because of the FairPlay DRM protection. So you can go ahead to buy an Apple TV. Or alternatively use a third party DRM removal tool to get rid of the DRM encryption.

DRmare iTunes Video Converter is one of the best tools you can find in the world. It has some really cool features which can't be found elsewhere such as real-time video editing preview, 20X faster speed and lossless output quality.

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