DRmare Audio Capture

A great audio recording tool to capture any sound playing from the computer

  • Detect and record any audio playing from the computer
  • Convert and export audio tracks to WAV, AAC, MP3, etc.
  • Support to edit ID3 tags and trim the audio tracks
  • Keep high quality of the audio files for using on any platform

How to Download YouTube Music to iTunes

Even though the iTunes music library is massive, it still lacks a few songs due to unavailability. YouTube, on the other hand, offers a variety of audio and video content without any limitations or cost. This makes YouTube one of the biggest and easiest media streaming sites.

You might want to expand your iTunes library by adding YouTube Music as well. But here comes the issue. How will you download music to iTunes from YouTube Music? To bypass that issue, we will take help from an easy to use tool to download YouTube Music to iTunes. Let's dive in.

download youtube music to itunes

Part 1. Best Tool to Download YouTube Music to iTunes

YouTube does not allow direct download of its content, which makes it unavailable for use offline or for transfer to other platforms. So, if you want to download YouTube Music to iTunes, you will have to take some help from an external app. One way to do that is to extract the audio from YouTube. For that, you can use the powerful DRmare Audio Capture tool.

It is a tool specifically designed to help users record their favorite audios. DRmare enables users to record music, podcasts, radio, or audiobooks from Tidal, Amazon Prime, etc. Better yet, DRmare can also capture audio from videos. The captured audio retains 100% originality without any quality loss. Furthermore, the recorded audio files can be converted to various formats, including MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, etc. In short, the recorded audio will be playable on almost all kinds of devices to the format flexibility.

Apart from this, the original metadata and ID3 tags are also retained for easy organization. Despite the high-quality output, users might want to edit or enhance their music. Various music files can also be merged or mixed together to create personalized music. Users can also modify the metadata according to their ease. While converting, the output parameters can also be modified, such as the bit rate, conversion speed, channel, and many more.

Moreover, DRmare Audio Capture enables batch recording. This means that multiple audio or video tracks can be played simultaneously that will be quickly recorded through this app with a single tap. The tool is also compatible with both Windows and Mac, further making it a highly versatile tool.

DRmare Music Recorder

drmare audio recorder
  • Grab audio tracks from YouTube Music and more resources
  • Support record audio tracks in batch without interfering
  • Convert YouTube Music to iTunes with high audio quality
  • Support to set the output format and trim recorded audio

Part 2. How to Download Music from YouTube to iTunes

If you wish to stream YouTube Music on your iTunes playlist, you will first have to download YouTube Music to iTunes. That can be achieved by using the DRmare Audio Capture tool. Using this tool is very simple and straightforward.

Here is a guide on how to download music from YouTube to iTunes using the DRmare tool.

Step 1Download DRmare Audio Capture
set up drmare audio recorder
To start with, download and install the recorder on your device. Choose the option based on the system you are using. If you are using Windows, select that option and if you are using Mac, click on the relevant option. Then, launch the app. On the interface, upon launching, you will see various streaming options. You can also add other options by tapping on the plus icon. In this case, since we want to download YouTube Music to iTunes, we can stream YouTube on any browser. Click on Chrome or Explorer.
Step 2Set YouTube Music output parameters for iTunes
set youtube music audio format for itunes
Before starting the recording process, you can customize the output settings to match your needs. Click on the format icon to open settings. A pop-up box will appear. Here, you can tweak the settings by adjusting the bit rate, channel, conversion speed. There is a variety of output formats. You can choose one just by tapping. Click Ok to proceed.
Step 3Start playing and recording YouTube Music for iTunes
play and record youtube music for itunes
After you customize the output settings as per your preferences, start playing the audio or video you want to record. Note that you can play multiple media in different tabs at the same time without disturbing the recording process. You can also continue to work without any hassle. All the clicking sounds will be eliminated automatically.
Step 4Edit recorded YouTube Music
edit recorded music from youtube
The recorded audio is in high-quality. However, if users want to split the large audio files into smaller ones, it can easily be achieved through the built-in editor. Click on the Edit icon beside any recorded audio. In the Trim tab, just cut your media by specifying the start and end times. You can also modify the ID3 tags in the Tag tab.
Step 5Save the recorded audio on computer
save recorded youtube music on computer
Once you have recorded and edited the files, you can click on Save to store the files permanently. The locally saved files are then available for unlimited streaming and transfer. The recorded audio can also be accessed from the History tab in DRmare Audio Capture.
Step 6Transfer music from YouTube to iTunes
Now it's time to transfer the saved YouTube files. This is the easiest part. Just open your iTunes. Click on File. Then choose Add to library or Add folder to library. You can also just drag and drop the music files onto the iTunes library interface.

Part 3. The Verdict

So, that's it. Now you know how to download YouTube Music to iTunes in a few quick steps. Finally, you can have a playlist of any and every song right in your iTunes library.

Using DRmare Audio Capture to download YouTube Music to iTunes or capture audio from different videos is so easy. You can also edit the audios to enhance or personalize your playlists and enjoy with better listening experience.

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