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How to Download Spotilife to Enable Spotify Premium Features

cover of accessing Spotify Premium features with Spotilife

Spotilife is a modified version of official Spotify app similar to Spotify++ on iOS devices that comes equipped with several of Spotify Premium features. This tweak allows you to enjoy your music without worrying been interrupted by ads. You can skip as many songs as you want with Spotilife and reorder your music queue at will, stream high-quality music, etc.—all without paying for Spotify Premium. However, downloading tracks for offline listening is not available through Spotilife. In this guide, I will walk you through the methods I’ve personally used to install Spotilife, 100% effective. Additionally, I will introduce some tools to help you download music from Spotify, making up to the limitations of Spotilife.

Part 1. Why Use Spotilife to Enable Spotify Premium?

As we all know, iDevices’ security work is quite robust, and there are very few cracked or hacked version of apps can work on iOS devices, whether they require jailbreaking or not. Previously, Spotify++ is a popular choice for those looking to enjoy Spotify Premium features for free. But I ‘ve experimented several methods myself, only to find Spotify plus plus is nearly impossible to use now, It often requires some form of payment, or worse, involves downloading softwares that could bring malwares and damage the system.

Spotilife has emerged as a more popular alternative to Spotify++, I’ve tried it myself and it works fine for me. Essentially, there are two kinds of ways to download Spotilife and tweak Spotify on your iDevice. One involves jailbreaking and the other does not. And they can have many variations depending on the different package managers or sideloading apps you use. In this guide, we will discuss in detail about how to sideload Spotilife through Sideloadly on PC/Mac. This is the method I’ve successfully tried myself and it doesn’t need to jailbreak my iPhone. You can also use other sideloading apps and follow the pattern to download Spotilife. In addition, we will talk about how to jailbreak iOS devices with package managers to download Spotilife.

Par 2. Sideload Spotilife to Enjoy Spotify Premium Features with Sideloadly

2.1 Why Use Sideloadly to Sideload Spotilife?

Sideload is an installer for IPA files that is compatible with both Mac and Windows. It serves as a great alternative to AltStore, Cydia Impactor and other sideloading apps. It allows you to install modified apps through WiFi and USB cable. The best part is that it works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. What’s more, it supports from iOS and all the way up to iOS 17.1 +.

Next, let’s dive into sideloading Spotilife on iOS devices with Sideloadly step by step!

2.2 Sideload Spotilife on iOS Devices with Sideloadly on Mac (No Jailbreak)

Sideloading Spotilife through a Mac is highly recommended due to the superior compatibility between iOS devices and the macOS system, which tends to minimize the chances of encountering errors during the process.

Step 1Download Spotilife IPA

It’s important to note that Spotilife IPA file changes with the update of official Spotify app, and older IPA files may not work, so it’s crucial to seek out the latest Spotilife IPA file to work with.

I find a source on GitHub that is relatively authoritative and update regularly. Here is the link to download the Spotilife IPA file (updated today).

This GitHub project has 600+ stars, it can be trusted compared to most other sources of files.


Step 2Download Sideloadly

Step 2.1 You can visit the official site of Sideloadly to download it. From the home page, scroll down to locate download buttons, here we choose macOS version to download.

download Mac verison of Sideloadly

Step 2.2 You may encounter this warning asking to verify the developer when installing Sideloadly

Step 2.3 No worries, hit “Cancel” first, then go to “Folder”→”Applications”, find the dmg file just downloaded. Right-click and hit “Open

open Sideloadly anyway

Step 2.4 Another warning would pop up, hit “Open” to open anyway.

open Sideloadly on macOS

Step 3 Start to Sideload Spotilife with Sideloadly

Step 3.1 Connect your iPhone or iPad with a USB cable.


Alternatively, you can place your iDevice and your Mac under the same WiFi to see if Sideloadly can detect your iDevice used to install Spotilife.

Step 3.2 The Sideloadly app should open automatically, what you need to do is to input your apple id, click the IPA icon on the left and select the Spotilife IPA file you just downloaded from link above.

input apple id and select ipa files

Step 3.3 click the icon locates at top right corner, create a Sideloadly account and log in.

After that, Click on “Advanced Options” below. In the expanded options, locate Anisette Authentication and choose “Remote” as the way to authenticate.


Step 3.4 Hit the “Start” button locates on the bottom of the window.

Step 3.5 During it is sideloading Spotilife IPA file onto your iDevice, you will be prompted to input verification numbers to sign this Spotilife IPA file. At this moment, your iDevice would show a six digits number for verification. Input that number into the window and hit click. After a while, if it successfully sideloads Spotilife, it would show a “Done” message at the bottom of the built-in system log viewer.

system log viewer of sideloadly


Sideloadly comes with a built-in system log viewer to help you better troubleshooting the encountered errors. You can click the icon below “Start” to expand and view the log.

After all the steps above are done, Sideloadly would download a tweaked version of Spotify on your iOS devices. You can enjoy almost all Spotify Premium features with it.

2.3 Sideload Spotilife on iOS Devices with Sideloadly on Windows (No Jailbreak)

The steps to download Spotilife with Sideloadly on Windows is essentially the same with that on Mac, only certain steps are different. I’m gonna mention the different steps below.

