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What's DRM Technology & How DRM Works

If you are not familiar with DRM technologies, you can read this post which will explain everything about DRM for you, including what's DRM, how DRM works, etc.

Quick Tips to Remove DRM from iTunes Media

In this post, we are introducing you the easiest solution to remove FairPlay DRM protection from iTunes movies, TV shows, music videos, etc.

Top 10 Useful Tips to Make You an iTunes Master

No matter you are new to iTunes or use iTunes a lot, you are suggested to take a look at those top 10 iTunes tips to get more out of iTunes and iTunes Store.

iTunes Movie Rentals vs. Purchases: What's the Difference

When downloading movies from iTunes, will you buy or rent the movies? If you are not clear about the differences between iTunes movie rentals and purchases, this comparison will help you figure it out.

How to View iTunes Purchase History on Mac/PC/iPhone

It's necessary to manage the iTunes purchases if you have a large movie collection. To find out how to view the previous purchase history in iTunes, you can follow this post.

How to Share iTunes Videos via Home Sharing

This post is all about iTunes Home Sharing, including how to set it up, how to share iTunes movies and TV shows by using iTunes Home Sharing, etc.

Top Reasons to Remove DRM Protection

In fact, we are trapped by DRM in different situations when we are buying movies or music online. Here are some reasons why the DRM should be removed.

Different DRM Technologies You Should Know

Do you know how many DRM technologies are out there? Simply check out some top-leading DRM technologies in this review now.

How to Download Free Episodes from iTunes Store

Wanna get some free videos from iTunes Store? No problem! Simply follow this guide and you'll see how to download free iTunes videos with a few clicks only.

How to Authorize and Deauthorize Your iTunes Account

If you have difficulty in authorizing or deauthorizing iTunes account, you can refer to this tutorial to find out how ot authorize and deauthorize your iTunes account with ease.

How to Gift iTune Movies and TV Shows to Others

Movies and TV shows in iTunes store can be easily gifted to others. For more details, you can follow this complete guide here to learn how to gift iTunes movies and TVs to others.

Everything You Should Know about iTunes Rentals

This past is all about iTunes rentals, including what does an iTunes rental cost, how to rent movies from iTunes, the restrictions of iTunes rentals and how to remove restrictions from iTunes rented movies.

A Complete Guide to Download 1080P HD Movies from iTunes

In this review, you'll find everything about iTunes 1080p HD movies, including how to download 1080p HD iTunes movies, differences between 1080p and 720p, 1080p compatible devices, etc

Helpful Tips and Tricks to Change Apple ID

In this tutorial, you can find the full instruction on how to change Apple ID to a new email address from IOS devices and the frequently asked questions about resetting Apple account.

How to Transfer iTunes Purchases from One Computer to Another

Get a new computer and want to copy iTunes purchases to the new one? Here, in this article, you can find out the best way for you to transfer iTunes purchased media files to your new computer.

Top 4 Best Ways to Back Up iTunes Movies

Having recent backups is crucial for computer user. In this article, you will find out top 4 best solutions to back up iTunes movies, incluidng backing up iTunes movies to Could storage, USB drive, external hard drive, and DVD.

What are the Differences between iTunes Videos: SD vs HD vs 4K HDR

iTunes offers SD, HD and 4K videos, if you are still not sure about the difference between them, you can check this article so that you can select the type of iTunes video which fits your needs best.

Best Methods to Stop iTunes from Opening Automatically on Mac/PC

If you are feeling the iTunes auto launch is annoying when you are plugging in your iPhone or iPad to computer, then follow these tips to stop iTunes from opening automatically in seconds.

How to Play iTunes M4V Movies/TV Shows without iTunes

It is great to buy and download M4V movies from iTunes, but not every user want to use iTunes as a player because it is so bloated. Check this page to play iTunes videos without iTunes.

How to Upload iTunes Media Library to iCloud

We can't emphasis the importance of backing up our favourite files too much, check this page to find out the best ways to sync iTunes library to iCloud.