Ultimate Tutorial to Cast Spotify Music to Chromecast Audio

"I have a Google Chromecast which enables me to stream YouTube videos on my Samsung TV easily. Lately I bought a Bose stereo speaker to enhance the audio effects on my home theatre. I just wanna know is it possible to stream Spotify to the speaker? Have tried it but not sure how it works. Help please. "

Well, speaking of Spotify, it was not supported in the first generation of Google Chromecast, that is why you can't find this feature. But things are changed on the new Chromecast dongles which have full support for many streaming video and music services. It is not difficult to link Spotify to Chromecast audio. If you are new to this, please continue to read to the end to find the best way.

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play spotify on chromecast

Part 1. Everything You Need to Know About Spotify and Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a series of streaming media players. The latest models like Chromecast second generation/Audio/Ultra all integrate the features of many online audio apps such as Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Google Play Music. The main difference is that Chromecast second generation/Ultra are mainly for TVs while Chromecast Audio is special for Speakers. With such a media player, you can either stream content from compatible apps and mirror media files from Chrome browser.

Spotify is one of the oldest yet the most popular streaming audio service in the world. Thanks to its free tier service, any users can sign up for free to enjoy high quality music online from computer or mobile devices with some random picture or sound ADs. It has a super big music category. You can find any songs you need in theory. Unfortunately until now, the free account still doesn't support Chromecast. This means you have to subscribe to the Premium membership to get the most out of Spotify. Yet, even if you subscribe to the Premium, you can only Chromecast Spotify via Android/iOS app, not the desktop version. In order to do that, you need a third party application.

Tools You Need to Cast Spotify to Chromeast

1. Chromecast Ultra/Audio media player.

2. A smart TV or stereo speaker.

3. Latest Spotify Android or iOS app with Premium subscription (optional only for the official way).

4. DRmare Spotify Music Converter for Windows/Mac (special for users who has no Premium subscription).

Part 2. Official Way to Connect Spotify to Chromecast on Android/iOS

If you are a regular Spotify Premium listener, this should be the best way. You can stream Spotify via Android or iOS mobile phone, tablets and so on. They work exactly the same.

Step 1. Hook up the Chromecast Audio to your smart Hifi speakers. Note: Please make sure all the devices are connected to the same Wifi network so that they can detect each other well.

Step 2. Launch the Spotify app and start play a song with it on your device such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or any Android devices.

Step 3. On the bottom of the playback window, you should see the "Spotify Connect" feature which offers you the option to link Spotify to a list of compatible devices on the same network. Sometimes if some devices don't appear, you can try to restart them.

Step 4. Please click the option and select the device "Chromecast", it should help you stream the music from Spotify to speaker immediately.

spotify to chromecast android

Bottom Line

There has been some users complaining on forum that Spotify Chromecast stuck on connecting, no sound, not working etc. This is because all the music played in this way are through online streaming, not offline playback. Nonetheless, this way does work very well as long as you do the right settings on your network.

Part 3. Extra Tips: How to Chromecast Spotify from PC/Mac Without Premium

Some users keep asking if it is possible to stream Spotify songs to Chromecast Audio via computer. I knew many friends who are reluctant to use the new smart Android or iOS devices, but focus on doing everything through their Windows or Mac computers. Though there is not an official way to do that, we can try the third party tool to download Spotify music offline first before you cast them anywhere through the Chromecast. What makes this better is that you don't need the Premium membership to convert music files.

DRmare Spotify Downloader for Windows/Mac

drmare spotify music converter
  • Dedicated for downloading Spotify tracks, playlists, radio and so on
  • Keep original quality with up to 320Kbps and run at 5X faster speed
  • Convert Spotify songs to many format such as MP3, M4A, AAC, M4B, FLAC, WAV
  • One stop solution to download, convert and archive the music by album/artist
Step 1Import Spotify tracks
load spotify music
You can drag & drop any files you want from the Spotify desktop app to the DRmare software. Note: You'd better turn off the Antivirus or Firewall as they may block the software from running during converting.
Step 2Set output streaming format
set output format
"MP3" is a second to none audio format for streaming because it not only has high quality but also own small size, wide compatibility. Hence I will highly recommend it for streaming on Chromecast. If you are using Spotify free account, please adjust the output bit rate to 320Kbps so that to enhance the output quality.
Step 3Save Spotify Music as MP3
convert spotify to mp3
Finally you can select an output folder and press "Convert" button, your Spotify songs will start to be downloaded to the local computer. When it is done, you will have all the music files offline.
Step 4Stream Spotify to Chromecast via Chrome
stream audio to chromecast
Turn on the Chrome browser from your Windows or Mac computer and then drag a converted Spotify song to it to initial the playback. Then click the "Cast" icon from the browser, it will show up the Chromecast compatible device on your Wifi network. Finally, please simply select your Chromecast Audio.
Besides the Chrome browser, there are other apps which supports to mirror Spotify music files to Chromecast. For example, you can upload the songs to Google Play Music, Plex Media Player. The instruction is more or less the same, so I won't illustrate it any more. If you still have any questions, feel free to leave them on the comment section below, I will help you in person.
Video Tutorial
The following video guide will show you how to convert Spotify songs and stream them to your Chromecast device via Chrome browser in a much easier way.

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