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How to Rip Music from YouTube Music and Videos

Do you want to listen to your favorite podcasts, music tracks, and songs anytime? YouTube music videos and YouTube Music consist of various high-quality songs, covers, live concerts, remixes, and other sorts of content. To listen to them proficiently, many people like to rip audio from YouTube for their ease of access.

By doing so, you can convert the YouTube Music file to your preferred file format to play YouTube Music across multiple devices without compatibility issues. In this article, we will discuss three different ways to rip music from YouTube flawlessly. We have also provided detailed instructions in this regard to offer you maximum authentic information. Let's dive in!

rip audio from youtube

Part 1. How to Rip Audio from YouTube Video and Music

To successfully rip audio from YouTube videos and YouTube Music while maintaining high quality, we suggest you utilize the DRmare Audio Capture. It's a reliable desktop tool that can be installed on your Mac and Windows OS easily. Unlike other audio-capturing tools, DRmare Audio Capture can operate on various kinds of music sources. It indicates that this tool can extract audio files from any video or music streaming platform like YouTube and YouTube Music apps.

Furthermore, DRmare Audio Capture uses lossless capturing technology that enables it to record high-end audio. Without extra noise, you can extract audio files from YouTube effortlessly. There are many audio recorders that add system sounds to their recording, which looks unprofessional. Conversely, DRmare Audio Capture does not capture system sounds like microphone or mouse clicks in their YouTube audio recording.

Therefore, this tool includes all the powerful features that can help you in professional audio recording. Besides, DRmare Audio Capture is not only restricted as an audio-capturing tool. You can also convert YouTube Music in any popular format in this tool. The supported file formats are FLAC, M4A, M4B, MP3, WAV, etc. Hence, it's an all-rounder tool that can function efficiently to record and download YouTube audio files to computer.

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DRmare Audio Capture

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  • This tool has an integrated editor to edit, trim, and rearrange YouTube audio files.
  • It supports batch recording that allows you to record multiple YouTube Music simultaneously.
  • It can download the complete information of the audio file, like ID3 tags, artist, genre, etc.
  • It allows you to mix the YouTube Music tracks to generate remixes from your favorite songs.

How to Rip Audio from YouTube Video and Music on Mac and PC

Are you ready to rip YouTube music? See the following given guidelines to complete the process in a professional manner with the help of DRmare Audio Capture.

Step 1Add YouTube or YouTube Music App
add youtube music as the source
Begin by running DRmare Audio Capture on your PC or MacBook. Now, open its main interface and click the "Plus" icon. This option will allow you to add YouTube, YouTube Music, or a web browser as your targeted app for audio recording.
Step 2Adjust the Ripping Settings of YouTube Music
reset youtube music parameters for ripping
To proceed, click the "Format" icon to modify the output parameters of ripping songs from YouTube. You can change the file format, sample rate, bit rate, and other settings in the setting window.
Step 3Play the YouTube Video or Music Tracks
rip audio from youtube to mac and pc
Following this, head to YouTube or YouTube Music app to play your preferred tracks. The tool will instantly detect the audio and begin its recording YouTube sounds. Once the video or music ends, the tool will also stop the recording process.
Step 4Save YouTube Music Ripping to Local Computer
edit ripped youtube music
If you want to edit your ripped YouTube Music, select your particular song, and hit the "Edit" icon. In the editing menu, you can cut, rearrange, and trim the YouTube audio. To confirm the edits, press the "Save" button to save all the changes and all songs will be exported to your local computer running macOS or Windows operating system.

Part 2. How to Rip Music from YouTube Music

Another tool that can assist you in ripping audio from YouTube Music is NoteBurner YouTube Music Ripper. This tool has a friendly user interface that can be operated by non-technical individuals easily. With 5X faster conversion speed, you can fetch instant results from this tool. Moreover, with advanced technology, this YouTube Music ripper preserves the original quality of the recorded audio file.

