How to Play iTunes HD Videos on Home Theater Projector

"What is HDCP? I have been playing different kinds of movies on my home theater projector without problems, but when I try to play a movie from iTunes, it always prompt me that the selected movie won't play on one of my connected displays." - Question from Cooper Jones.

"I am in need of showing an iTunes movie to my art students. Can I cast the video from my laptop to the education projector?" - Question from Zoe Martin.

These are two most common scenarios. Playing video on widescreen display are significantly better than other small screen devices. No matter you are looking for better watching effects or convenience to show your videos, projector will be a great tool. This post will show you everything you need to know on playing iTunes purchases or rentals on a projector.

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play itunes movie on projector

Part 1. Can We Stream iTunes Videos on a Projector

First off, it doesn't mean that we can't play iTunes movies on all kinds of projectors. However, if you do get the HDCP error, it could be caused by the combination of the following two reasons.

1. Your projector may only support SD resolution. Many old models or cheap projectors don't support 720HD resolution let alone the 1080P FHD resolution.

2. You have downloaded HD iTunes videos from iTunes store which is subject to HDCP(High-bandwidth Content Protection). Technically this copy protection technology from iTunes will automatically check if the playback devices are HD compatible or not. When an incompatible device is detected, it will simply stop to display the encrypted video singles.

Part 2. Methods to Cast iTunes M4V through Projector

So what can you do in this situation? Here are the top 3 recommended solutions.

1. Buy and redownload the SD movies from iTunes store. Also, you can go to the iTunes preference window to choose the option to download SD M4V videos by default.

2. Upgrade your projector to a new one with 720P or 1080P resolution. With the development of electronics, most powerful HD projectors have become affordable for average users.

3. Get rid of the FairPlay copy protection from your HD videos movies so that to keep the best quality as well as play them on any devices freely.

Part 3. How to Play iTunes Movie from a Laptop to a Projector

Of all the three methods above, removing DRM from iTunes movies turns out to be a best one. If you also opt for it, you can get an optimized copy remover DRmare M4V Converter for Windows/Mac to help. It is not as comprehensive as other software in the market but it is superior regarding to the output quality and converting performance for iTunes movies. Another benefit what impresses me is that DRmare offer best technical support as well as abundant manuals and video tutorials. Do you want to try it out too? It is a cinch to use this optimized iTunes video converter.

Step 1Load iTunes HD purchases or rentals
Make sure to download the iTunes 720P or 1080P movies to the local folder completely and authorize them to play on the computer. Then slightly click 'Add Files' button to add them to the software or drag and drop them the DRmare M4V Converter's main screen.
load m4v movies
Step 2Set output videos(optional)
Since it is only the copy protection which prevents the M4V videos from casting on your projector, usually you don't have to customize the output parameters. Here I'd like to choose 'MP4 Lossless' by default for its best quality.
customize itunes hd movies
Step 3 Unlock DRM copy protection
Now you can click 'Convert' button to convert your iTunes movies, DRmare M4V Converter will decrypt DRM encryption and export to new videos in a fairly fast speed. We'd suggest not to do other things during this converting process.
get rid of drm protection

Part 4. Connect Your Computer to a Home Theater Projector

Now you should be able to play the videos on your computer and cast them on your computer with ease. Have you connected the projector to your computer before? You can pay some attention to this guide if it is the first time you do this. It is not difficult at all, but if you don't perform the steps in the correct sequence may cause damages to your projector or computer.

1. Power off both your computer and the projector.

2. Connect the video cable from your computer to the project via a cable (usually VGA cable).

3. Plugin the projector into an electrical outlet and power it on.

4. Turn on your computer and use a video player to play the iTunes movie you have just converted.

5. Press 'Fn' key and one of the keys (F1~F12) according to the manual of your projector to cast the video from your computer to the projector.



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