Tips to Remove DRM from iTunes Movie Rentals & Keep iTunes Rentals Forever

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As one of the largest online digital stores in the world, iTunes offers its movies for both sale and rent. That's to say, users can either rent or purchase movies from iTunes upon their own needs.

Generally speaking, the iTunes movie purchases costs much more than rentals. So if you are on a budget, the rentals could be a better choice as they have the same video quality as purchases. However, the cheaper iTunes movie rentals have a solid period of validity that pulls you to watch the movies within 24 hours only. Once the rental expires, you can't access to watch it any more unless you rent or purchase the movie again.

So, is there any way we can do to extend the time period of the rented iTunes movies or permanently eliminate the 24-hour time lock so that we can keep the iTunes rental forever as we like? Here we'll introduce you a simple solution to totally remove DRM restrictions from iTunes rental movies once and for all.

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Part 1. iTunes Rentals: What Restrictions You Should Know

Being protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM technology, the movies rented from iTunes are restricted in many aspects, including the limited valid period, playback devices, etc. Before we start to remove the DRM lock from iTunes rental, you'd better have a brief understanding of the common restrictions brought by the iTunes rented movies as below.

24 or 48 Hours Time Limit for Watching iTunes Rentals

Specifically, if you rent a movie from iTunes Store, you only get 30 days to keep the rented movies on your devices and 24 hours (in US) or 48 hours (in other countries) to finish watching the movie once started. And when the time is due, the film will disappear from your library. You have to rent it again if you want to continue watching the movie.

Device Limit to Play iTunes Rentals

Because of the DRM copy-protection, you can only play the movie rentals on iTunes compatible devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV. Besides, the rented movie can only exist on one device at a time. That's to say, you need to transfer the rental movie every time if you want to change a device.

System Requirements of Renting iTunes Movies

Not all devices are allowed to rent iTunes movies. For a Mac or PC, it will require the installation of iTunes with the version 10 or later. And if you would like to rent the iTunes movies on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you should confirm those iOS devices are running iOS 3.1.3 or later.

Part 2. Best Tool to Unlock 24-hour Time Limit from iTunes Movie Rentals

So how could we get rid of those rental restrictions so that we can backup the iTunes movies as long as we wish without the time limit? Here you meet DRmare M4V Converter, a smart iTunes DRM removal tool that can bypass DRM lock from both iTunes rented and purchased movies. As an all-around iTunes DRM video converter, it's designed to convert the DRM-protected iTunes movie rentals from M4V format to commonly used MP4, M4V while keeping the original quality, such as all audio tracks and subtitles, including Dolby 5.1 surround sound and CC. It also supports preset media player and devices, like Android phones, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs, etc.

DRmare iTunes Rentals DRM Cracker

drmare m4v converter
  • Remove DRM encryption from both rented and purchased iTunes movies
  • Convert iTunes M4V videos to DRM-free MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MP3, etc.
  • Retain all audio tracks and subtitles, including AC3 5.1 audio
  • Support customization of output profiles for any device and player

Part 3. Quick Guide to Remove DRM from Rented iTunes Movies

Now after installing the proper free version of DRmare iTunes M4V Converter on your Mac or PC, you can follow the steps below to begin removing DRM lock from iTunes movie rentals.

Step 1Add rented iTunes movie files to DRmare M4V Converter
add itunes rentals
Launch DRmare iTunes Rentals Converter, you should click "Add" button on the bottom left to load iTunes library. Then you can browse and choose iTunes movie rentals in the drop down panel. Then click "OK" to begin importing the rentals into DRmare. You are also allowed to add the movies via drag-and-drop.
Step 2Set output format and directory
choose output format
After adding the rented movies from iTunes library, you can choose to keep all audio tracks and subtitles or specific ones by clicking the subtitles and tracks panel in each column. Then click "Format" option to set the output format as you like. If you want to keep the exactly same quality, you should choose Lossless MP4 or Lossless M4V in the "HD Video" panel.
Step 3Start to remove DRM from iTunes M4V rentals
convert itunes rentals
Click the "Convert" button at the bottom right of the main interface and it will start to convert your iTunes rentals to DRM-free MP4 or other formats. When the conversion finishes, you'll get the DRM-free movie files so that you can keep them forever and play them on any device without limit.

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