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How to Move iTunes Library to External Drive

Moving iTunes library to external drive for backup? This is the complete guide on transfering iTunes library to external drive with ease.

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Tips to Watch Purchased and Rented iTunes Movies Offline

How to watch iTunes movies offline? This post will show all the possible ways for you to rent, purchase, and download iTunes movies for offline viewing in detailed steps. Have a look at it here.

Tips to Upload iTunes Library to iCloud

How to backup iTunes library to iCloud? No worries. In this post, there are some ways for you. Please check this page to find out the best ways to save iTunes to iCloud.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card on Android

How to redeem iTunes gift card on Android? iTunes gift cards are mainly designed for iOS and Mac users, if you are an Android user, you may find it confused to use. This page will offer you the tips to redeem iTunes gift card on Android.

How to Share iTunes Movies to Other Accounts

Can you share iTunes movies to other accounts? In this post, you will get some tips on how to share iTunes purchased movies with others in details.

How to Download iTunes TV Shows for Free

Wanna get some free TV shows on iTunes Store? No problem! Simply follow this guide and you'll see how to download free iTunes TV shows with a few clicks only.

iTunes Movie Won't Play - Best Workable Solutions

It is common to encounter the problem that iTunes movie won't play time from time, here we will show you the best way to troubleshoot it and try the workable solutions to solve it forever.

A Complete Guide to Download 1080P Movies from iTunes

In this review, you'll find everything about iTunes 1080p HD movies, including how to download 1080p HD iTunes movies, differences between 1080p and 720p, 1080p compatible devices, etc

Tip to Redeem a Movie on iTunes

Want to redeem movies on iTunes from computer? In this post, we will show you the tip on how to make it. Just take a look of it and see how to do.

How to Add Local Videos to iTunes

iTunes is a great media hub. If you encounter any errors of adding MP4 to iTunes, you should follow this tutorial to add your videos to iTunes.

Movies Not Showing Up on iTunes Library

You can try to redownload iTunes videos if iTunes movies are missing from your library. Still can't find them? They may have been removed by the publishers. To prevent this from happening in future, you can convert iTunes movies M4V to MP4.

Solution on How to Find and Play iTunes Video Podcast

Do you know what is podcast? Do you know how to find podcast in iTunes? If not, in this post, we will tell you how to find and play iTunes video podcast, please check out the post.

Download M4V Anywhere with iTunes Video Downloader

iTunes is the best place to buy the latest movies to watch at home instead of going to theaters. You can follow these tips to download M4V videos from iTunes or use third-party DRmare iTunes Video Downloader if you want to transfer them to non-Apple devices.

Can't Connect to iTunes Store? Solutions Here

Do you encounter the error that Cannot connect to iTunes store time from time on your Mac, Windows, iOS devices? If so, it is time to solve them by following these ultimate solutions.

How to Fix iTunes Songs Greyed Out

When you suddenly met iTunes tracks greyed out and can't access, how to fix this issue immediately? Here in this article, you will find the behind the reason of why are some songs greyed out in iTunes and how to solve it with ease.

How to Gift a Song/Album/Playlist on iTunes [Full Tutorial]

People tend to want digital media files today. If you have no idea which gift to send to your friends, why not follow this tips to gift iTunes music to your friends?

[Solved] iTunes Movies/Songs Download Error on iPhone

Do you encounter any error when downloading iTunes movies or songs on iPhone? Please don't worry, this post will help you solve any iTunes download error with ease as well as offer the tips on how to enjoy iTunes digital media files more comfortable without DRM protection.

How to Watch iTunes Videos on iPad with Ease

In this article, you can learn how to play iTunes movies on iPad directly and watch iTunes library on iPad via Home Sharing while introducing the tips on sharing iTunes DRM videos anywhere.

How to Play iTunes M4V Movies/TV Shows without iTunes

It is great to buy and download M4V movies from iTunes, but not every user want to use iTunes as a player because it is so bloated. Check this page to play iTunes videos without iTunes.

Best Methods to Stop iTunes from Opening Automatically on Mac/PC

If you are feeling the iTunes auto launch is annoying when you are plugging in your iPhone or iPad to computer, then follow these tips to stop iTunes from opening automatically in seconds.

Top 10 Useful Tips to Make You an iTunes Master

No matter you are new to iTunes or use iTunes a lot, you are suggested to take a look at those top 10 iTunes tips to get more out of iTunes and iTunes Store.