How to Play iTunes Movies on Any VR Headsets Freely

VR, also called virtual reality, is the term to describe a realistic three-dimensional image or artificial environment that is created with interactive hardware and software. It presents users with immersive experience which is similar to the real world. Current VR technology mostly uses virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments to generate realistic images, sounds.

For users who has a VR headset such as HTC Vive, Oculus, Zeiss, Gear VR, Daydream, it will be pretty cool to play games or watch movies on any VR headset including 2D, 3D and 360 degree media files.

As one of the most popular digital videos provider, iTunes has plenty of movies from any categories. So the question comes here can you watch iTunes videos in VR? If you have purchased a lot of iTunes episodes, I'd highly recommend you to take a careful look at this post so that to find out the answer and get a much better watching experience of iTunes movies which you may not have before.

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Part 1. How Can You Watch iTunes Movies in VR

Well, if you have an iPhone and a compatible VR headset, it won't be difficult to enjoy iTunes videos in VR. Generally you just need to plug in the iPhone into the VR glassless and then you should be able to watch it. This is by far the easiest solution but honestly it can't get the best effect without using the specific VR app. Also, if you have an Android phone or you don't have an iPhone compatible VR, this solution won't help.

In order to transfer iTunes M4V to best VR video players such as Homido 360 VR Player, Carl Zeiss VR One Cinema, InMind VR, Moorente, Whirligig for any VR devices, we have to destroy the FairPlay Digital Rights Managements protection which is for limiting iTunes M4V files within Apple's ecosystem. Fortunately, there are already kinds of such tools available online.

DRmare iTunes M4V Converter for Windows/Mac is one of best DRM decryptors in the market in terms of its powerful features and performance. It not only ensures you to get best output video quality but also save you plenty of time. The only small downside is that it doesn't support to output 3D videos. However, as we know, there is no other software in the same category can do that. Following are the top features of it.

DRmare iTunes to VR Video Converter

drmare m4v to mkv converter
  • Remove DRM scheme from iTunes TV shows, music videos and Extras losslessly
  • Convert iTunes movies to any formats MP4, MOV, WebM, 3GP, MPEG, H.264, etc.
  • Support to edit/cut/split iTunes videos to segments and keep ID3 Tags, meta data
  • Up to 20X faster speed while retaining 100% original video quality

Part 2. Remove DRM from iTunes Movies to Play on Any VR Glasses

On a best VR movie player, you have pretty much option to tweak the settings to fit your tastes. You should definitely try it if you haven't done that before. Now you can follow me to quickly kill DRM from M4V videos and transfer them to VR headsets by a third party DRmare software.

Step 1 Load iTunes M4V files
load itunes m4v videos
There are two ways to import iTunes movies and TV shows with easy. You can drag & drop the videos from iTunes to the DRmare software screen or click "Add Files" button from the bottom left to select the videos you desired one by one. Note: Please make sure your files are downloaded completely and authorized on iTunes, else it may not work.
Step 2Customize the output videos
adjust output video parameters
Different VR apps may support different formats. To play safe, I'd suggest you to choose the universal MP4 output format. It should work well with any players on any mobile devices. Besides, there are multiple options to personalize your videos such as changing the bit rate, frame rate, codec, adjust the speed, rotate the videos, add watermarks/effects and so on, just take a look at the features from different tab window and do any settings you want.
Step 3Convert iTunes M4V movies
remove drm from m4v movies
You can click the "Convert" button from the bottom right corner and specify the output folder, your videos will be converted and the DRM will be killed from the iTunes M4V files simultaneously. When it is done, you can find the converted DRM free M4V on the specified folder. Then please insert your mobile phone into the USB port and then copy and paste to transfer the video files for enjoying on your VR glasses.

Part 3. Further Tips to Enhance VR Watching Experience

iTunes digital videos are 2D files which surely doesn't have the fantastic effects like 3D SBS/VR files. To bring your iTunes videos to the next level, you can also use a powerful Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate to transcode it. It supports to convert 2D MKV/MP4/MOV/AVI/WMV to 3D MP4/WMV/AVI or standard VR videos for HTV Vive, Oculus Rift etc.

2d to vr video

Step 1. Run Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and then drag and drop to import the converted DRM free iTunes MP4 movies.

Step 2. Click "Output Format" > "Device" > "VR", then you can select one format for your specific VR headset such as Oculus Rift.

Step 3. Click "Convert", the software will turn your 2D video into real 360 degree VR movies.

By going through the two solutions to crack DRM and convert 2D to VR with the two software above, you will have best VR watching experience surely. Enjoy! If you encounter any technical issue, please don't hesitate to let's know on the comment selection below.

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