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[Solved] How to Convert iTunes Movies to 4K Videos

4K has been a hot topic nowadays. Many people talk about buying 4K mobile devices, 4K TVs, 4K Cameras for creating, watching 4K movies. That is because 4K videos are significantly better than other videos like 1080P, 720P HD or 480P SD videos no matter in the video clarity or the visual effect. Due to the increasing requirements, some video sources such as YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix etc. are starting to offer more and more 4K content in public.

However, the 4K digital videos are still deficient today. For instance, as one of the largest video vendors, iTunes still doesn't offer any 4K movies or TV shows and there is not a sign when iTunes will offer them. Instead of waiting for iTunes to enhance its videos to 4K resolution, you may use a third party software to convert iTunes movies to 4K videos straightforwardly. Please continue to read on, I will show you how to do that step by step.

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itunes to 4k


Part 1. Difference between iTunes Videos and 4K Movies

Before we start to convert iTunes videos to 4K, we'd better find out the difference between iTunes videos and 4K movies so as to find a best way to convert them.

Generally iTunes videos are in a proprietary M4V format and they are combined with the notorious FairPlay DRM scheme. This makes them only accessible by up to 5 authorized Apple devices or players such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iMac, MacBook, iTunes etc.

What's more the resolution of iTunes videos are only up to 1080P currently, which is relatively low. For the 4K movie, it refers to the video with a horizontal resolution in the order of 4000 pixels. There are 3 main standards including UHD-1, UW4K, DCI 4K. UHD-1 is the 4K standard for television and computer monitors, which has a resolution of 3840*2160. UW4K is mainly used on ultra HD Blu-ray discs and PC gaming monitors with a resolution of 3840*1600. DCI 4K is a standard for film and video production industry with 4096*2160 pixels. As 4K videos are only standards of the video resolutions which are not owned by any companies, everyone can produce and play 4K videos as long as they have a compatible devices such as 4K TVs, mobile phones or any other 4K players.

Given the two main differences DRM protection and resolution above, if you want to convert iTunes videos to 4K videos, you have to break the FairPlay DRM Copy protection and increase the resolution iTunes videos to 4K resolution. Do you have to do these in 2 steps? It depends. For most third-party software, they didn't integrate the features together, you need to do that one by one. But don't worry, with the all in one DRmare M4V to 4K Video Converter for Mac/Windows which integrate the powerful features to decrypt DRM and encode videos, you can accomplish your goal simultaneously.

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DRmare M4V to 4K Video Converter

drmare itunes to surface converter
  • Remove DRM copy protection from iTunes M4V videos without any problems
  • Convert iTunes M4V videos to multiple formats of videos including 4K video
  • Keep original audio tracks, subtitles including AC3 5.1 audio, closed caption
  • It offers a fully functional trial version for free, you can try it by yourself

Part 2. Quick Steps to Convert iTunes M4V to 4K Videos

With this all mighty DRM video converter, you don't need any extra effort to learn the software, but just simply use it after installing. The operating steps are so intuitive that it can save a lot of time and trouble for green hands.

Step 1Import iTunes purchased or rental movies
import m4v videos
Please make sure you have downloaded and authorized the videos to play well on your computer first else the videos may not be recognized well. Then you can launch the DRmare M4V Converter and then drag the videos from iTunes to the DRmare software screen to import them.
Step 2Specify the output format as 4K Video
change output format as 4k video
Tap the "Format" button, you see a list of output profile options and panels, please go to the 'General Video' panel and then select the output format as '4K Video'. Besides, you are allowed to customize the output video and audio parameters like bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, codec, audio track, subtitles and so on.
Step 3Convert iTunes M4V to 4K format
convert m4v to surface
After finishing the settings, your videos are not converted yet. You can click the conversion button to apply all the changes. DRmare M4V to 4K Video Converter will response promptly to get rid of the FairPlay DRM protection and encode and transcode the iTunes videos to 4K files. The software converts videos pretty fast with batch converting feature.

Part 3. Conclusion

Finally you can go to the converted list of the DRmare M4V Converter to locate all the 4K videos you have just converted and you can start to transfer the videos to your 4K devices like 4K mobile phones or 4K smart TVs for watching via a memory card or a USB external hard drive. 4K smart TVs are preferred as they are having a wider and bigger screen which promises good watching experience. By converting the iTunes M4V videos such as the 1080P iTunes videos to 4K to play on smart TVs, the visual effect should be improved.

But please note that if your original iTunes videos are in a very low resolution such as 480P, the video quality will not be improved much after converting to 4K by increasing the resolution of the videos, but only increase the size of the videos. So generally we only suggests toconvert the iTunes 1080P videos to 4K. Anyway, this is the best way to experience iTunes 4K videos so far unless Apple releases the native 4K videos. It is a great fun to do that. For more tutorials on how to play iTunes videos on smart TVs, you may visit: How to Play iTunes M4V Videos on Android Smart TVs.



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