iTunes to Google Play - How to Transfer iTunes Media to Google Play

Apple and Google, as two giants in technology, have been competing with each other all the time through different fields. As the smartphones race between iOS and Android is still ongoing and equally good in competition, let's turn to the battle between their entertainment ecosystems, in other words, iTunes and Google Play, the two biggest online media stores in the world. iTunes Store vs Google Play, which is better?

As we can see, Google Play is already available in both Android and iOS devices while iTunes still limits its accessibility to iOS users only. Although iTunes now allows Android users to export music files from iTunes to Google Play, it's still impossible to transfer iTunes movies to Google Play or other Google accounts for playback on any Android devices. Don't worry though.

Here in the following guide, we are about to show you the effective solutions and steps to upload both songs and movies from iTunes to Google with ease.

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Part 1. Upload Music Songs from iTunes to Google Play

First of all, you can follow the steps below to see how to upload all or most of your iTunes music library to Google Play so that you can access the songs through Google Play via your Android devices.

Step 1. Simply direct your web browser to "". Then log into your Google Play account and click "Upload Music" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2. Now click the orange "Download Music Manager" button and install the music manager on your computer by following the installation instructions.

Step 3. Once the Music Manager is installed, it will ask you where you save the music collection. Select iTunes, then click "Next." The manager will then go through your iTunes library and upload your songs and playlists to Google Play. There is a 20,000 song limit, but the service is completely free.

Play iTunes Music on Android Devices through Google Play

Top listen to the music on Android, you should firstly download the Google Play Music app on your device and connect it to your Google account. You will then be able to freely stream your entire music library from the device as well as play your music from the Google Play web player.

Part 2. How about Transferring iTunes Movies to Google Play?

Now you see it's easy to upload music from iTunes account to Google Play. So you may wonder whether it's similar to transfer your iTunes movie collection to Google Play. Unfortunately, syncing iTunes movies to Google Play is totally a different story, as Google currently doesn't support uploading movies from iTunes library to its Google Play app that solely functions as a movie rental service. But if you are simply planning to transfer your iTunes movies to Google Drive for sharing or watch them on Google TV through Chromecast, etc. it can be accomplished easily with assistance of an extra app.

iTunes Movies & DRM: What You Need to Know

Before uploading iTunes movies to Google, you should understand that the movies and TV shows we purchased or rented from iTunes Store come with Apple's DRM protection which largely restricts iTunes movies to be freely distributed and copied to other platforms, like Google Play or Google Drive. In order to transfer those DRM-locked iTunes movies or TV shows to Google Drive or other Android devices, all you need is to get rid of the DRM protection from iTunes movies with a third-party iTunes DRM removal tool, such as DRmare M4V Converter for Mac/Windows.

DRmare iTunes M4V Video Converter

itunes m4v to kindle fire converter
  • Delete DRM lock from rented and purchased iTunes movies, TV shows
  • Convert iTunes M4V videos to common MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc.
  • Keep original quality including AC3 5.1 audio, CC and all tracks and subtitles
  • Support various preset profiles of popular devices

Part 3. Upload iTunes Videos to Google Drive

You are suggested to install the free trial version of DRmare M4V Converter on your Mac or PC and follow the steps here to begin removing DRM and uploading iTunes movies to Google.

Step 1Add iTunes DRM-ed M4V movies, TV shows
import itunes m4v videos
Firstly make sure your iTunes is authorized with the account you used to purchase or rent the movies. Otherwise DRmare will not work properly in stripping off the DRM from iTunes movies. Now open the program and add the iTunes videos via "+" button or drag-and-drop.
Step 2Customize output settings
select output format
Simply click "Format" option and you'll be prompted with a window showing you the common video formats and devices DRmare M4V Converter supports. Choose any one supported by Google Drive or your Android device.
Step 3Remove DRM from iTunes movies
convert itunes m4v
Now you can begin to bypass DRM protection from the iTunes M4V videos by clicking "Convert" button. Once the conversion completes, you can find the DRM-free iTunes movies and upload the converted video files to your Google Drive for free.

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