Top 20 Best Halloween Songs for Kids in 2024

Wondering how you will bring exciting chills to your baby’s spine? Halloween music for kids is all you need. Sadly there is a myriad of spooky music for kids, and you will admit that not all will play the trick. The worst part is that discerning the best song is at times challenging for most adults. This is why in this article, you get a privilege of exploring not one or two but 20 best Halloween songs for kids and a direct link to each of the songs.

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No. 1 Thriller

thrillerBeginning the list of 20 best Halloween songs for kindergarten is Thriller by the legendary Michael Jackson, MJ. Its music is good and the music video best. Here, the star MJ before giving that yellow-eyed glance transforms into a wolf-like creature fleeing from a cadre of zombies. In the end, there is also sinister laughter by Vincent Price and if that won’t make your kid happy I don’t know what else will.

No. 2 Don’t Fear the Reaper

don't fear the reaperIt is a song that educates on appreciating life and thrillingly overcoming the fear of death. Aspects of the love between Romeo and Juliet are well amplified by Buck Dharma, the lead singer. The Blue Oyster Cult launched it in 1976, and since then, it has become highly ranked in the categories of the best kids Halloween party music.

No. 3 Sympathy for the devil

sympathy for the devilThis one has two main mind-blowing features. The first one is the samba drums which have a primitive backdrop for a crooned backup vocal. It blends well with the lyrics which take a look at the awful historical times when assassination was the norm. It has a video where Mick Jagger assumes the charismatic and conniving version of the devil.

No. 4 Monster Mash

monster mashFrom the way in the 60’s till today, Bobby Pickett’s Monster Mash still ranks among the best Halloween songs for children. This is because it is a good Halloween song. Yes, although it has some level of horror in it such as the narrator’s ghoulish voice, its structure is playful.

No. 5 Ghostbuster

ghostbustersBegins with an awkward synthesizer noise that can be a turn-off but this does change once Patrick Stump’s kicks off with a high pitched autotune. Its instrumentals are just it, and your kid will definitely enjoy these confusing yet exciting variations.

No. 6 Somebody’s watching me

someboday's watching meIt does not matter if Rockwell’s talent appears limited in a good way, MJ sparks the song with an unexpected chorus. Creaming this awesome feeling of the song is its eerie keyboard techniques which are well incorporated.

No. 7 Werewolves of London

werewolves of londonSang by Warren Zevon this is an easy to sing jam. Even if your child doesn't know the lyrics word by word, they can always catch up with the wolf call “a-hooooo!” line. It is hence no surprise to find it among the 20 best spooky Halloween music for children.

No. 8 I put a spell on you

i put a spell on youWith Jay soul screams and maniacal laughter, this music will surely put a spell on your kid. Influencing this is not the screams alone but the song’s creepy bassline and spooky sax.

No. 9 Dracula

draculaIt doesn’t miss in Halloween kids’ party, how would it miss here? Launched by Gorilla’s, it is awesome for the fall of the season, but you can play it any time of course. It’s a rather cool jam thus can serve as a lullaby.

No. 10 The Addams Family

the addams familyThe song is about your kid’s favorite wacky family. It constitutes a creepy noise and some bit of kooky and spooky. What’s awesome is that all these incorporations are incredibly charming which makes it list among the best Halloween songs for children.

No. 11 The Twilight Zone

the twilight zoneCertainly the best of Halloween music for kindergartens but be warned. Not all kids can stand this song. If your child is brave enough, let him enjoy the scary tunes in this song from the beginning till the end.

No. 12 Enter Sandman

enter sandmanProduced by Metallica, it not only rates as the best spooky music for kids but also a good bedtime pill. Yes, it helps your child enjoy as it’s cool tunes, easily put him to rest. Its dark and catchy lyrics can, however, be your child’s enjoyable nightmare.

No. 13 Boris the spider

boris the spiderThe chorus of this jam is bomb due to the scary movie sound it brings. It will for a moment make your child question if it was constructed by a bass guitarist who authored the song after a night of imbibing with Bill Wayman.

No. 14 This is Halloween

this is halloweenThis is the first best kid songs created by Marilyn Manson. It is perfect for those Halloween nights and parties. The best bit about this Halloween music for children is that it comes in different versions.

No. 15 Time Warp

time warpNickname Time Warp, Rocky Horror Picture show is a Halloween that qualifies to be a musical. This should tell you that it is enjoyable for the kids even if its instructional lyrics are a bit scary. The sound track is just awesome Halloween track you will ever listen to.

No. 16 The Munsters theme song

the munsters theme songIs your kid a fun of some jazz? This is his choice of Halloween music for children. It has some bit of jazzy and spooky feel.

No. 17 Halloween

halloweenThis was among the scariest children’s Halloween music in the 80’s. Surprisingly, today’s kids do not find it scary. This does not, however, mean that it is not scary. It has retained its level of scariness only that today’s children are modern hence can feel the enjoyment in the scariness.

No. 18 A nightmare on my street

a nightmare on my streetJust like it name it revolves around the concept of nightmares. However, in this song by Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince the theme is all about a party-friendly ghost story. The tunes are the ones that light up the mood.

No. 19 Ghost Town

ghost townYes, this one of the best Halloween music for kids covers the themes unemployment, urban decay and inner-city violence. All these themes seem no fun for children but the lyrics, childish tunes like la-la-la and spooky synth fades of this song by the specials make kids dance to it excitingly.

No. 20 I want candy

i want candyCompleting the list is this awesome music originally produced by The Strangeloves but currently holds covers from known artists like Aaron Carte and Bow Wow Wow. It is about a girl who needs candy. Since almost all children love candy and the bits in this jam are dope, you cannot fail to list it in the best Halloween music for kindergarten.

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