How to Use Spotify DJ Mode to DJ at Your Party

When it comes to the DJ music, Spotify is one of the best sources. You can find any types of DJ songs for birthday, wedding party and any holiday parties. Besides, Spotify has been keeping testing and releasing new features such as the Spotify DJ playlist, Spotify DJ Mode. With Spotify, it will let you DJ like like a pro. All the song you played will automatically crossfade and mix together without any interruptions.

Do you want to DJ at your party? Now I will offer the top 3 ways on how to do that.

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Part 1. How to DJ Spotify at Your Party Directly

Spotify DJ mode is available for iOS, Android Spotify app and desktop client. It contains many EDM playlists as well as the "Crossfade" option to blend all your songs together. Here I will take the desktop version for example. Please follow the steps.

Step 1. Launch Spotify app and then login it with your account and password.

Step 2. You can find the DJ playlist you want or click "File" > "New Playlist" to generate a new playlist. Then you can search and add the DJ songs to it. If you want to let your friends to add their favorite songs, you can also set it as a collaborative playlist.

Step 3. If you have subscribed to the Spotify premium and want the DJ songs play more smoothly without Wifi, please toggle the "Available Offline" button to green.

Step 4. Connect your stereo audio system by Bluetooth or a cable. This will help you improve the sound quality and volume significantly.

Step 5. Click "Edit" menu on Spotify client > Choose "Preferences" > Go to the "Playback" section > Turn on "Crossfade songs" option and set the length you want. If you are using the mobile apps, you can also adjust the equalizer as well as use the "Mood Tuner" of Spotify party to adjust the atmosphere. It will mix all the tracks automatically just like a professional human DJ.

spotify dj mode

Part 2. How to Connect Spotify Music with a Professional DJ App

Want to have more controls when DJing songs? You can use a special DJing software application to help you. The highly recommend DJ programs are Native Instruments Traktor Pro, Pioneer DJ Rekordbox, Ableton Live, Serato DJ, VirtualDJ Pro, Djay Pro by Algoriddum. However, only the last one DJ software works with Spotify officially. It is a top DJ software for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android. Follow are the steps on how to DJ Spotify Music with Djay Pro 2 on Windows.

Step 1. Download and install Djay Pro 2 into your Windows PC from Algoriddim. It is not a freeware for Windows, so you have to pay for it first. If you don't want to pay for it, you can also try to download the iOS version.

Step 2. Connect Spotify to Djay Pro. Launch Djay, you will see a list of sources which are supported such as iTunes library, Windows explorer, Spotify from the lower left. Just click the Spotify icon and input the account name and password to set up the connection. Note: Spotify Premium is required to set up the connection.

Step 3. Start DJing Spotify songs on Djay Pro. Now you can select the song you want to DJ at your party and you have couples of option to enhance your DJ like Vinyl mode, waveforms, mixer, auto mix, mix recorder, configuring audio device, filters, volume controls and much more.

dj spotify on djay pro

Part 3. How to DJ Spotify Music for Free with Any DJ Software

Although Spotify work with Djay Pro perfectly, it costs you a lot of money for buying the Djay Pro app as well as subscribing to the Spotify membership. Is there a way do that for free?

Don't worry. Yes, sure. Why not use the free Virtual DJ software? Although it doesn't has a partnership with Spotify, you can use it to DJ local songs offline. To get local files, you just need to use the DRmare Spotify Playlist Downloader for Windows/Mac for downloading songs offline. DRmare offers free giveaway of the 1 year license for this software time from time, so please give an eye on the official website.

This software stands out from a list of rival products. It uses the advanced audio copying technology to help you extract songs from Spotify cloud library instead of the old recording technology, so the quality is retained 100%. You can download several tools to compare side by side and you will see the difference.

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Lossless Quality Music Converter for Spotify

drmare spotify music converter
  • Support to download all genres of songs, playlists, albums from Spotify
  • Keep ID3 tags, metadata and archive converted songs, everything is organized well
  • Download Spotify songs as MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC for third-party players, DJ apps
  • Support most Windows/Mac systems including10.13 High Sierra, 10.14, Mojave

To make Spotify songs available for other DJ software like Virtual DJ, please download the Spotify songs offline. Here is the quick tutorial:

Step 1. Launch DRmare software, then you can drag & drop Spotify songs or playlists to the DRmare software.

Step 2. Select the output format which is compatible with your DJ app. Here I will choose MP3.

Step 3. Click "Convert", then all your Spotify songs will be downloaded offline. It takes only a while depending on how many files you convert.

Step 4. When the songs are downloaded offline, you can import them to Virtual DJ for playback at your party. For more info, you can visit: How to DJ Spotify Songs on Virtual DJ.

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