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Tips on How to Discover New Music on Spotify

There are many contenders like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Amazon Unlimited in the streaming industry. Among them, Spotify is undoubtedly the winner. The reasons are that it has been in this area for a longest time, large music genres and categories, free tier service, easy to use interface. But the most important part is the Spotify Music discovery features. It allows users to discover new songs and playlists they love easily by tracking the users' listening habits and taste. If you are tired of the inefficiency of other music services, we'd highly recommend you to turn to Spotify and read this post to find the top 8 best tips on finding new music on Spotify.

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Top 1. Browse Playlists

This is the first thing you can think of to discover new songs. Spotify offers a lot of ready-made best playlists from different categories for users who just want to listen to some general music or have no idea what they want to listen to currently. Just click the "Browse" menu from the side bar and then it will show you different types of music from its massive library.

Overview: This is a compact version of all the playlists from other different sections, it can save your time to browse the library quickly.

Podcasts: You can discover all kinds of podcasts you like such comedy, educational, stories, news & politics, sports, health, technology, kids.

Charts: Spotify has its own statistics to generate the top 50, viral 50 songs in USA and globally. It keeps updating all the time.

Genres & moods: Spotify contains thousands of different genres of songs, it doesn't list all of them in details here, but just summarize them into about 40 different types such as hip-hop, mood, pop, workout, chill, R&B, acoustic, jazz, metal, punk, funk, soul, travel and so on.

Concerts: A list of concerts from different artists Jack Johnson, J.Cole, Romeo Santos, Luke Bryan, J Balvin, Drake, Mac etc.

Videos: It contains all the popular music videos from Spotify, you can watch them to see if you can find anything new you haven't found before.

browse spotify

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Top 2. Your Daily Mix

Want to discover the similar songs you listen to in a quick way? That is easy. With the Spotify feature "Your Daily Mix", it will automatically add new songs to this playlist every 24 hours based on your listening experience. The more tracks you listen to, the more it will generate. It works well for both premium and free users with mobile phones or computers. It doesn't look for different music from different category, but just add the similar songs you already like. It is best for users who have a specific music taste.

spotify daily mix

Top 3. Spotify Discover Weekly

This is another well known feature to generate new playlists for you with the Spotify's algorithm. Compared to the "Daily Mix", it takes longer time to update, usually on the Monday. It compares the songs between you and other persons who's and then recommend the new songs from others. It works just like the Amazon recommendation system (Customers who bought this item also bought). This playlist contains 30 songs. Before it updates next Monday, you can click "Browse" > "Discover" and then add them to your own playlist.

spotify discover weekly

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Top 4. Release Radar

Spotify keeps expanding its music library, news tracks are added to the system all the time. If you'd like some songs which you haven't hear before from your loved artists, you can follow the artists and pay attention to the "Release Radar" to discover the upcoming releases. It is updated every Friday. You can click "Browse" > "New Releases" > "Release Radar" to find and use it. It uses the logic about your listening history and taps the machine intelligence of the Echo Nest (the music data powerhouse Spotify acquired in 2014) to curate a special playlist for you.

spotify release radar

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Top 5. Advanced Spotify Search

Spotify has the great search option to find any music you want. You can directly input the keywords such as pop, classical etc. But you may not know that you can also use the search modifier to help you find the songs you want in a more specific way. It refines your result by using the right modifiers.

Search by track track:"My Sound" - lists all tracks with the name My Sound

Search by artist artist:Radiohead - lists all tracks by Radiohead

Search by album album:loveless - lists the album Loveless

Search by year year:1989-2012 - lists all the songs between the time duration

Besides, there are a lot of further search options by genre, label, isrc, upc, tag.

spotify advanced search

Top 6. Radio Stations

Radio stations such as Pandora play songs randomly, you will come across the new music you like from time to time. Similar, Spotify also offers similar but more personalized service. You can click ”Radio" menu from the side bar and then you can pick up the radio station by artist/genre/song/album. Take the genre radio for example, it offers 26 different styles for you, including blues, folk, Latin, soul. During listening, you can customize the station to make it match your taste better.

spotify radio

Top 7. Follow Friends on Spotify

Spotify has fantastic social networking and sharing feature. If you enjoy songs from some friends or individual artists, you just need to open their profile page and then click "Follow", then you will discover new music they shared from the right side bar of the Spotify app or the songs your friends listen to recently on Facebook. Besides, there are some publicly shared playlists around Spotify. Not all the playlists are equally useful, so you have to distinguish them by yourself.

follow friends on spotify

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Top 8. Related Artists

The last feature you can't miss is the related artists. The most popular the artist, the more related artists you will find. Just go to the page of the artist and then you will discover them on the same page. For example, if you enjoy Taylor Swift, you may also like the songs of the super start Beyonce, this feature will help you find them easily. Usually the related artists are within the same genre and have a similar sound. But sometimes you may find bands that share the same members.

spotify related artists

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How to Download the Best Spotify New Songs/Playlists for Offline Listening

With all these powerful features, you should discover new Spotify playlists without any problems. And of course, these are not all of what Spotify has to offer. The more you use the discovery features, the more best playlists you will find. But like other streaming music services online, they are all DRM protected. This means that there is not an official way to put the songs for offline listening without the Spotify app. If you really want to do that, I'd suggest you try the alternative way to use a third party downloader DRmare Spotify Song Extractor for Windows and Mac to extract the songs for keeping forever.

It is rated as the leading Spotify tool in the markets by a lot of famous reviewing websites and customers for its high performance, reliability and powerful features.

Top Playlist Converter for Spotify

drmare spotify music converter
  • Easy to understand interface, everyone can handle it at the first sight
  • Powerful enough to keep 100% quality while running at 5X faster speed
  • Keep original ID 3 tags , artist info, meta data such as album cover, title, year, author
  • Convert Spotify OGG files to M4A, MP3, M4B, WAV, FLAC, AAC for any players

load spotify tunes

It is really easy to use and it won't take you long to convert your large Spotify library to common MP3 files to your local computer with the batch converting feature. Just drag and drop the Spotify playlists to the main screen of the DRmare software and click "Convert" button, you will get all your DRM free audio files within a few minutes. That is it. So easy, right? Why not download the trial version to evaluate it by yourself for free?

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