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Nowadays multi-media technology has been developing in a fastest ever speed. You may feel 1080P HD movies is good enough for watching. 4K videos which have about 4000 pixels horizontal UHD resolution are entering into our daily life. It brings the visual effect to the next level with much higher color saturation and gamut.

Many high end devices such as mobile phones, digital single-lens reflex cameras are able to shoot 4K videos. The 4K resolution is becoming the standard of movies and TV shows, documentaries. Though it is a fact that 4K resources are still at a limited quantity. Many streaming services such as Hulu and HBO currently don't offer any titles in 4K.

So here comes the question where to find the best 4K contents in 2019?

Here in this post I have collected the top 9 top best sources which offer the options to stream/download 4K movies. You can take a look to find out the most popular 4K video sharing platforms.

No 1. YouTube

youtube 4k video

In 2010, YouTube start to offer 4K videos with VP9 compression coded. This codec is different from the commonly used HEVC codec. It helps to support up to 60 frames per second 4K videos. Also, as the development of 4K cameras, a lot of users, contributors help to shoot and upload a number 4K home videos to YouTbue. This makes YouTube one of the best sources for free and royalty-free 4K digital UHD contents.

These 4K contents are mainly about natures, scenes instead of films. You may be difficult to find 4K drama, comedy or documentary. Good news is that they are totally free with some ADs. If you don't want to see any ADs, you just need to pay $10/month subscription fee.

To download 4K videos from YouTube, you just need to find a free YouTube Downloader. I won't list the link here as it is not allowed to promote it in public, but you can Google to find a lot of such tools online.

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No 2. Sony Ultra

sony ultra

Sony Ultra is Sony's own streaming service. Unlike other streaming services such as YouTube, Sony Ultra doesn't offer the option to download videos. All the 4K videos are only available in the cloud. Instead of downloading, you can only stream the 4K media files from Sony's server.

It has the advantage to help you save your storage space though just consider how large a 4K file is. The disadvantage is that you will have to get the specific devices such as the Sony 4K TV to help you watch the 4K movies and TV shows. Sony is planing to adding the compatibility with computers with 7th generation chip for Ultra 4K movies. But until now there is still not a confirmation yet.

The price is $30 for per movie purchase and $8 for 48 hours rental.

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No 3. Google Play

gooogle play

Google has developed its own 4K streaming hardware Chromecast Ultra which will supports other sources of 4K videos. It also provides the option for users to download videos from Google Play store. There is a wide selection of 4K videos available for rental or purchase on the Google Play.

The cost for rentals is $5 and the cost to purchase is about $20~$30. To watch 4K movies from Google Play, you can also use other devices such as Nvidia Shield, 4K-capable Roku which are connected to 4K TV.

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No 4. Netflix

netflix 4k

Netflix is a cool innovative video website. It is one of the first services which offer 4K ultra high definition media files by taking flight with the second season of the TV Series House of Cards. After that, 4K digital media contents has been keeping growing. And the new major series or movies are start to be shot in 4K and some even in HDR. You will find more and more 4K resources in Netflix as time goes. To watch 4K videos fluently, you are recommended to have internet speed of 25Mbps or higher.

It costs $12 per month for Premium plan and you can play Netflix 4K movies in various compatible devices.

No 5. Amazon Instant Video

amazon instant video

Amazon studios began shooting their full-length original series with 4K resolution in 2014. Like the original series Mozart in the Jungle. After that, the 4K videos have expanded to include most of its original series and movie titles. What's more, Amazon also supports HDR for many of the episodes. This Amazon Instant Video is a free service with a plethora of free titles as long as you are subscribed the Prime membership.

However, there is also some not-free movies which costs around $20. You can watch Amazon Instant Video with different devices. They include LG, Sony, Vizio, Panasonic 4K ultra HD TVs or other compatible set-top box.

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No 6. VUDU


Vudu is one of the top movie rental and downloading service which is well known for offering the latest movies, TV shows. It has been working constantly to transform their own movies and episodes to 4K Ultra HD resolution. The library of 4K resources has been expanded significantly. And it has become one of the best services for finding UHD movies, films on your 4K TVs.

The rental costs $10 general and the purchase costs about $20~$30.

No 7. UltraFlix

ultra flix

You may not hear UltraFilx so much, but it is a self-proclaimed host of the largest 4K ultra HD of streaming content available. According to our statistics, UltraFlix has over several hundreds of 4K movies. They range from nature documentaries to dozens of concerts, musical acts, sci-fi, action, comedy and drama. Similarly, the UltraFlix 4K videos are available to watch from 4K smart TVs. Such as the TVs of Samsung, Hisense, Sony and the set-top boxes Roku, Amazon Fire TV which has 4K capability.

The movies are only available for rental, you can rent the movies from $1~$10/each.

No 8. iTunes

itunes 4k video

iTunes is the biggest digital media file library with a list of books, music, audiobooks, movies, TV shows, podcasts and so on. In the iPhone launch event held on September 21, Apple announced 4K and HDR video availability from iTunes. This makes it possible to stream video purchases/rentals in Apple TV 4K. The downside is that they may not offer the option to download iTunes 4K videos. Instead, you can only stream the iTunes 4K videos due to the copyright protection issue with the Hollywood studios. They want to limit the extra resolution to streaming so as to deter piracy and keep Blu-ray disc sales alive.

Besides that, they are encoded with the FairPlay DRM protection before uploading to iTunes. This protection limits them to play on Apple devices only such as the IOS devices, Apple TV etc. But don't worry. If you want to watch iTunes movies on any non-Apple devices any time, you just need to get rid of the DRM. Here I will recommend you a special DRM remover called DRmare M4V Converter to help you remove DRM protection simply. To learn the full tutorial, you can visit: How to break DRM protection from iTunes Movies.

No 9. DirecTV


With quick movements and small details, the increased frame rates and resolutions on 4K TVs benefit a lot of the Sport programs. DirecTV is the only site that stream media files entirely in 4K. You can watch exclusive 4K videos from the channels 104 and 105 and watch 4K sports such as the regular season MLB and NBA games on 106 channel. By the way, it is also the exclusive broadcaster of the Masters Tournament in 4K.

It costs $35/month for the first and $81/month if you want to continue the subscription in the second year.

Conclusion & Suggestion

Now you have already knew the list of the best 4K video downloading and streaming websites. You can pick up the channel you want to enjoy 4K movies according to the price or the devices you have.

Please note you will have to have a 4K TV to get the most out of the UHD 4K contents. Also, most of the 4K videos are only available for streaming due to copying issue. But some of them do provide the options to download videos from them. You just need to find a specific free online video downloader.

In general, 4K movies are not as popular as the dominant 1080P videos now. If you are just curious about the 4K videos, you should go ahead to watch 4K videos from the 4K video websites. In my option, as time goes on, 4K videos will replace 1080P be become the new standard of films.

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