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[Solved] How to Download Music from Radio Javan

Radio Javan is an internet radio station based in Washington, D.C., United States, which offers news, information and entertainment news in the languages of Iranian and Persian. Since its launch, Radio Javan has been the largest Persian entertainment contributor by providing the top wonderful Persian and Iranian music online.

This radio station allows users to enjoy latest music through the live radio. However, it doesn't have the download option. If you want to listen to the music and radio offline without worrying about the data connection, then you need to use a third-party software to help you. In this article, we are going to show you the solution on how to download music from Radio Javan offline.

download music from radio javan

Part 1. Download Radio Javan Music at Ease

In order to rip music from Radio Javan for offline listening, here you could use Audio Recorder for Windows to make it. This software is an all-round tool that can record any audios or music you make or play on your computer, like Radio Javan music, and download them for you with high audio quality.

In this program, you can preset the output audio formats and personalize other parameters for Radio Javan music before downloading. After the downloading process is completed, you could also edit the music tracks of Radio Javan as you like. And then store the downloaded audios on your computer and you can listen to them without any restrictions.

DRmare Audio Capture for Radio Javan

music capture for radio javan
  • Get Music from Radio Javan and other sources
  • Download Radio Javan audios with high audio quality
  • Convert music tracks to MP3, AAC and other formats
  • Edit recorded Radio Javan audio files and keep ID3 tags

Part 2. Detailed Guidance on How to Make Radio Javan Persian Music Download

Before getting started to record and download Radio Javan music, please click on the "Download" button above to download and install the Audio Capture program on your computer. Once you finished the installation, then you could go ahead and follow the tutorial to see how to record Radio Javan audios with it.

Step 1Open DRmare Audio Recorder
launch drmare audio capture program
Please double click the DRmare program icon on your computer desktop to open it. Then in the program main interface, you can see some icons of other programs. Next, you need to see whether the web browser you will use to enter to Radio Javan website is in it. If not, you need to add it in. You could drag it from your computer to the main interface directly. Or you could also hit on the big "+" icon in the main interface to add it in.
Step 2Customize output audio format for Radio Javan
set audio format for radio javan audios
In this step, you could personalize your Radio Javan music. Please click on the "audio" icon at the bottom right of the main interface. Then you will see the pop-up window. In this window, you could select the audio formats and set other parameters for your music according to your needs. Please remember to save your settings by clicking "OK" button. If you want to change the output folder for Radio Javan music, you could click on the "Menu" icon on the top right of the main interface. Then select "Preferences" >> "Convert" to change and reset the output directory.
Step 3Play and download music from Radio Javan
download radio javan music
Once you finished the settings, then you could enter to Radio Javan official website via the target web browser. Next, you need to find the music or radio you would like to download and play them. At the time when you play the audios, the Audio Capture program will launch the recording mode automatically and start to record for you. During the recording process, you can see the real-time process. When the music tracks are downloaded completely, you could touch on "Stop" button to quit the process.
Step 4Adjust downloaded Radio Javan audios (Optional)
edit for recorded radio javan audio tracks
As the recording process is finished, you could edit for Radio Javan audios or just click "Save" button to store them to your computer. If you want to edit, then please click on the "Edit" icon at the audio track. In the editing mode, you can trim the music tracks and edit ID3 tags as you want. After that, click "OK" to keep your editing.
Step 5Save Radio Javan music files on your computer
keep radio javan music on your computer
Finally, click "Save" button to store the Radio Javan audio files to your computer. To locate the destination of the files, you could hit on "Converted" button and then click "search" icon, then you will be navigated to the target folder. Then you can transfer Radio Javan music to other portable devices for offline playback.

Part 3. Sum Up

After reading the post above, you could find that it is easy to download music from Radio Javan under the help of DRmare Audio Capture. It is a professional but easy-to-use software, which can help you convert music with ease. Besides, it can not only download Radio Javan audios, but also can extract music from Pandora, Dailymotion Video and more on your computer, which can let you enjoy more music offline.

If you have any other solutions on getting Radio Javan audios, please be free to write down at the comment area and let us know.

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