How to Stream DRM-ed iTunes Videos to Xbox 360/Xbox One

Xbox is a video gaming brand of Microsoft. It also represents the game consoles created by Microsoft like the first console Xbox in 2001. Until now, several Xbox generations have been created. Aimed to become an all-in-one entertainment system for every family. Xbox not only comes with plenty of stellar games and but alos offers many ways to enjoy videos from local devices or online like Amazon instant video, Netflix etc. However, iTunes m4v video is not on the list. This means you won't be able to enjoy iTunes videos straightforwardly. As one of the best video sources and it is important for most video lovers, here I will walk you through the entire process on how to transfer any play iTunes videos on Xbox in a feasible way.

stream itunes movies to xbox

Part 1. Quick Introduction to Xbox Game Console Models

Before we get started, we'd take a look at the popular Xbox models and find out the difference.

Xbox 360 is the second generation game console in the Xbox series released in 2005. It adds the feature Xbox live which allows users to download and play games, music, televisions online. Xbox 360 has the largest amount of games, but since Microsoft end the production of this model in 2016, there won't be new games to be added in future.

Xbox One is the successor of Xbox 360. In general, it has a bigger size design and plenty of other better features and advantages such as lower noise, more powerful CPU, higher memory, more clear picture quality games as well as more video apps to watch online videos like BlinkBox Movies, Crackle, Demand 5, Eurosport, Machinima, Muzu TV, TED, Twitch, and YouTube.

Xbox One S is latest version game console available today. Compared to the Xbox one, it size is 40% smaller yet with a built-in power supply, 4K UHD BLU-RAY and HDR support for video playback as well as slight performance increase. It may not have all the games of Xbox 360, but it can upscale the 1080P games to 4K for better experience and new games are added as time goes by.

Besides these 3 hot models, Microsoft has unveiled the next version Xbox One X too in the E3 of 2017, which won't be available to sell until November 2017. It has most common features like Xbox One S but the hardware and performance has been significant improved.

Part 2. What You Need to Do to Play iTunes Videos On Xbox

From what we have talked above, we can see that all the game consoles are integrated with the features to play videos, however, they can't play iTunes videos. The obvious reason is that they are DRM protected. With that protection, iTunes videos can only play within Apple's ecosystem devices and players only.

In consequence, the only solution to play iTunes videos on Xbox currently is to remove DRM and convert them to an Xbox compatible format of videos like AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV and so on. DRmare iTunes to Xbox Video Converter is one of the great DRM converting software which can help you get the job done quickly. It empowers you to eliminate the DRM with little effort and it also has the optimized preset profile for Xbox.

DRmare iTunes M4V to Xbox Video Converter

drmare drm m4v converter
  • Support all kinds of iTunes videos like rentals and purchases
  • Take off iTunes FairPlay DRM limitations with zero quality lose
  • Multiple compatible video selections for Xbox 360/Xbox One
  • Easy to use, one click to convert your iTunes videos in batch

Part 3. How to Convert iTunes DRM M4V to Xbox 360/Xbox One

Here I will take the DRmare iTunes to Xbox Video Converter for Mac to illustrate how it works on converting iTunes DRM-locked movies and TV shows to Xbox compatible formats step by step.

Step 1Import iTunes DRM films
import DRM m4v videos
If you have already downloaded and authorized the videos to play on your iTunes, then please just drag and drop them from iTunes to DRM iTunes to Xbox Video Converter main screen directly. Else please try to download the iTunes video onto the computer first.
Step 2Select an Xbox compatible format
select the Xbox profile
Depending on your personal preference, you can either choose a compatible format you want directly or select the output Xbox profile. Here I will send the output device as 'Xbox One'.
Step 3Convert iTunes M4V videos for Xbox
convert video to Xbox
You can press the 'Conversion' button from the lower right of the software main interface to start to convert. DRmare iTunes to Xbox converter will convert the videos and strip the FairPlay DRM protection during the process.

Part 4. How to Play Converted iTunes Videos on Xbox 360/Xbox One

In the end, you can get the converted DRM free videos and you can start to play them. There are many ways to play local videos videos on Xbox such as you can play via USB directly or stream the videos from from a computer.

1. Play iTunes videos via USB drive

You just need to put the videos on a USB thumb drive or an external hard drive and plug it into your Xbox host. Then you can click 'Media' menu > Open the Video Player > Select to play from USB.

2. Stream videos with the Xbox 'PlayTo' feature

To do so, please enable the 'PlayTo' settings first:

Home > Settings > System > Console Settings > Connected Devices and then turn on 'PlayTo' feature

After that you can, go to your computer, install and launch the Xbox Video app, finally select a video from the Xbox Video app and choose 'Devices' as your Xbox 360/Xbox One, then click 'Play'. Please make sure the Xbox and your computer are connected to the same network, else you may fail to find the device.

Besides the two ways, you can also stream the videos to your Xbox via the Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center or from Plex. The instruction is more or less the same, so I won't illustrate them again. If you are interested in that too, you can simply try it out yourself.

Video Guide: How to Play iTunes DRM M4V Videos on Xbox

Please refer to the complete video tutorial as below to learn how to use DRmare M4V Converter remove DRM from iTunes movies and transfer the DRM-free iTunes videos to Xbox One/360 for playback.

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