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How to Keep iTunes Rental Videos on iPhone X Forever

iPhone X (pronounced 'iPhone ten') is the 10 anniversary iPhone from Apple and is making big changes for 2017. It was announced on September 12, 2017 at the Steve Jobs Theater but won't be available until November. iPhone X is positioned as a high-end flagship phone which is built with a great amount of advanced technologies such as Face ID which helps to unlock system through face recognition, dual cameras with improved depth sensing, OLED display with up to 2436 x 1125 pixels resolution, wireless charging etc.

The biggest difference compared to the traditional iPhone is that it has removed the home button, making it highest in screen aspect ratio and brilliant for playing movies anytime anywhere. If you are considering to get an iPhone X for playing iTunes videos bought from your computer before, you don't need to purchase the videos again, just sync them to your iPhone X to enjoy on the go. But you may not do that for iTunes rentals. Why? Let's continue to find out the reasons.

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Part 1. Play iTunes Rentals on iPhone X without Limitations

Unlike iTunes purchased movies which can be watched repeatedly anytime, iTunes rental movies are strictly limited. Once you have rent the movie, you are required to start to watch the movie within 30 days. Else it will be retrieved by Apple automatically. In addition, after starting watching the movie, you are expected to finish the watching within 48 hours. It will be expired after this time duration.

This is so annoying as we may not spare a long time to watch movies sometimes especially for the people who are busy. There are times when we'd like to entertain ourselves by watching iTunes videos when we are free such as waiting a bus, taking a taxi etc. Is there a way to unlock this iTunes rental limitation so that we can enjoy the iTunes DRM M4V movie on iPhone X any time we want on the go?

The answer is yes. Since it is the DRM (digital rights management) mechanism which causes the problem, the most straightforward way is to break the DRM protection. Based on my personal experience, I'd glad to suggest you the DRmare M4V Converter. It adopts the most advanced video decryption and encoding technology so that to strip DRM protection in a quick manner. Besides, it supports to output the lossless videos without touching the original videos, all multiple language subtitles, 5.1 Dolby audio tracks etc. will be kept.

DRmare iTunes Rental to iPhone X Converter

drmare itunes m4v converter
  • Erase DRM protection from iTunes purchased and rental movies and TV shows
  • Lossless convert iTunes videos or transcode to multiple new formats of videos
  • Sleek and simple interface, you don't need any technical knowledge to use it
  • Support both Mac and Windows operating systems and the latest iTunes version

Part 2. Quick Steps on Removing DRM from iTunes Rentals

Are you ready to try the DRmare M4V Converter? If so, please click the download button above to download the right version to your computer, then you can install the software to your computer and follow me to convert iTunes rental movies to iPhone X step by step.

Step 1 Add iTunes rental movies
To begin with, please double click the DRmare M4V Converter icon, you will see the main screen of it. Then please navigate to the bottom left of the screen to find and click the '+' button. It will open the media browser for you to select iTunes rental movies or TV shows. If there are no videos show up, maybe they are not authorized yet. Please simply authorize them on iTunes again. You can add multiple iTunes rentals at a time as the software support bulk conversion.
load m4v videos
Step 2Set output video parameters (optional)
By default, DRmare M4V Converter is set to convert to MP4 (Lossless) format which has best output quality and is compatible with most devices. You can simply keep this settings. Or alternatively you can choose another output format such as MOV etc. or go to the 'Devices' tab and choose the output profile as 'iPhone'. Also, it is possible to change the output video bit rate, frame rate, codec, subtitle, audio track and so on.
set mp4 format
Step 3 Strip DRM from iTunes rentals
Last, you can click 'Convert' button, DRmare M4V Converter will bulk convert the iTunes rental videos at a fast speed. The converting time may vary on different length of videos. Please just wait a while for all the movies to be converted completely. When it is done, there won't be any limitations on the new output videos.
convert m4v to mkv

Part 3. Final Thoughts

Above is the tutorial to unlock iTunes rentals to play on iPhone X. By removing iTunes DRM, you can get better use of the iTunes rentals without any limitations.

You don't even need to authorize them but play them on any devices repeatedly. What's more, as you can see, the steps to do that are so easy as long as you have the DRmare M4V Converter. Users who has already got an iPhone X or are considering to get one are highly recommended to take a look at this tutorial. By the way, the instruction to keep iTunes rentals for other models of iPhone such as iPhone 8/7/7S/6/6S and the Plus versions etc. are similar, you can follow the same tutorial to convert iTunes movies easily for other versions of iPhones too.

If you still have any questions or suggestions, please just leave your comments below.

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