How to Transfer iTunes DRM Movies to SD Card

People nowadays seem to live a faster-pace life than they did in the past. Sometime it is rather difficult to squeeze a long time to sit in front of a computer or TV only to watch movies or listen to music.

Hence, transferring media files like music and videos to an SD Card and plug them in mobile phones to enjoy on the go is one of the best solutions. By doing that, you can enjoy digital media files when you are waiting a bus, taking a train or with your friends and so on. Usually to transfer files to SD card is a simple drag & drop.

But it is not the case for iTunes videos which are FairPlay DRM protected. Are you interested in this topic too? If so, please just continue with me to explore the details and find a best tutorial to put iTunes M4V movies on SD card.

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copy m4v to sd card

Part 1. Tools You Need to Copy iTunes Movies to SD Card

If you have tried to copy iTunes to SD card and plugin it in a mobile phone before, you may have got the similar warning 'The video is not recognized'. That is all because of the iTunes video DRM protection. This DRM mechanism limits the iTunes videos to play within the Apple's ecosystem. Undoubtedly, copying iTunes videos to SD card for playback on non-Apple portable devices is not allowed by Apple officially. So you need to aware of the prerequisites to break the DRM limitations from your iTunes movies first before moving your iTunes videos to SD Card. First up, you need to have a Windows computer or computer. Nowadays removing DRM and converting videos can only be done through computers. In addition, you should have iTunes latest version on your computer and make sure that you have downloaded the iTunes M4V videos on your computer. The last but not least, a DRM removal software is required. There are many popular DRM software on the market, and I have actually tried most of them carefully. The one I will highly recommend is the DRmare M4V Converter which runs at a 30X faster speed while keeping high quality. With it, you can get the job done quickly which will save you a lot of time.

DRmare iTunes Movie to SD Card Converter

drmare m4v to mkv converter
  • Decrypt DRM scheme from iTunes M4V video rentals and purchases
  • Support a slew of popular output video formats and hot portable devices
  • It supports 1:1 converting while keeping the subtitles, CC, audio tracks
  • Work well on Windows and Mac computers with the latest version iTunes

Part 2. Convert iTunes DRM Videos before Transferring them to SD Card

To make the software more easy to use, DRmare company also revamped the design of the DRmare M4V Converter, making it cleanest ever yet with all the powerful features. You can not only remove DRM from iTunes videos but also transcode the M4V file to other formats of files such as MOV, AVI, MPEG, H265, WebM, 3GP and more.

Step 1 Add iTunes DRM M4V movies
load m4v videos
If you have already downloaded and saved the iTunes movie files on iTunes, you just need to click the '+' icon on the DRmare software, it will prompt you a media browser to choose the files to import from iTunes library. It supports bulk conversion quickly, so you don't need to worry about whether it will take a long time to convert your videos.
Step 2Customize output video format
customize outut videos
DRmare M4V converter will convert iTunes movies to MP4 (Lossless) by default and keep the subtitles, closed captions and audio tracks and other tab info. MP4 works perfectly for SD card, so you can keep the fault settings. But it is totally OK if you want to do some customization.
Step 3Convert iTunes movies
convert m4v for sd card
Once you are satisfied with the settings, you can click the 'Convert' button from the right side to start converting. The DRM protection will be removed completely after that.

Part 3. Move DRM Free iTunes Videos to SD Card

When you get the DRM free iTunes movies, you can transfer them to your SD card and plug in the SD card onto your mobile devices to watch iTunes videos freely. The transferring process is a very easy, just a copy & paste or drag & drop process. You can skip this part if you have already used SD card before. Else if you are a beginning user, you can go through the detailed steps below with me.

1. Connect your SD card with a card reader. By doing this, you can plug it into the computer and it will be detected as a local drive.

2. Open the SD card from your computer. Double click the SD card from the explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) on your computer.

3. Transfer iTunes videos to SD card. You can start to copy and paste the DRM free videos to the SD card folder.

4. Plugin the SD card to your portable device. It may vary on different devices, but the usual process is to eject the card slot and then plugin the SD card directly.

5. Play iTunes videos from SD card. Open a media player and choose a video from the SD card, it will start to play without any errors.

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