How to Share iTunes Purchased and Rental Movies to Other Accounts

iTunes offer many digital media files such as iTunes videos, TV shows. If your family or close friends have bought under their account before, you might be hesitate to buy them again to avoid wasting money. Also, sometimes we want to backup our previous purchases and rentals when we are going to switch an Apple ID. For these purposes, many people are seeking ways on how to transfer iTunes purchases and rentals to other accounts.

But there is not a straightforward way to consolidate media files from different accounts to a new account. That is because they are FairPlay DRM protected. Luckily, there are plenty of workarounds. Such as share and access the media files via iTunes Family Sharing or remove DRM to share and use the iTunes videos everywhere.

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Part 1. Transfer iTunes Movies to Other Accounts by iTunes Family Sharing

iTunes Family Sharing allows to share iTunes library files like movies, music, iBooks, audiobooks. You can share to 6 members with different iTunes accounts in your family and help you manage your kid's purchases.

Set Up iTunes Family Sharing

You can only be a part of one family at a time. To get started, you can create a family group. You can do that on an IOS device with IOS 8 and later, or Mac with Yosemite and later. Here I will take a Mac Computer for example:

choose 'Apple' top menu > Click 'System Preferences' > Click 'iCloud' > Press 'Set Up Family'

And you can follow the onscreen instruction to initialize a family group as the family organizer. Then you can invite people to join your family:

You can click 'Apple' top menu > Select 'Preferences' > Click 'iCloud' > Click 'Manage Family'

After that, you can click the '+' icon to follow the screen wizard to invite people to join your family by email. The recipients can input the Apple ID and password on a device to confirm to join the family and share iTunes contents.

iTunes family sharing

Start Sharing to Other Apple ID

When the Family Sharing is set up, all the people in the same family can access to each other's shared media files.

To access the Media files like movies from your family on Mac, you can open iTunes > Click 'iTunes Store' > Navigate to 'Purchased' tab

You will see a small downward triangle button besides the 'Purchased' menu, please click it to choose an account from your family. You will see the items under the account and choose the movie files you want to download.

Part 2. Strip FairPlay DRM and Share iTunes Movies to Any Account Freely

With the Family Sharing, it is awesome to share media files to other account. But it is still not perfect because it is limited to 6 people in a family. And it doesn't offer the option to share iTunes media files to a specific account only. Have you ever in the situation when you are in need of sharing a video to a close friend? It may not be so convenient to add a friend to a family group in iTunes.

If you are bothered with this issue, it is time to solve it now. There is another perfect way out there to remove DRM protection from iTunes videos by DRmare M4V Converter for Mac/Windows. By doing this, you can transfer the films to any accounts or devices. This DRM removal tool has the advantages to keep the original quality for any videos while removing DRM protection. To find out how it works, you can simply have a try.

Detailed Guide to Remove DRM and Transfer iTunes Videos to New Apple ID:

Step 1Add iTunes movies to DRmare M4V Converter
load m4v videos
Launch DRmare M4V Converter, you will see the main screen of it. Please navigate to the bottom side and click '+'. You will see a list of the downloaded episodes on your iTunes. And you can select the movie items you want to load to the software.
Step 2Choose an output video format
change output format
You can choose any output profile you prefer. But if you just want to transfer it to another account to enjoy yourself or for a friend, it is better to choose MP4(Lossless) or M4V(Lossless). They will keep 100% video quality after converting.
Step 3Remove DRM from iTunes M4V
remove drm from itunes videos
Once everything is ready, you can click the conversion button from the lower right side. It will start to break the DRM in a fastest speed. When it is done, the iTunes videos will become common videos. And you can add them to any iTunes account such as your friends' Apple ID without any annoyance.

Part 3. To Summarize

Sharing iTunes videos to another Apple ID is really important for many iTunes users.

If you want to share iTunes movies between your family, the iTunes Family Sharing feature will help you great.

But if you want to share a specific file such as a video to your friends, it is better to remove DRM to share it without using Family Sharing. In this way, you can prevent any mess in the sharing items and you won't have any limitations on the number of accounts you want to share to.

What's more, removing DRM is a great way to backup your iTunes videos and consolidate all of them together.

July 18, 2017 05:14 pm

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