How to Use Amazon Music with DJ App

"Is there any other DJ app that works with Amazon Music? I know that Serato DJ can do that. But other DJ apps like Virtual DJ, Traktor DJ, etc. can't. So, any solution to make DJ app for Amazon Music work? Thanks for any help."

To DJ with Amazon Music, in this post, you can find the best way on how to do that. Here we will guide you on how to use Amazon Music with DJ app without any trouble.

use amazon music with dj app

Part 1. Use Amazon Music with DJ App - Best Tool

As there is not all DJ app for Amazon Music work, we need to seek a way to fix it. Besides, DJ program can't recognize all music files on your computer, especially some special audio formats. However, Amazon Music is with special audio format. Thus, we need to convert Amazon Music to plain audios for using in DJ app first.

In this part, we will meet the tool DRmare Amazon Music Converter. It can convert Amazon Music to plain audio files for DJ software. You can set the output audio format for Amazon Music DJ app supported as MP3, WAV, AAC, and so on. And the tool can output lossless sound quality of Amazon Music while working at a rapid speed.

Moreover, the DRmare Amazon Music Converter is able to keep full ID3 tags of Amazon Music. So, you can easily edit and manage your Amazon Music files in your music library. After the conversion, you can get the Amazon Music saved on your computer. Then you can add Amazon Music to DJ app and use Amazon Music with DJ app with ease. Or you can use Amazon Music on other devices or platforms you like offline.

DRmare iMazonKit Amazon Music Converter

drmare imazonkit amazon music converter for dj app
  • Convert Amazon Music to MP3 and so on for DJ app
  • Retain lossless audio quality of Amazon Music
  • Save the ID3 tags like artists, titles, etc. after conversion
  • Support to DJ with Amazon Music in any DJ app

Part 2. How to Convert and Use Amazon Music with DJ App

So, how does DRmare Amazon Music Converter help with Amazon Music DJ app? Below we will show you how to get Amazon Music for DJ app step-by-step. Then you can DJ with Amazon Music without any limitation. Let's go.

Step 1Open the installed DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter
open drmare imazonkit music converter
Install DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter on your computer. Then open it. In the main screen, please touch 'Sign In' to enter to your Amazon account. Only do that you can use DRmare program to get Amazon Music DJ app work.
Step 2Set Amazon Music output format for DJ software
alter amazon music output format for dj app
To use Amazon Music with DJ app successfully, you need to set the audio format for Amazon Music. Please find and hit the menu icon at the top bar on DRmare. Then choose 'Preferences' option. A new window you can see, in which you need to hit the 'Advanced'. After that, you are able to set audio parameters for Amazon Music DJ app. You can define the output audio format, audio channel, etc. for DJ app as you like.
Step 3Load Amazon Music to DRmare to convert for DJ app
add amazon music to drmare to convert for dj software
When you set the audio parameters for Amazon Music DJ app, then go to find your favorite Amazon Music playlist. Once found, touch on the playlist to the detailed page. Then the 'add files' button turns yellow, which you can access to load Amazon Music playlist to DRmare. Please click on it and add the Amazon Music playlist to DRmare for converting for DJ app. Then click 'Convert' button.
Step 4Convert Amazon Music for DJ app
convert amazon music for dj app
Now, you are in the conversion window and you can see the real-time conversion process. Please wait for the conversion ends. Once done, you can click the icon with red -dot at the top bar on DRmare. Then you can see the converted Amazon Music for DJ app. You can double-click on each converted Amazon Music track to pre-listen. Or, click on the 'search' icon to get them on the target folder on your computer. Then you can add and use Amazon Music with DJ app as you want without any limit.

Part 3. The Verdict

At the end, you got the Amazon Music with DJ app by the help of DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter. And you can add Amazon Music to DJ add for using as you like. As for DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter, it can convert Amazon Music to plain audio formats to be compatible for other devices and platforms. So, you can move Amazon Music to the devices for using offline directly as you want.

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