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How Do I Transfer Apple Music to SD Card

"My phone is running out of space with so many downloaded Apple Music songs. Is there a way to I can move them to a micro SD card to free up more space? " - Asked by Kayla Mitchell

Although smart phones have larger internal memory today than they were first introduced, it is a fact that there will be not enough capacity if we keep downloading media files like videos, audios, books and apps. Luckily, many Android/Windows phones and tablets support the memory card feature to extend the memory by inserting an SD card with up to 128GB or 512GB capacity. Do you want to move Apple Music songs to SD card? I'd be happy to show you the detailed solutions here.

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apple music to sd

Part 1. Official Way to Save Apple Music to SD Card on Android

The 3 popular systems for mobile phones are iOS, Android and Windows. As for the iOS devices, usually they don't have the built-in support for SD card, so it is impossible to change the download location of Apple Music on iPhone, iPad Pro, iPod Touch.

For Android/Windows gadgets, you should have no problem to move app data to SD card. Especially for the Android phones, Apple have updated the app with the special feature to store music on memory card, making it much easier to do that. Here I will take Android for example to show you how it works:

Step 1. Make sure you have the latest version of Apple Music app. If you don't have it, just update it from the Google Play store.

Step 2. Launch the app and slide out the menus, please click "Settings" > "Download Location".

Step 3. From the popup list of options, please select "SD Card".

Step 4. You will receive a prompt if you want to move all your currently downloaded music , along with any future music to your SD card, please click "YES" to confirm it.

apple music to sd card android


1. That is very easy to do the settings. 2. You don't need extra tools.


1. The Apple Music songs are still DRM protected, you can't insert the SD card to other devices for playback. 2. You need to subscribe to Apple Music premium $9.99/month.

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Part 2. How to Put Apple Music on SD Card from Mac/Windows

Besides saving space, another great feature of SD card is that it enables you to enjoy music, movie and other media files from any devices in a plug-and-play way. But if you only copy the Apple Music M4P files directly, it won't work. That is because they are combined with the digital right managements protection. In order to copy Apple Music to memory card for your car stereo, portable speakers or any other devices with SD card support, you'd better strip the DRM protection with a third party converter first.

DRmare Apple Music Converter for Windows/Mac was specially developed for users to enjoy digital media files such as iTunes audiobooks, podcasts, Apple Music in a more freely way. Unlike other software which use the system sound card to record songs directly, DRmare software uses an unique technique to break DRM and make an 1:1 copy from the source to the destination. This not only guarantees the audio quality, but also ensures that it runs at a fastest speed up to 30X faster.

Best Audio Converter for Windows/Mac

drmare itunes m4p converter
  • Break DRM copyright from various audio files like Apple Music, audiobooks, podcasts
  • Convert Apple Music M4P files to AAC, MP3, M4A for any non-apple devices
  • Keep original quality of the songs including title, author, album cover, year and so on
  • Enjoy the privilege to free Apple Music forever, no need to worry about any limitations

DRmare software bases on the iTunes to work. You can use it to convert and transfer Apple Music from iTunes to SD card on either a Windows PC or a Mac computer. Now let's hands on it.

Step 1Import Apple Music M4P files
import apple music streams
To get started, you need to download the Apple Music M4P files to your iTunes library and generate a playlist of the songs you want. After that, you can import the entire playlist to DRmare software by dragging & dropping or clicking the "Add Files" button.
Step 2Select a new output format
customize output music files
Apple Music M4P format is a proprietary format. Normally it is not recognized when you move it out of Apple's ecosystem. You can simply choose a more popular format such as MP3, M4A, AAC, M4B, WAV, FLAC before transferring to memory card offline.
Step 3Save iTunes playlist to SD card
convert apple music to usb
Next, you can click the "Convert" button from the bottom right to start the converting. With the up to 30X faster speed, you should get the job done quickly even if you have a large playlist of Apple Music. At last, just copy and paste to put the converted songs on your SD card from your computer.


1. Support to play the Apple Music playlists for any devices with SD support. 2. Backup your songs forever for free.


1. You need to buy a third party DRM audio converter.

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