How to Crack DRM Protection from iTunes Movies and TV Shows

The development of computer and network technology has brought much more options and convenience to us. For instance, we can buy and stream movies and TV shows from iTunes, Amazon prime video, VUDU, Google Play, Microsoft Movies & TV, FANDANGONOW instead of going to cinema. In addition, you can use the Movies Anywhere to seamlessly store your favorite movies in one place so that you can watch them anywhere you want.

But there is still one drawback that almost all the digital rights management (DRM) protection. Under this restriction, you can only enjoy the videos within Apple's ecosystem. Even with the Movies Anywhere the streaming movies are shackled by 4 devices in total and you can't copy and paste them just like other DRM free media files. So Movies Anywhere is not perfect.

Do you want a better solution? Here I will show you how to remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows to solve the trouble once and for all.

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remove DRM from itunes movies

Part 1. What You Need to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies

Perhaps you saw and used many videos converters before, but most of them like the famous Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, Handbrake, Freemake Free Converter don't have the DRM removal feature, making them useless. In this case, you need special DRM media converters. Following are two for your reference.

Requiem is the exclusive software to remove DRM losslessly from videos on the old version iTunes 9.0.2. It works great on a compatible system. But since it is outdated since 2012, you have to downgrade your system and iTunes version to make it work. Unless you are free with a lot of time available, I'd rather not recommend it.

DRmare DRM Media Converter for Mac/Windows is a third party DRM remover developed by the innovative DRmare start up team. It maybe not the fastest converter but it is the one best lossless closest to Requiem. The reason why it has better output quality compared to its counterparts is because it use the same video decryption technology instead of the traditional recording method. Besides it has the extra feature to preview and edit iTunes movies directly which can't be found elsewhere.

Best iTunes DRM Removal Software

drmare m4v converter
  • Break DRM from iTunes TV shows, rentals, purchases, M4V media files and so on
  • Convert and edit M4V movie files to MP4, WebM, 3GP, H.264, HEVC, 4K, AVI, MOV
  • Keep 100% original video quality and meta data, audio tracks, subtitles, AC3 5.1
  • Lifetime free software update, 24/7 technical support, get any help promptly

Part 2. Steps to Convert iTunes Movies and TV Shows to MP4

Though DRmare M4V Converter is a leading software on the market, but like any other similar tools, it doesn't support 10.13 High Sierra due to its deep encryption. But please don't worry, if supports the Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OSX 10.8~10.12 perfectly. If you have such a computer in the list, you can use it to convert your iTunes TV Shows to MP4 files.

Step 1Install and launch DRmare M4V Conveter
install and launch m4v converter mac
DRmare offers a totally free trial version, just click the "Download" button above to download and install it to your Mac or Windows PCs. Then you can double click the shortcut to launch it from your computer, you will see the beautiful and user friendly interface of it.
Step 2Add iTunes M4V media files
import m4v videos
You click the the two "Add Files" button from the bottom left to either browse the iTunes library or computer folder to import your iTunes M4V movies. Apart from that, you can also try to drag and drop the iTunes videos to the DRmare main screen.
Step 3Choose lossless MP4 format
choose lossless mp4 format
To keep the original quality, I would suggest you to choose the original iTunes video format lossless M4V or MP4. It won't change any quality of your video content but just unlock DRM from iTunes TV shows. Besides that, you can also edit the videos such as adding a watermark, changing the playback speed so that to make it look more personalized.
Step 4Remove DRM restriction from M4V movies
remove drm and convert TV shows
The settings won't take effect unless you click the start button at the bottom right. Please just simply tap it. You will see the software encode your iTunes video files at an up to 20X speed in batch. It is not the fastest but it is good enough to meet your requirements of movie converting.

Part 3. FAQs about Video DRM Removal

With just a few steps, you will be able to turn DRM protected M4V movies to common MP4 files. That is not difficult, right? For your convenience, we will list some of the frequently asked questions here too.

Q1: Is it possible to remove DRM on Mac 10.13 High Sierra?

A1: Unfortunately you can't at least as of the time being. It is highly recommend you to download the DRmare software to a Windows PC or 10.8~10.12 Mac system.


Q2: Can you use the HandBrake to convert M4V TV shows and movies?

A2: It depends. If the M4V is DRM free, HandBrake will work like a charm. Else it can't and you have to get another DRM removal software.


Q3: Can I remove iTunes DRM for free?

A3: Yes, you can use the freeware Requiem to do that for free. But it takes a lot of time and energy to downgrade the computer system and iTunes version.

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