Top 20 Best Halloween Songs of All Time

Admit it! Not all Halloween songs in the industry rank the same. Others rate highly, and this is because of their well-created content. Interested in knowing the well created Halloween songs? Well, keep reading through this engaging piece which describes the top 20 best Halloween songs ever created.

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Top 1 Bloody Mary

bloody maryProduced by Lady Gaga, you are not expecting it to be anything less, are you? This is a perfect spooky song for Halloween. It begins with a demon-like lady who shows up and repeats her acronym in the mirror. Following this is Lady Gaga’s daring voice which blends well with the lyrics of the song.

Top 2 Thriller

thrillerIt is impossible to fail to mention Michael Jackson’s Thriller among the good Halloween songs in the market. The jam begins with MJ’s transformation into a wolf-creature and flees from cadres of zombies. It’s fun yet scary bit is where the legend gives a yellow-eyed glance before shooting the camera one final.

Top 3 Stranger Things

strange thingsThis is one of the top spooky halloween songs you will love. It is currently everyone’s favorite Halloween. This is no surprise because, in its attempt of informing its audience of a small town in Indian faced with supernatural events, it incorporates a blend of nostalgia with some camp horror.

Top 4 Dracula’s Wedding

draculas-weddingVampire characterizes as Halloween key feature, right? Sadly, there are close to minimal exciting vampire songs out there. This is why when Outkast featuring Kelis encompasses this feature in their Halloween song, and it automatically rates among the spooky Halloween music.

Top 5 Howlin For You

howlin for youYou probably know this jam because it has featured in most TV series, commercial and video games. Well, it has some excellent drum and guitar loop and some eerie vocals which can be confused for some love ballad if not well analyzed.

Top 6 Sympathy for the Devil

sympathy for the devilThis is, of course, one of that spooky Halloween music. Giving it such a top ranking title is Mick Jagger who puts up a conniving and charismatic version of the devil. Generally, the song covers the awful past of man including Kennedy assignation.

Top 7 Haunt You

haunt youFrom the name, you can tell why you can’t miss it in the top Halloween songs list. Haunt You by Flux Pavilion starts with juxtaposed vocal loops. Upon reaching the 2:45 minute, it introduces a well-done piano sequence before returning to the previous tune again.

Top 8 The Reaper

the reaperAlthough it was first introduced in the industry in 1976, it list as a best Halloween song in 2018. Maybe, this is because the music educated on the appreciation of life and overcoming the fear of death. Yes, it also recognizes Romeo and Juliet’s love.

Top 9 Purple People Eater

purple people eaterPremiered in 1958 by Shen Woole, this music revolves around the tale of a weird monster who upon landing on earth hopes to join a rock n roll band to eat people. You will be suprised to learn that this hit Halloween song was inspired by a 1988 children’s movie.

Top 10 Werewolves of London

werevolves of londonWerewolves of London is better described as a Halloween classical music. Influencing this is its Waddy Wachtel guitar sound, John McVie bass tunes and Mick Fleetwood drums. Its lyrics authored by its owner Warren Zevon are somewhat comedic.

Top 11 Suspiria

suspiriaThis is yet another Halloween classical music. It features a 6-minute instrumental track that has a dozen of superb sound effects and ghostly guitar sequence. Although it hits an up-tempo, the creepy whisper and demonic chimes cannot go unheard.

Top 12 I Put a Spell on You

i put a spell on youOne of those Halloween jams that are good for both children and adults. It has a slow tune and then it's not clear if it is John Fogerty’s vocals that will take you to easy slumberland or childlike lyrics.

Top 13 The Number of the Beast

the number of beastCharacterizing the jam is mind-blowing guitar sounds. Other than this, this best Halloween music chorus’ is the real Halloween as it focuses on the aspect 666 which is the number of the beast. It may be scary for children.

Top 14 Superstitions

superstitionsNo other word would describe this Halloween song better. It is just that, superstitious! Consider giving it a try to understand the superstitious state that makes it appear in top Halloween songs lists.

Top 15 Black Juju

black jujuYou don’t know what good Halloween songs are if you have not listened to Black Juju by Alice Copper. It starts with an official soundtrack that resembles human sacrifice music before abruptly changing to a doors-esque tune. Its morbid utterances and clicking drumsticks are just the best.

Top 16 Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

scary monsters and nice spritesDid you try out the dubstep? In case you did, be informed that it is this music that inspired the dance. Primarily, the Halloween piece is about Skrillex’s sprites, his monsters, and their abrupt transitions.

Top 17 Monster Mash

monster mashYes, some Halloween’s are specifically for children and others strictly for adults. Monster Mash breaks this notion as it is a Halloween that can be watched by everyone. It is not only its horror that gives its fans child but the narrator’s ghoulish voice.

Top 18 Hells Bells

hells bellsThe source in this jam will make you make it your favorite Halloween music. It constitutes Brian Johnson’s thrilling screams, Ominous bells and shredding guitar tunes. What else could you really ask for?

Top 19 Am I Psycho

am i psychoMany think it is a horror song. On the contrary, it is a horror movie in music form. It has featured three great lyricists who do not disappoint when it comes to the plucky piano riff. To feel its whole fun, you can also have its music video.

Top 20 Black Sabbath

black sabbathWhen it comes to the tune, it is not that interesting. So why did it appear on the best Halloween music? Well, ITS LYRICS ARE deep. In fact, they were inspired by Butler reading of a Satanism book. Later that night he saw a black hooded creature on his bead, and if you think this is scary, it is not because later the next morning, he could not find the book. It definitely deserves to be in the list.

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