How to Download Amazon Music to iTunes

Amazon Music, a streaming service provider, offers you millions of songs for relaxing in your daily life. When you buy digital music from Amazon, you can listen to it on your computer or other players. If you want to download Amazon music to iTunes which most people install in their devices, there are some methods for you as follows.

download amazon music to itunes

Part 1. Import Amazon Music to iTunes via Official Ways

Amazon Music allows you to listen to the songs with free and paid subscriptions. You can get a 30-day free trial in Amazon Music and then download and add Amazon Music to iTunes directly or via the Amazon Music app. Here are some steps for your reference.

Download Amazon Music to iTunes Directly

1. Open the Amazon Music app, select the songs, playlists, album, etc. and download them to a holder.

2. Lauch the iTunes app. Click 'Music' and then hit 'File' > 'Add File to Library' in iTunes app, and find the folder where your downloaded files stay. Select and confirm the tracks you want to upload.

Finally, you would get the Amazon Music files in the iTunes library.

Download Amazon Music to iTunes via Amazon Music App

1. Log in to your account of the Amazon Music app.

2. Select the tracks and download them to the holder. Then click 'Preferences' > 'Export Downloads to' > 'iTunes'.

The downloaded Amazon songs will thereby be imported to iTunes automatically.

Part 2. Transfer Amazon Music to iTunes with DRmare Audio Capture

If you keep the Prime membership of Amazon Music to download Amazon Music, you need to pay for $7.9 per month only. But when you cancel your subscription, you will be not allowed to access to the songs, even the downloaded ones. To save money and get Amazon Music on iTunes forever, you can use DRmare Audio Capture. Why do you need the tool?

Songs in Amazon Music app are encoded for its digital rights management, you have to convert the track to common audio formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc. DRmare Audio Capture can help you record music in Amazon Music and save them with zero audio quality loss. It can also support the conversion of the format of Amazon Music. Therefore, you can freely sync Amazon Music to iTunes and keep it forever with the help of the DRmare Audio Capture.

DRmare Audio Capture for iTunes

drmare audio capture
  • Capture and record Amazon Music for iTunes.
  • Download Amazon songs to MP3, FLAC, etc. for iTunes.
  • Keep Amazon audio with high quality.
  • Play downloaded Amazon music files offline with iTunes.

Here we will show you how to transfer Amazon Music to iTunes.

Step 1Launch the DRmare Audio Capture
launch drmare audio capture
Download the DRmare Audio Capture for Amazon Music on your computer. You should be noted that you can have the trial version of the tool before you buy it. Now launch the DRmare Audio Capture. You will see a pleasing interface with some software installed in it. Please make sure that the Amazon Music App is installed and showed up in the interface. If not, you can just drag the Amazon Music app to it.
Step 2Personalize the Output Settings for Amazon Music.
personalize the output settings for amazon music.
Hit the “Audio” icon to set your favorite formats of output files from M4A, MP3, AAC, M4B, WAC, and FLAC. Besides, you need to customize the parameters - the codec, bit rate, sample rate, and channel.
Step 3Capture and Download Amazon Music to iTune
capture and download amazon music to itunes
Play the songs in Amazon Music that you plan to download with DRmare Audio Capture. Then the music would be captured and preserved simultaneously. When the songs stop playing, the recording process will finish.
Step 4Edit and Save Recorded Amazon Songs for iTunes
edit and save recorded amazon songs for itunes
Now you can trim the recorded songs according to your needs and edit the tags. Click the 'Save' button to store the recorded songs in your computer, then you are able to stream the songs to iTunes for playback.

More Tips: How to Upload iTunes Music to Amazon Music

iTunes and Amazon Music app are two good tools for entertainment. Apart from listening to songs from Amazon Music in iTunes, you may sometimes prefer playing iTunes playlists from Amazon Music. As we know, iTunes music is protected in its format. So the songs are incompatible with the Amazon Music app. But don't worry. We will introduce you a program to reach your target below.

What You'll Need to Import iTunes Playlists to Amazon Music App

Playlists in iTunes are of the format of M4P, so they are not available to be played in Amazon Music app. DRmare Audio Converter is designed to convert the iTunes songs to common formats like MP3. Hence you can download and save them in Amazon Music for offline listening anytime. Moreover, the converter keeps the original quality and ID3 tags of iTunes Playlists.

If you want to have a try, you are suggested to download the DRmare Audio Converter and launch it with the guide in the official website. You will successfully upload iTunes Music to Amazon Music in the end.

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