Two Common Ways to Make Gif Animations from M4V Movies

Videos and Gifs are basically the same thing which contains a series of sequential frames. The main difference is that videos usually come with sound while the Gifs don't. Besides, Gifs usually have smaller size and lower resolution, making them more easy to show on browser, share online. Do you have any wonderful videos which you want to use as Emojis for chatting?

As one of the video formats, M4V is used in iTunes movies, TV shows, Extras and many movies produced by independent manufactures. It is certain that plenty of cool scenes are around there. In order to make funny Emojis, you can convert M4V to Gif. Please read on to find out how.

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convert m4v to gif

Part 1. Make Animations with Free M4V to Gif Converter Online

Although many users recommend Photoshop, but it is too professional a software in this case. The most straight forward way to create Gif animations from videos is to use a free M4V to Gif video converter online. Just search it from Google. A lot of tools will appear such as Convertio, CloudConvert, FileZigZag, ZamZar, EZGIF and so on. Then you can pick up one to encode the M4V movies to Gif. You don't even need to install anything into your computer. It supports most common videos MOV, AVI, M4V, MP4, WebM and works on Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, etc. The operating processes are almost the same. Take the CloudConvert for example, you can follow the steps.

convert m4v to gif

Step 1. Click the menu "Select Files" and then browse an M4V video from your computer folder.

Step 2. Tap the format droplist, select "Image" > "Gif".

Step 3. Click "Start Convert", it will start to upload and convert your video.

Step 4. When it is done, you can click "Download" button to get the Gif animation file. Some sites may have the option to allow you to download via email.


The free Online M4V to Gift Converter provides an easily accessible solution to make Gif Emojis from any kinds of system. But it only supports to convert one file at a time and requires uploading before converting. In addition, the size of each file is usually limited to 100MB. Finally, if your M4V files are DRM copyright protected, the free online tools won't help. So honestly it is not a most efficient solution.

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Part 2. How to Convert iTunes M4V Videos to Gif Effectively

One fact we can't deny is that most M4V come from the iTunes store. The problem is that Apple wants to limit their digital media files within their own ecosystem only, so all of them are combined with the FairPlay DRM restrictions. Consequentially, the above free M4V to Gif converter won't work for you.

So what can do now? Fortunately, we have found the best way here. Since the DRM is the culprit, you just need to unlock DRM from the encrypted M4V movies. After that, you can use any M4V to Gif download software to transcode the format quickly.

DRmare M4V Converter is a special tool which is designed for helping users to enjoy iTunes videos freely. Through years of redesign and optimization, it has become so powerful and reliable.

DRmare iTunes Movie Converter

drmare itunes m4v to gif converter
  • Break FairPlay DRM from iTunes protected M4V movies, TV episodes
  • Convert iTunes movies for many hot mobile devices from Samsung, LG and so on
  • Transcode iTunes M4V movies without any quality lose at a highest 20X speed
  • Support both PC and Mac systems and the latest iTunes version

Basically you can use DRmare M4V Converter to remove DRM protection first and then get a best video to Gif software to change the format.

Step 1Import DRM M4V movies
load drm m4v videos
Unlike other free M4V to Gif tools which only allow you to load one movie at a time, you can import as many files as you want on DRmare. Just click the "Add Files" button or go to iTunes to drag and drop them from iTunes to DRmare application.
Step 2Set output parameters (optional)
customize output video
Want to have different subtitles on your output file? No worries, you can easily select the subtitle you want and customize multiple settings before converting. Also, to keep the high movie quality for your Gif files, we'd suggest you to choose the "Lossless MP4" or "Lossless M4V".
Step 3Remove DRM from M4V
get rid of drm protection
Once you have everything set, you can head to the bottom right and click the "Convert" button, DRmare iTunes video program will batch strip DRM from your iTunes videos quickly.
Step 4Convert video to Gif
convert m4v to gif
Finally the iTunes M4V movies won't have any DRM protection, you can start to use Any Gif Animator to create new Emojis from movies. It supports to split/crop/trim/ your videos, resize the solution as well as adding new effects. The best part is that it is totally free. Please open your media, change the settings for your Gif and click "Convert to Gif".


By removing DRM encryption, you won't be hindered by any restrictions of iTunes movies. Thus, you can create cooler and more funny Emojis flexibly and quickly by the free Any Gif Animator software. The DRM removal software costs couples of dollars on the premium version, but anyway you can try it out for free.

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