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How to Play iTunes Movies on Projector

In this special year, we can't go to the cinema to enjoy films we like. So, more and more people would like to watch movies on projector. For those newer to projector, they may don't know how to play movies on projector. And people may find that iTunes movie won't play on projector.

In this post, we will show you how to play iTunes movies on projector. Now, let's find out why can't play iTunes downloaded movies over projector. And then get the solution as below together.

play itunes movie on projector

Part 1. Can You Stream iTunes Movies on Projector?

Firstly, it doesn't mean that we can't play iTunes videos on any kind of projector. However, if you do get the HDCP error, it could be caused by the following two reasons. Note: HDCP is a form of digital copy protection.

1. Your projector may only support SD resolution. Many old models or cheap projectors don't support 720HD resolution. So, let alone the 1080P FHD resolution.

2. You have downloaded 1080p HD movies from iTunes Store. They are subject to HDCP (High-bandwidth Content Protection).

Technically, this HDCP technology will check which playback devices are compatible. When an incompatible device is detected, it will simply stop videos to use.

Part 2. How to Play iTunes Movies on Projector - Best Way

From above, we know why iTunes movies won't play on projector. So, here we would like to show the best way for you. You can use a professional tool called DRmare M4V Converter to help you.

It is not as comprehensive as other software in the market. But, it is superior regarding to the output quality and converting performance. It can rip protection from iTunes movies. And it can convert iTunes movies to plain video formats for offline playback.

Besides, you can personalize your iTunes videos. You could add effect, watermark, etc. for iTunes videos. And then you can save them to your computer for using.

Do you want to try it out now? It is a cinch to use this powerful iTunes video converter. Just download it by clicking the below button for Mac or Windows version.

Step 1Load iTunes HD purchases or rentals to DRmare
Make sure to download the iTunes 720P or 1080P movies to the local folder completely. And then authorize them to play on the computer. Then open DRmare M4V Converter. slightly click 'Add Files' button to add iTunes videos to the software. Or drag and drop them the DRmare's main screen.
load itunes movies to drmare
Step 2Set iTunes output video format for projector
For iTunes videos on projector, usually you don't have to set the output parameters. Here we'd like to choose 'MP4 Lossless' by default for its best quality.
customize itunes hd movies for projector
Step 3 Convert iTunes movies for projector
Now you can click 'Convert' button to convert your iTunes movies. Then DRmare M4V Converter will convert and export iTunes movies to new videos in a fast speed. Then you could find the video files via the 'Converted' button.
convert itunes videos for projector

Part 3. How to Show iTunes Movies on a Projector - Detailed Steps

Now you can play iTunes videos and cast them on your computer with ease. But how to stream iTunes protected movies on a projector? It is not difficult at all after using DRmare M4V Converter. But if you don't perform the steps correctly, it may cause damages to your projector or computer.

So, how to play movies on a projector? You can pay some attention to this guide if it is the first time you do this.

Method 1. How to Play iTunes Movies on Projector via Computer

Step 1. Power off both your computer and the projector.

Step 2. Connect the video cable from your computer to the project via a cable (usually VGA cable).

Step 3. Plugin the projector into an electrical outlet and power it on.

Step 4. Turn on your computer and use a video player to play the iTunes movie you have just converted.

Step 5. Press 'Fn' key and one of the keys (F1~F12) according to the manual of your projector. Then cast the video from your computer to the projector.

Method 2. How to Play iTunes Downloaded Movies over Projector by USB Drive

Step 1. Move the iTunes movies to USB drive from your computer.

Step 2. Set up your projector and outdoor screen.

Step 3. Connect your USB drive with the projector.

Step 4. Now you can play iTunes movies on projector with ease.

Video Tutorial: How to Play iTunes Movies on Projector

Extra Tips: How to Play Movies on Projector from iTunes

Besides using DRmare M4V Converter, here are another 2 ways to play iTunes movies on a projector.

Way 1. Buy and re-download the SD movies from iTunes Store. Also, you can go to the iTunes preference window. Then choose the option to download SD M4V videos by default.

Way 2. Upgrade your projector to a new one with 720P or 1080P resolution. Now, most powerful HD projectors have become affordable for average users.

Sum up

From above, we got the solution on how to play iTunes movies on projector. You can choose the best way to stream iTunes movies over a projector.

But we'd like to suggest you select DRmare M4V Converter. It can convert iTunes videos for watching on a projector. And you can also play converted iTunes movies on any other device without a problem.

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