Apart from a YouTube Music recorder, this tool also functions as a format converter. It can convert YouTube music to MP3 and other common audio formats for better playback. You can also edit ID3 tags on this tool flawlessly. It supports up to 25 different languages for diversity. Check the below steps to see how it works:

How to Rip YouTube Music Only on Mac and PC

Step 1: First, download the NoteBurner YouTube Music Ripper on your computer. Make sure to complete the registration process by following the on-screen instructions. By doing so, you can open the main interface of this tool easily.

Step 2: On its main interface, you can see the web player of the YouTube Music app. Click on the "Sign In" button and sign into your YouTube Music app. Afterward, click on the "Output Format" given at the bottom left of the screen. Once done, open the playlist or songs on the YouTube Music app and hit the "Plus" icon.

Step 3: On the new window, you can select the song or music track that you wish to download from the YouTube Music app. Once done, choose the "Add" button and begin the conversion by clicking the "Convert" button. To check the downloaded audio files, select the "Converted" tab and then tap on the "Folder" icon.

rip music from youtube music only

Part 3. How to Rip Songs from YouTube Online

Online tools are also needed if you are unable to install the desktop tools. One of the reliable online tools to extract music from YouTube is Flixier. This online tool can be easily accessed through your web browser with an active internet connection.

Using this tool, you can rip music from YouTube in MP3 format. The MP3 format is highly compatible with all major devices and platforms, allowing you to listen to your downloaded YouTube Music easily. Moreover, you can trim and cut unwanted parts of your YouTube music for editing purposes. To use Flixier as an online tool, we have jotted down the simple instructions below:

How to Rip YouTube Audio Online

Step 1: First, access the official website of Flixier through your web browser. Afterward, click on the "Choose Video" button. This will direct you to a new page displaying different options. From the given options, click on "Link."

flixier youtube music ripper online

Step 2: By clicking on the "Link" button, you can import the copied URL of the YouTube video or music that you want to download. Once the YouTube video or music is imported, you can edit it by the options given on the left side.

add youtube links to flixier

Step 3: To change the audio output settings, select "Audio" from the right section. From there, you can change the volume, gain, pan, and other properties. Once done, click the "Export" button and select "Audio" from the "Save File As" option. To begin the downloading, click the "Export and Download" option.

rip youtube audio online

Part 4. Comparison of Different Methods to Extract Music from YouTube

Are you confused about choosing the best method to rip songs from YouTube? In this section, we will draw a well-defined comparative table that can help you select the easiest yet efficient method for ripping audio from YouTube.

Metrics DRmare NoteBurner Flixier
Support what type of YouTube files YouTube videos and YouTube Music YouTube Music only YouTube videos only
One Tool for All Music or Video Platforms Yes No No
Speed 1X but support batch ripping 5X 1X
Ease of Use 5/5 4.5/5 4.6/5
Edit ID3 Tags Yes Yes No
Batch Process Yes Yes No
Quality Lossless quality High quality Lossy quality

Part 5. The Legality Consideration of Ripping Sound from YouTube

The legal laws regarding ripping YouTube videos or music may vary on a regional basis. Before doing this, you should remember the copyright infringement laws and terms of service of the YouTube platform. If you are aiming for the fair use of the ripped sound from YouTube while considering the terms of service, then you are not crossing any legal boundaries. In the following section, you can know the type of content on YouTube and YouTube Music that is completely legal to be ripped.

Official Downloads: Various content creators allow official downloads of their YouTube videos or music. Thus, if the copyright holders provide you with an option for official download, you can avail of this option to rip the audio from the video or music track.

Public Domain: The content for the public domain can be easily used and downloaded. The copyright protection of such content is usually expired or eradicated by the holder. Therefore, you can use videos or music in the public domain without any legal issues.

Creative Commons: Some creators give creative commons licenses for their videos and music. Using this license, the content creators allow the particular usage of their content. Thus, under some conditions, you can download the content of the creative commons easily.

Part 6. Final Words

Ripping audio from YouTube Music and YouTube videos can help you in offline listening anytime and anywhere. Therefore, this article has emphasized the complete tutorial. We have provided three different methods to give you maximum ease. However, to achieve the best audio quality within no time, DRmare Audio Capture comes top on the list.

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