How to Cast iTunes Movies/TV Shows to TV via Chromecast

Chromecast's popularity has spread far and wide already. Tips and tricks that can make casting more easily are arising in many forums. Among them, one of the most frequently asked questions about streaming media with Chromecast is as follows.

How to cast iTunes movies or TV episodes to Chromecast? For some reason, it's not an easy job to stream iTunes videos to Chromecast. You may be told that the iTunes video is not a supported file by Chromecast when you attempting to do the casting. But you don't need to be upset at all. With just a few clicks, you will still be able to sync your iTunes movies to watch on HDTV via Chromecast.

Now we'll introduce the simple workaround for you to stream iTunes movies and TV shows to Chromecast. You will find the complete guide on how to get it done step by step.

cast itunes movies to chromecast

Part 1. Things You Need to Know about iTunes Movies and Chromecast

What is Chromecast

Chromecast is a small dongle developed by Google. You can plug it into your TV's HDMI port, acting as a portal for your favorite streaming apps on your mobile device. The contents on the device can be "cast" onto your TV.

This tiny streaming box also has access to video and audio content from many services. You can use Chromecast to access video media from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, the Google Play Store and other online channels. Also use it to stream almost any kind of content from the Chrome browser on a computer.

It costs $35 and comes in three distinct colors: black, coral, and lemonade. And it features three built-in antennas, a malleable HDMI cord, and support for 802.11ac and 5 GHz bands.

How Chromecast Works with iTunes Movies

Chromecast currently works with many popular online services. Such as Netflix, HBO Now, YouTube, WatchESPN, Pandora. Although the list is continually growing, the support for iTunes Store, one of the largest online media sellers, is yet to come. Besides, iTunes movies and episodes are protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM, the videos are encoded in encrypted M4V. This is not a compatible format with Chromecast that supports MP4 and WebM only.

In conclusion, iTunes movies can't be cast to Chromecast as easily as we do with other common videos. Unless the DRM is removed from the iTunes movies and the M4V is converted to MP4 for good.

Part 2. How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies, TV Shows

First of all, we'll need a professional iTunes DRM removal tool to help us getting rid of the DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows. When it comes to a high-performance and all-featured DRM unlocker that preserves 1:1 original quality of the HD movies.

DRmare iTunes M4V Converter could be the best option. This smart application can take off DRM protection from any iTunes videos. It includs all the purchased and rented movies, TV shows, iTunes Extras as well as music videos. During converting, it won't touch the original video and audio tracks. It keeps the AC3 5.1 audio, CC, audio descriptions, subtitles for the HD 1080P/720P and SD iTunes movies. Furthermore, it can convert M4V videos to MP4 and other formats supported by Chromecast.

DRmare iTunes to Chromecast Converter

drmare drm m4v converter
  • Remove DRM lock from iTunes movie rentals and purchases
  • Take off iTunes FairPlay DRM limitations without any quality loss
  • Convert iTunes M4V to multiple videos supported by Chromecast
  • Fully support 1080P/720P HD iTunes videos

You can download and install the free versions of DRmare M4V Converter on your Mac or Windows PC. And follow the detailed tutorial as below to begin converting your iTunes M4V movie rentals. If you don't have Chromecast, you need to buy it first.

Step 1Import iTunes Movie Downloads to DRmare
import m4v videos
Launch DRmare iTunes to Chromecast Converter and click 'Add Files' button. Then a drop-down menu will appear allowing you choose the iTunes movie content you want to stream to Chromecast from your iTunes library. Click 'OK' and the videos will be loaded automatically to the converter. You are also allowed to add the iTunes M4V movies by drag-and-drop.
Step 2Customize Output Settings
select mp4 for chromecast
To Cast iTunes movies and TV Shows to Chromecast, you are suggested to choose the output format as "Lossless MP4" from the profile list. The quality of the output iTunes video will be exactly the same with the original file. All audio tracks including the AC3 5.1 sound, AD, CC, and subtitles will be retained. Or you can choose HD MP4 which lets you customize the video parameters. Such as video codec, size, bit rate, frame rate, all according to your own needs.
Step 3Start to Convert iTunes M4V Videos
convert video to chromecast
Click the 'Convert' button in the lower right corner to start converting the iTunes movies to Chromecast compatible MP4. After conversion, you can click the 'Converted' panel to find those well converted iTunes videos. And them cast them to Chromecast.

Part 3. How to Stream Converted iTunes Videos to HDTV via Chromecast

Congratulations, you should have already got the DRM free iTunes videos now. In this part, let's move to the tutorial of streaming the converted iTunes movies to Chromecast. So that you can watch them on your TV.

plug chromecast to tv

Tools You'll Need

1. Google Chromecast
2. HDTV set supports HDMI port
3. Google Cast extension for Chrome Browser on your computer

Step 1. Plug Chromecast Streaming Stick to HDTV

Firstly, plug Chromecast into your TV's HDMI port and you'll be directed to the Chromecast setup page. Follow the instructions to set it up.

Step 2. Download Google Cast Extension for Chrome Browser

If you have already installed Cast for your Chrome, you can skip this step. If not, please go to Chrome Web Store to search Google Cast and download it for installing on your Chrome browser.

Step 3. Add iTunes Movies to Chrome for Playing

With a Chrome browser open, hit CTRL+O for PC or Command+O for Mac and locate the converted iTunes videos you wish to play via Chromecast. You can also copy & paste the path of the video file in the Chrome browser address bar. Right click on the video file > Properties > Security Tab > Copy Full video path > Paste in the Chrome browser.

Step 4. Begin Casting iTunes Videos to Chromecast

Click 'Cast this' tab button in the Chromecast streaming menu located on the right side of Chrome address bar. Then the playing iTunes movies will be mirrored to your HDTV. You can freely watch and control it in any way you like.

Part 4. Video Tutorial - Cast iTunes Movies to TV via Chromecast

If the user guide is too complicated for you to stream iTunes videos to Chromecast, you are suggested to follow the video guide here. It offer a easier way to learn how to cast iTunes movies to TV via Chromecast.

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