Spotify Bitrate - Everything We Know about Spotify Music Quality

When talking about music quality, bitrate is the most import factor. It usually means the amount of data that are transferred in a certain time. Generally the higher bitrate of a track, the more details it will kept.

So do it mean the higher bitrate the better? What is Spotify bitrate? Is it a good idea to subscribe to Spotify Premium? Now please follow this post to find out all the answers.

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spotify bitrate

Part 1. What Bitrate Does Spotify Use

Because music quality also relates to the hardware you use, you don't have to use the highest bitrate all the time. For example, most common mobile devices can only interpret up to160Kbps music perfectly. You can tune up the sound quality on HiFi speakers or turn it down to save your cellular data on common mobile devices. Spotify offers different bitrate for different subscriptions and devices.

Desktop App

1. You can stream all music at a standard quality 160Kbps with OGG Vorbis.

2. If you are a premium membership subscribers, you can switch to high quality streaming 320Kbps.

Spotify Web Player & Chromecast

The standard quality for streaming online is AAC 128Kbps and 256Kbps for Spotify premium users.

Mobile Devices including Android, iOS

1. Low - Average 24 Kbps/s with HE-AACv2 format.

2. Normal - Average 96 Kbps with OGG.

3. High - Average 160 Kpbs with OGG.

4. Very high - Average 320Kbps with OGG.

Part 2. The Bitrate Difference Between Different Streaming Services

Spotify is an innovative company. It keeps improving its music service and releasing new features, keeping it stand on the top of the streaming music industry for a long time.

As a mainstream music service, Spotify doesn't offer particularly higher bitrate but the same 320Kbps just like most platforms such as Google Play Music, Amazon Unlimited, Pandora and so on.

This is a little bit higher than Apple Music bitrate 256Kbps. But it doesn't matter much because Apple Music use the AAC codec which are supposed to keep better sound quality compared to other songs with the same bitrate. For more info, you can also visit: How to Increase Apple Music Bitrate.

Compared to the lossless platform Tidal which offers 1411Kbps, Spotify bitrate is low. Does it mean Spotify is not as good as Tidal? Not really. When evaluating a music service, it has much to do with the price, library, music discovery and much more. You can check Spotify vs Tidal to find out the difference.

How to Convert Spotify Music to FLAC

Part 3. How to Reset Spotify Bitrate for Improving the Quality

With the development of Hifi devices and Internet transmission technology, it has been much easier and cheaper to get audiophile systems. And Spotify has been testing a new lossless audio version since 2017. The lossless version will keep all the bitrate of the original songs. However, until now it is still not added. Even if you subscribe to the Spotify Premium, the best quality songs you can get is 320Kbps. If you are hurry to listen to Spotify lossless quality songs, you can reset the Spotify bitrate by using a third-party tool.

DRmare Spotify Music Downloader for Windows/Mac is ideal software for breaking DRM from the online Spotify songs. If offers many options for you to transform the songs so that you can use them for different purposes.

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Best Quality Converter for Spotify Music

drmare spotify music converter
  • Support to convert all Spotify playlists online directly without saving them offline first
  • Multiple options to customize the files such as format, bitrate, sample rate, codec
  • Convert Spotify to MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV while keeping ID3 tags, metadata
  • The most important is that it supports 5X acceleration and lossless quality

The bitrate is usually related to the audio formats. The lossy formats M4A, MP3, M4B, AAC all supports up to 320 Kbps. The lossless formats like FLAC, WAV support the 1411Kbps. Now you can follow the quick steps to reset Spotify bitrate to lossless quality.

Step 1 Import Spotify tracks
load spotify songs
With batch converting support, you can import multiple songs to convert at a time. Just drag & drop the Spotify tracks or playlists from Spotify to the DRmare software directly.
Step 2Choose lossless format
choose lossless format
Lossless formats take up a lot of space the disk. Do you really need it? If yes, just choose the output format as "FLAC" or WAV". DRmare software will automatically adjust the output quality to 1411Kbps. On the other hand, if you'd like to get low bitrate songs, you may choose the output format as "MP3" and reduce the bitrate to the value as you want.
Step 3Output music from Spotify
reset spotify bitrate
Now you just need to click "Convert' button to start to download and encode the Spotify tracks offline. Within a few minutes, you will have all the lossless quality music on your local folder. They will be much better than the Spotify extreme quality 320Kbps files.

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