First, when downloading Sideloadly, you should download Windows version of Sideloadly.

Second, Windows users will need to download iTunes and iCloud as well. If you haven’t, click on the link the download them.

download windowsversion of sideloadly and itunes, icloud

Third, what needs to pay attention here is that when you open Sideloadly. if you find that you can’t get your iDevice detected, no matter you put your devices under the same WiFi or connect them with a USB cable, it appears like this:

windows can't detect idevice

Well, I’ve tried many solutions to solve these, and none of them work. One says that install iTunes from Microsoft Store would work. Unfortunately, Microsoft Store on my PC has some problems and can’t be fetched. If your Microsoft Store is available, you can try this solution out.

If you can’t, I recommend sideloading Spotilife on Mac with the steps mentioned above because of the compatibility reason.

Part 3. Download Spotilife on iOS Devices with Package Managers(Jailbreak Needed)

You can also download Spotilife on your iOS devices with package managers like Cydia, Installer, Sileo and Zebra. Below is a step-by-step guide to add Spotilife repository to download Spotilife on iOS devices through Sileo, if you are using other package managers, the process is basically the same, so you can follow the same pattern while operate with other package managers.

Step 1 Ensure the official Spotify app has been downloaded on your iOS devices.

Step 2 Download Sileo from online sources.

Step 3 Open Sileo App and tab on “Sources”, the tab on the “+” icon on the top right.

Step 4 In the input bar, input the repository below to add Spotilife repository. (This is for rootless devices)

Step 5 Install Spotilife tweak form the Spotilife repository.


Step 6 Reboot your iOS device to make Spotilife work functionally.

Step 7 Finally, you can adjust Spotilife setting from within official Spotify app to enjoy Spotify Premium features.


This method needs to jailbreak your device. You can uninstall it through your package installer once installed, but note that there’s no direct option to simply turn it off. And your Apple account may be at risk of being banned or your iDevice may be locked. Please know this before you proceed with this method.

Part 4. Best Alternative to Spotilife, Easily Download Spotify Tracks for Lifetime Listening

While tools like Sideloadly and package managers offer ways to install Spotilife, there are often some risks involved. They may put your Apple account at risk of being banned or your iDevices may be locked. Not to mention, some malware may come with the downloaded IPA files. And the functionality of these cracked version may crash unexpectedly, or even won’t work at all.

If you're frustrated with the complications associated with cracked versions of Spotify but still wish to enjoy Spotify Premium features, DRmare Spotify Music Converter is a great alternative. DRmare Spotify Music Converter can help you download high-quality music as MP3, FLAC, WAV and other common audio formats for offline listening, filling up gaps left by Spotilife's inability to download tracks. And when you download your Spotify music as MP3, you can enjoy all the Spotify Premium features including ads-free listening experience, unlimited skips, high-quality music, etc. without subscribing Spotify Premium. Furthermore, unlike installing cracked or tweaked version of Spotify, the process of setting up and using DRmare Spotify Music Converter is super easy, as easy as installing a software through Apple Store on your iPhone.


DRmare Spotify Music Converter

vector Security verified. 6, 201,912 people have downloaded it.

  • Download Spotiy music with lossless quality.
  • Convert and download Spotify Music at 5x faster.
  • Safe and professional solution for getting Spotify Premium Freely.
  • Come with intuitice interface and easy to use.

Next, I will guide you on how to use DRmare Spotify Music Converter.

First, download DRmare Spotify Music Converter from the download button above and then launch it on your PC/Mac. The official Spotify app on your computer would be launched automatically after this.

main interface of DRmare Spotify Music Converter

Then select the music you want to download by dragging them from Spotify to the window of DRmare Spotify Music Converter or copying the link of tracks you want and paste them into the input bar to select them.

add songs into DRmare Spotify Music Converter

Finally, hit the “Convert” button below to start converting and downloading the songs into audio formats yo want for offline listening.

start to convert songs with DRmare Spotify Music Converter

After conversion process is complete, you can find the music in the folder you designated before converting. Play the songs in it, unlock all Spotify Premium features and enjoy your music journey!

Part 5. Comparison Among Different Solutions to Enjoy Spotify Premium Features

Sideloading Apps Package Managers DRmare Spotify Music Converter
Ads-Free ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
High-Quality Streaming ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Reorder Music Queue ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Unlimited Skips ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
100% Safe ✔️
Easy to Install ✔️
Spotify Premium Needed
Jailbreaking Needed ✔️
Work Reliably ✔️

Part 6. Conclusion

Spotilife is now the most reliable and feasible tweaked version version of Spotify for iDevice users to enjoy Spotify Premium features for free. You can also try other cracked version of Spotify to enjoy Spotify Premium features. But honestly, the process of installing and using those cracked version of Spotify is often complicated, and some of them may even not work at all, not to mention some malwares may come with the IPA files downloaded in the process. In light of this, DRmare Spotify Music Converter is a great third-party alternative which is super easy to install and use, and 100% work. If you are seeking for more professional and reliable solution for enjoying Spotify Premium features without subscribing Spotify Premium, DRmare Spotify Music Converter is a great choice.

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